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Update (December 29, 2011): So, I'm back. Not with WIV-F unfortunately, although that is in the works again. But I am posting a one-shot series. It's called Lessons in Heartbreak, so if you're looking to pass time while waiting for WIV-F, why not read that? After all, it's what's helping me regain my inspiration for WIV-F. The prologue and first chapter should be up by the time you read this. Happy Holidays everyone!

Update (September 3, 2011): I thought I should let you guys know I'm thinking of putting all my stories on hiatus. I'm considering changing the ending and I have so many ideas swarming my head. I've been way too stressed out and that's a bit ironic since writing once used to be a venue for releasing all my stress and emotions. In a bout of frustration I decided to stop writing until it stops being what I feel I need to do and once again becomes something I enjoyed doing. I love writing, even now, but it's bad for my health - literally. It's giving me headaches and migraines and I've even once considered smasing my precious laptop into a wall. I'm usually in pretty good control of my thoughts and impulses so that was kind of a warning. I also feel it's unfair to make you wait in between every chapter as I decide when the next one can go up (since I pretty much deleted the old end and need to write a new one). I'm thinking I'll let my writing flow when it comes and collect it and THEN finally put it all together on here once I've completed the whole story (week by week, of course). So I won't say farewell, but I will say good-bye for now, and it was a joy writing for this site. And I'll definitely be making a comeback within the next few months but that'll most likely be with one-shots to get my juices flowing again. All my love and also regrets to my readers: But I promise I will be back someday.

Update (August 26, 2011): I'm considering beginning a novella series as a spin-off from Cry My Tears but before I do that I guess I should explain a little of where this all is coming from. See, Cry My Tears was actually based a bit on my real life, and my firends and family. Of course some of it is definitely an overexaggeration or alternate version of what really happened but a lot is in fact true. It was a tough time for me and since I loved writing I thought "Since I can't share my feelings with people I do know, why don't I share them with people I don't know and at the same time, just let the emotions out?" It happened to work pretty well but I couldn't part with a lot of what I'd written so I put it on hold. Then as time went by, and I thought I might be able to start writing again, I wasn't able to write - it just wouldn't come. Maybe too much time had passed, maybe too much emotion had passed. I can't figure out what it was. But now, I really want to start it back up again, and I feel like I can. But I needed a fresh start. My grade 9 year has long passed, and I can fit everything that has happened since in one story. So I decided I'll write a story for each grade of high school. Cry My Tears is from when I was a freshman, and once I finish that, I'm planning on writing a sequel with my character as a sophomore, junior, and finally, a senior.

Then I realized, that hey: some pretty interesting things happened to me over my summers too! And now, wishing to preserve a memory of them - however altered or overexaggerated - I decided to write novella's to document my summers. From there was born the Summer Sweet Summer Chronicles. I still haven't quite figured out what the original series should be named yet - or even the name of the sequel. But I guess that'll come all in good time, huh?

Update (August 2, 2011): I just realized that apparently there was a glitch and Chapter 16 wasn't actually up (thank you to those few who messaged me to let me know), so I re-posted it again today. Another thing I was curious about: would anyone like a teaser of the sequel to WIV-F? That's the story featuring Cael and I'm eager to share a little bit since it's doing nicely in my opinion (and yeah, it's a guilt hand-out for making you all wait all the time for WIV-F). I'm learning from my mistakes and having solid chapters ready for when I start posting the sequel so I'm not always making you wait as I write an unwritten chapter, get it edited, and then - finally - post it, therefore using a lot of time. Let me know how you can, I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys :)

Update (June 12, 2011): So I still haven't gotten time to post up for WIV-F (exams, enough said -_-), but I thought I'd keep anyone that still cared even a little bit about my most likely now forgotten story updated. I had two questions for anyone who won't mind answering. One, should I change the name of WIV-F, to "When in Valhalla"? I feel like lots of people really don't like vampires - and faeries - anymore, especially after the whole twilight debacle and I might be losing a good number of possible readers just because of the name. I mean people always say not to judge a book by its cover, but it's so much easier said then done, right? Second, I have either a series, or new story idea in mind. I'm thinking of calling it "Heartbreak Lessons" or "Lessons in Heartbreak" (yeah, very original, I know XD). If it's a series, it'll be like several short-ish novellas with different stories of heartbreak and - maybe - love once more. If it's a story, then it'll be the same in terms of plot, however, each chapter will have a new story, and I might have them all interconnected with each other. Like? Don't like? Any preferences? Helpful ideas? Let me know. Thanks for being so patient with me!...If you all haven't left me by now XD

