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Snow Angel

Hello! My pen name's Stanleylouis, named after my kitten. If that's not good enough for you, I also go by Maddie. I'm a sophomore in high school, and my passion is writing, whenever I get the time. I'm friendly, if anyone's wondering. :) profile:

For Those of You from the Roadhouse- Hi! So, I love the idea of exchanging reviews between writers, and please send me requests, I'm always up for them! Just some general guidelines I go by, if you're wondering about anything (maybe I'm taking too long? There's probably a reason...)

1) Length is important. My chapters aren't too long, remember that. I'm not going to be too picky about that, but if you review one of my scrawny 500 word chapters with a "good job, keep up the good work!", then I might not be so quick in replying to your request to read one of your 5,000 word chapters. I mean, it all depends. If you put a lot of effort into a review, of course I'll review back. But please, don't try to take the easy way out of that kind of thing. There's no shortcuts in giving a nice review. I try to give in-depth reviews, and it's not all that fair if I get a weak one in return. .

2) I have way too much on my plate, and I'm sorry about that. @.@ My schedule's pretty jammed packed, but everyone's is, right? So I'll keep this brief. I might not get to a review for a few days or so. I haven't forgotten, don't worry, but if you're feeling paranoid you can send me a message anyway. :)

3) Like I said up there, I'm big on the whole give-and-take. I really love to get the nitty-gritty reviews along with the nice ones, and I'd rather you point out what I did wrong than only tell me what I'm doing right. Now, I know that that's not for everyone. So, if I'm returning a review, I'll usually give one in the same condition that you sent me- that is, if you pay attention to the details, I'll be sure to return the favor. If you like the vague "good jobs" then sure, I'll return it. Not sure how it helps, but if that's what floats your boat...

News: 10.28.10: Hello again! Sorry it's been so long, anyone who actually follows my ramblings. Or, first timers, welcome! This is where I ramble.

Currently, my work load in school is murder. AP courses are no joke. However, if I set up my time schedule right, I should make time, funny as it sounds at the moment. I always appreciate readers, and will hopefully respond with a review of my own for any of yours. :)

I will be working on Heart and Soul and Twins (the last chapter) mostly. I may have a few short stories up, since I have an awesome course by the name of Creative Writing this semester. LOVE it! haha.

I've begun a sudden fetish with logic problems. WHOOT! They're amazing. -runs to finish another-

Anyways, there's my say. Hope to hear from you soon!

4.7.10: HI!

Not much else to say... I have some new stories that I'm trying to bring out which I've listed below. In case you don't want to scroll down...

To Live Nine Lives: A mythology piece. I think I've written about it down below... I really need to organize this profile.

Take It As It Comes: A teen romancy story, with a girl who gets freaked out by the sight of a boy but can't lose her cool composure. Which, of course, is the best way to enter the dreaded subject: gym.

The Touch: A bit of drabble about a mother's touch.

~~NEXT CHAPTERS OUT: Chapter 5 of Heart and Soul, Chapter 2 of Snow Angel

~~NEXT STORIES OUT: To Live Nine Lives, a Mythology story, Take It As It Comes, a something story (haven't decided yet) The Touch, another something story

I have decided to put myself on a little quest, which involves writing something in every category on fictionpress. This includes both stories and poems, for (although I am not the best) I do write poetry every once in a while.

This is a rather stupid idea on my part because I have a bunch of school work and lots of things planned for this year, but I never told myself that I was that sensible anyway.

I really hope that I won't piss anybody off with my ideas of writing in all of the categories. "What, are you saying that you wrote something spiritual and you didn't actually mean it?" No, I stand behind everything I write, even if it is crap. It's my crap. :D

Why am I doing this? Not any reason in particular. I do want to be able to finish things completely (something I'm not very good at) so this'll be a good exercise for me. This'll also show me what genre I'm the best at.

