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Sorry about the stub of a profile. I don't use this profile much... yet.


7/3- Dear god, the cringe!


2/18- And that time of me taking FictionPress seriously was not this year. I promise, it will happen.

I have a few stories on my mind that warrant posting, Belle Grand-Mar being the prime one. I just... have to write it first.
KashMir is, once again, somewhere between life and death. My promise was that, if KM became a fully human-centric story rather than the human/anthropomorphs I wanted it to be last January, I would give it up. I virtually trolled Animation Age Ghetto and other animation-based TV Trope entries to remoralize myself and keep the faith alive.

"Goddammit," screamed through my mind, "this is going to be a T-to-M rated anthro series with deep plots and DBZ/Naruto styled action, no ifs, ands, or buts! And if anti-anime, anti-furries hate, then too bad, they're gon' hate!"

I'm not a furry. That's why it just couldn't hold up. This kind of series is best left to furries, and I stopped being able to take some of the characters as seriously as I was trying to portray. What's more, KashMir was meant as a sort of rival to Sonic the Hedgehog, built off similar desires that brought it out in the first place (that is, there's something Sonic lacks, or the franchise/fanbase is virtually in civil war mode and I wanted to feel as if I had more control over things), and in the long run, it just didn't really work out. I barely care for Sonic anymore. The only entertaining thing about the franchise is its eternally detached and loony fanbase.

So, sometime around August, I just stopped caring. And because I stopped caring, you should stop caring, too.

Sometime around February 2014, I started caring again. Imagining the main characters, Kash and Mir, as humans once again just... just didn't feel right. Like I gave up too easily. I became nostalgic for January and February 2013, back when the series had a limitless future once more. Whether I return to the series in full is up for debate. Right now, I have another story on my mind, and boy is it a doozy.

This is the kind of novel that you're not supposed to tackle into you're 50 or so. It's called Mother Meki, and it's the most effed up story you can imagine. I'll detail more on some other date. If all 1 of you are lucky, maybe sometime in the next 7 or 8 months.


6/8- The last time I updated this profile: 4-26-2012. Just watch. One of these days, I'm going to get so sucked into FP that I'll look back on this and wonder how the hell it took whole years for me to take FP seriously.

On the topic of KashMir- okay, get this. When I last posted, KashMir was dead, not even on cryogenic hold— straight up dead. It died in February 2011. But guess what! It came back on January 17th, 2013 much, much better than it ever had been! That being said, I do hope to play around with KashMir and its sister story, Teknopathe_tik, sometime this year. Hopefully this summer.

"What about those other stories that were on your profile?" I'll get to those! Don't worry. In fact, I've even published an excerpt to Mother Meki.




5/27- What, it took a month for FP to fix itself? Ah well. I'm stuck on FFN right now. I've put KashMir on pretty much Cryogenic Hold. Expect something out of it... in 2016.
An idea I am looking into- a news report styled story about a team of loons in Japan who believe they are in an anime. Truth is, they aren't- it's real life. However, if they're warped minds, they will make it as close to an anime as they can, even if it comes at the costs of other's lives. Interesting or not?

4/25- 10-30-2010 is the last time I updated this decrepit thing.

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