Update (June 3, 2011): Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated anything and for that I'm sincerely sorry. I had a plan and all for my stories but I guess even the best laid plans...well, you know the rest. However, I come to you with good news: WIV-F is back on track, and several other stories are under development. Just take a peek at my Upcoming Stories section below if you're curious. And hopefully, you'll soon see the next chapter of WIV-F.C


Dangerous Games: Oneshot.
Summary: There came a time in my sixteen years of life that I was forced with the toughest choice yet: to kill, or not to kill. I am Imara Cinnamon Blackwell, and this is my story.

Works in Progress:

Cry My Tears: Hiatus.
Summary: Through the ups and downs of high school, a group of close friends try to make it without beaking. Together they face dating, fights, embarassing moments, and life-changing news.

When In Vampire-Faerie: Chapter sixteen finished and posted! Hiatus.
Summary: Years ago, Fae Solas ran away from her sadistic grandmother, the Queen, who was trying to kill her. Now caught and brought back, the Queen no longer seems to want to kill her, but something or someone else does. She's trying to fight an attraction with a really mysterious, and cold prince. And everything she believed in is changing. But Fae has to remember: Nothing or no one are what they seem. While everything is changing around her - for better or for worse - she the full-blooded Seelie princess feels lost and out of place. She just has to keep in mind that When in Vampire-Faerie...

Excerpt: "Fae was caught off guard when Cael pulled her flush against him, holding her tightly. Damn, he had a nice body. She hadn’t even finished that thought when suddenly he was kissing her. And damn, he knew how to kiss. The next moment, she felt an unearthly chill and suddenly there was Darrien, pulling her roughly away from his brother, glaring at her with now ice blue eyes which seemed to smolder instead of freeze as they should have."

"Where the hell was all that smooth-talking that she had been born with as a fae-vampire? Probably taking a vacation with the rest of her brain. Because she couldn’t think of anything as she looked into the dark prince’s alluring green eyes."

Upcoming Stories:

Torn From Vampire-Faerie: Vampire-Faerie series. Cael's story. More to come.
Summary: TBA

Sneak Peek: "He was deceptively casual as he leaned against her door frame, his unusual, expressive eyes looking into her soul. It was almost successfully masked, but in those beautiful eyes, Amaya could see the hot fury burning. Amaya Stone was so in trouble."

Section 21: Stand-alone...for now.
Summary: TBA

Sneak Peek: TBA

Dangerous Games: Stand alone...also for now.
Summary: TBA

Sneak Peek: TBA

Breathe: Cry My Tears Sequel. More to come.
Summary: TBA

Sneak Peek: TBA

Summer Sweet Summer Chronicles: Spin-off of Cry My Tears. Four novella series.
Novella One: Summer Dreams (Working Title) - Summary: TBA; Sneak Peek: TBA
Novella Two: Summer Daze (Working Title) - Summary: TBA; Sneak Peek: TBA
Novella Three: Summer Dance (Working Title) - Summary: TBA; Sneak Peek: TBA
Novella Four: Summer Destiny (Working Title) - Summary: TBA; Sneak Peek: TBA

Lessons In Heartbreak - Summer: Series of One-Shots. 12 Chapters. Coming after or during hiatus.
Summary: 11 girls, 11 guys, 11 stories = 22 broken hearts. Summer is a time for flings and romances, but if you get in too deep, what comes after? Heartbreak.

Sneak Peak: "So what am I to you then?" He asked, the pain in his eyes breaking her heart further.
She closed her eyes and whispered back, "You're just another lesson in heartbreak."

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