I plan for this to take a very long time, but I'm patient, and I will conquer. Whoot! :D

Okay, here's the ideas I have so far:

1) Fantasy: A story that I've been working on for a really long time, Black Glass. It's kind of embaressing at the moment, so I won't explain it just yet... But I will when I put it out. :)

2) Spiritual- A little blurbit about things I feel. I am not the kind of person walking around talking about God all day, so this'll be kind of challenging for me... But I will do it. :)

3) Historical- A story about the Pruitt-Igoe Project called Decay. Lovely title, right? Anyways.

I don't really know if my beta for this will get back to me... I'm afraid I might have frightened her off... :D

4) Horror-It's called Monica, and it's a horror/tragedy/romance-y? kinda thing. I'm not that good at horror, but I'll try to do it justice.

5) Play- ... I had this idea in mind called Paradise about these animal spirits in a woods, but I was also thinking about having a historical play about philosophers and why they got so dang loony. :) Don't know what I'll pick...

6) Family- (Poetry) This is a poem called Twins. I'm putting it under Family because I don't know where else it would go. It's about a pair of twins, and one of them dies in a car accident while the other deals with the shock. I myself am a twin, and when I showed my sister the poem she kinda backed away slowly... :D

7) Mythology- To Live Nine Lives is a story with different themes, settings, and characters. The main one is a shapeshifter called Calista, who gets in trouble with the gods, and is banished to live new lives in other people's bodies, so she can learn her lesson. Throughout these lives, she usually just wrecks havoc, until one in particular... Don't want to give to much away, but expect the prologue of this soon!!

8) Humor: Another area that I'm not the best at. However, I think it'll be fun to write a teenage drama-humor story. I call it: My Life, The Cliche. That's right, fellow writers/readers, I'm going to write a story that's like every other teen story, with something going wrong that makes the story hilarious. In this case, it's that the main character, Peony, is in love with her good friend, Johann. I'm using odd names for this one. Not that there's anything wrong with these names!! Anyways, Johann doesn't think of her this way, and he actually asks Peony to help him get a girl in her class named Rose to like him! Of course, Peony isn't too thrilled about this, and she blames it on hormones and teen dramas, not finding much else. I'm going to have her have a complete school schedule so that you can learn about all of her exciting classes with people like: Daisy, Sabastian, Blossom, Siegfried, Marcus, and more!!

Okay, I know that summary was god-awful. But please check it out, please?

9) General: A story that I came up with a while ago with a girl named Charlotte. I don't know what I'm going to call this yet, but it's going to be through the perspective of her teacher, and some things happen to her. That's about all that I can give away at the moment...

And... That's it. If you have any suggestions... :)

I have most of my writings on, just because I've been there longer. Go read them if you want to!

For Fictionpress, I decided that I'm going to put out more constructive criticism, because I hope that while finding things that other people can work on in their stories, I can also learn to work on my stories as well. I always have the story as a whole in mind when I review.

Favorite Color: Blue/Black

Favorite Animal: I LOVE cats!! I have three, a fat tuxedo, a black neurotic siamese, and a gray-and-white kitten (Stanley). I'm not going to go into any more detail here, because I've been known to spend whole essays about myself on my cats. :D

Favorite Fruit: Raspberry. This also applies under favorite pie/cobbler. :D

Favorite Books: Gah, I'm never good at this. I like... hmm... Well, I like a lot of books, but I can never remember them specifically. My favorite of all time would have to be the Bartimaeus trilogy, just because I love how it was written and all of the djinnis crack me up! :) I love all types of books: classics, fluff, fiction, mystery (in the middle of the Sherlock Holmes' books) Jane Austen novels... Everything. :D

Nickname: Maddie.

