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Hi long story short i live in a small town out in the boondocks. and i love to write.

My favorite story right now is My Brother's Best friend. This is probably because is shows the ups and downs of courage in the modern high school. I'm also working on a new one called Reinand that has a part of my real life in it.

I jazzed it up a little so it wouldn't seem so boring but in truth the whole dated a guys best friend to get him jealous and then falling in love with his friend only to have my heart broken with no clue why thing really did happen. But C'est la vie.

For those of you who don't know french that means that's life.

You will probably notice that one the schedules are almost all the same for the main female characters and that just because it is easier to remember them that way, and two that French is also use often in my stories. this is because I love foreign languages and I'm taking French one so it is easiest to just stick to one language while i learn it.

My brother’s Best friend pictures

Simeon’s jag


Sylvia’s Porsche











kittens in a box


Jelly Bracelets pictures

Sandy’s Jelly Bracelets











Je suis la vampire Jasmine Pictures
















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"Oh, well that's a real shame; I'll buy you a replacement tomorrow." "Oh, um, there is really no need, Boss. I'm sure I can find something that will do the job. I just need to know what the job is." "You are meeting your future husband." "I'm what!"
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