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Hey!! It's FoSizzle here! I'm so glad I go a FictionPress account so now I can write stories that aren't fanfiction!! Although those are very fun, I have a lot of ideas that I'm going to put out soon. Here are some of the ideas.

Nonexistent-It's out now, so you'll be able to read the description from that, but the story is basically about Spectars, who are creatures who don't live in a specific world or dimension. They are able to watch humans, but they can't affect the human world that much. The only way they can is by miracles, which makes them lose 10-100 years of their lives. But what happens when a Spectar who is determined not to get too attached to the human world again starts falling in love with the human that he is watching? Read, Review and Remember to tell your friends! ;D (haha i just added that last one in to make it go with the 3 Rs.) It will make the updates come faster. And also, I'll have another story about a different Spectar with each chapter, so that's why it seems like it goes all over the place. But I looooove reviews! Please review, even if you think it's not really good and think I should fix some things. :D

A Fake Existence- this is the sequel to Nonexistent, so I'd still like some reviews on how to make the storyline better :) Also, if anyone has any ideas for the ending stories that I put at the end of each chapter, I really need ideas, because I'm kind of running out... I'll be sure to thank you in the beginning of the chapter, and if you want to I could include you in one of them!

Hunter- This one's a bit odd, I must admit, but I thought of the idea a long time ago and wrote it out when I was... hmmmmm I think I was 13. But now I've edited it a bit, and I hope it's good! :D So anyways, it's a romance (you can probably tell from the second chapter), and it's also about cats, just because i wuv them so muuuuch! XD

I also looooove to do realistic fiction works, and will probably put a few out as soon as I think of an idea good enough to put out here. But at the moment, with school and everything, my time for writing is about 0 during the weekdays. I'll try to put out chapters as quickly as possible, but no promises ;)


Okay I'm trying something new here with my writing, because I really like to listen to music while putting down ideas but never have the right songs going. So here's the playlist that I have made for Nonexistent so far, and I'm going through it right now, so it's on shuffle. I think it would also be good to listen to while reading it, so you should look some of these songs up! :) Also, I might be adding to these and making ones for my other stories, so check in on it every once and a while ;)

.Retrace, by Anberlin- this is the main song that I listened to like 50 times while finishing up the story. It kind of sums up the character's feelings in the last few chapters (i have them all typed out, but I have to check over them before putting them out). There's a lot of Anberlin songs in this playlist for some reason...

.For Me, This is Heaven, by Jimmy Eat World

.Come What May, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack- I had to have some Moulin Rouge songs in here!

.Sweet Talk, by the Killers-I don't really know why this one's in here, but it just sounded good.

.Without You, Rent Soundtrack

.Keeping Me Alive, by The Afters-another very good song, highly suggest listening to it while reading

.Inevitable, by Anberlin-another one that just seemed to fit into the story

.Dear Bobbie, by Yellowcard- awww I love this song. It just fits in here because it's about love.

.Soft Skeletons, by Anberlin- see, I told you there was a lot of Anberlin songs on here!

.Pieces, by Sum 41- I totally love this song, could listen to it 50 times in a row.

.It Ends Tonight-All American Rejects- Ummmm I don't really get why this is on here either, but it is!

.Always Be, by Jimmy Eat World

.Cancer, by My Chemical Romance- finally a My Chemical Romance one! I looooove MCR, so there's probably going to be a bunch on here.

.Disenchanted, by My Chemical Romance-well what do you know, it's two in a row (and yes i know that rhymed)

.Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol-another one that just fits really nicely

.Beautiful Love, by The Afters

.Run, by Snow Patrol

.Complainte De La Butte, Moulin Rouge soundtrack

.White Flag, by Dido

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