Favorite Movies: Moulin Rouge, Pan's Labyrinth, Howl's Moving Castle, Love Actually, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Sweeney Todd, Down With Love

Favorite Subjects: English and History. I know, I know, why would anyone actually like history? But I do. And in future stories, I hope to incorporate history into them. As for English, well, I just love to read and write, which really helps. :)

Least Favorite Subjects: Math and science. Gah, I HATE them. Sorry, all math-and-science lovers. :D

(By the way, the one that I'm the worst at: French. It makes me so sad. D;)

Favorite Stories: I REALLY love sad endings. I usually enjoy a story more if it's a sad ending than a happy one, altho I also like the types where it shows how people deal with it. However, that doesn't mean that I won't enjoy a happy ending as well! As long as it's written well. :)

Favorite Comedian: Eddie Izzard. He's hilarious! Although, he might not be for everyone... He's an English transvestite. :D

As Far as Writing Styles Go: I think it's smart for authors to have their own writing styles to distinguish themselves from others; sadly, I don't really have anything of my own at the moment. I usually like having descriptions, small amounts of dialogue (more about how the characters are feeling) and working with the unexpected. I'm not very good at planning ahead with stories, which is why I will stare at you blankly if you ask me where the story's going. I find new ideas refreshing, so I always leave stories open for them. This also often makes stories more believable, in my opinion.

Characters: Are usually female, youngish, and have something wrong with them. (duh) Most are NOT based on me, at least, not in a really obvious way. Maybe. But I'm always thinking while writing something, what if people actually assosiate me with my characters? Which I know is stupid, but... Yeah.

Time periods/settings: All over the map, literally. I haven't really found a certain time period that I like or am comfortable with.

I'm trying to find what I like to write about as an author, so I can learn from it. As some famous person once said, find the boundries of your comfort zone, so you can know where to cross it.

What I need to work On: A lot of things. I often add too much detail, or can't create a believable character, or the story just isn't interesting. Please tell me what I can work on in my stories! I won't bite. :)

A little about me: Like I said, I'm a high schooler, and I have no idea where I want to go in life, besides a hopeful career in writing. I have a twin sister, Fiona, who's also on here under the name of FoSizzle. I love the violin, and even though I'm not that great, it's one of my passions. I get stressed out really easily; it's something I'm working on.

-My first story out was called Coo. It's a story I wrote a while ago on a whim, about one of the many times my cats brought in a live bird. I don't really know what the underlying message in it is. Don't be killed by cats?

-I just started a new story called Crimson Falling. It's a Halloween special! . Special for what, you ask? Nobody knows...

Anyways, this is my chance to kick back and write something that (hopefully) people will actually review. It's got all of the nasty goodies of Halloween- vampires, zombies, werewolves, creepy crawlies, and candy!! Okay, so I'm not sure if that'll make its way in there. And it's not very nasty. But you get the point. @.@

- I have a story out called Monica. It's about a boy called Peter who's 16 and in high school. A girl that he doesn't really know but that goes to his school dies in a car accident, and he doesn't know how to react, especially when one of her friends tells him that Monica had really liked him. Maybe he's paranoid, but he seems to see an image of her at the window that day... That night is the first time she comes to his room.

Bum bum bum...

-I also have a poem called Twins. I'm rather happy because I'm coming up to the end of this. (Not that it'll be over soon, but that I was actually able to finish something.) I've enjoyed writing this, but I'm not the best at writing poems. It's a kind of story-poem, which means that I'll have the story, just with as much cut out of it as possible. :)

I haven't started working on the last part of this yet, but I will, very soon. Review and tell me what you think!

-Like I said above, I brought out another story called My Life, The Cliche. Since I have already talked about it enough in the above paragraphs I don't feel like I need to explain it again, but I'll put some random things about it here.

I'm ending up putting a lot of my own thoughts in here, altho DON'T GET CONFUSED! It isn't my life. I just daydream in class, about how my life could be more exciting... Which is where I come up with my stories. XD

My twin just told me that she thought that all of my stories sounded that they were life experiences, which made her creeped out again about Twins. :D

Anyways, there's my profile. I'm sorry, it's so disjointed, and self-centered at points, but there you go, all laid-out. Hope to hear from you!


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