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Basic info.

Pen Name: SanjiandSerea. (To pronounce Serea it's said like Sir-ee-uh)

Nickname: Serea-chan. (Just so ya know Serea isn't my real name it's a fictional one that's never been taken :P)

Gender: Female.


Height: 5'7 1/2

Weight: ... It's impolite to ask a lady that. -.-

Relationship status: Single.

Appearance: I'm a red-head (Technically auburn-haired but I won't be a stickler on those details :P), I'm fair-skinned, I wear glasses, I'm rather slender and I don't weigh much. I've been told I'm cute by people on the RAOSC forums... but I have a hard time believing that.

Here's a link to my DA profile. http:///http:/// So if you wanna know ( a little) more about me check there!

About my Writing.

I take a lot of influence out of popular anime and I do reference them plentifully in my works which are found in the manga section.

I always write romance, it's my favorite genre to write but that doesn't mean it's flowery and girly.

On the contrary I love battle scenes with a burning passion and I think I have a little talent in writing them.

I've read a lot of shonen manga, so most of my writing could be classified as shonen. No matter how deceptive the title is.

I've been an anime fan since I was little so I know a lot of obscure anime that you may or may not have heard of, I could be referencing an older anime when you think it might be a more popular one.

Just as a warning most of my works will be dark, so if you've looked at my profile you can't say I didn't warn you.

I am a stickler about medical knowledge so I try to make my battle scenes realistic instead of having them solely rely on the rule of cool. If you notice anything please feel free to point it out to me!

One last thing!

I'm a very nice person so please don't be shy if you ever wanna PM me or whatever feel free to! I promise I don't bite!


My earlier works are put on a permanent hiatus, so sorry early fans but I will re-do these once I finish my newer projects!

The Surviving Type, is currently my best story and I'm in the process of writing the second chapter.

The Dog's Lover, I'm working on the third chapter currently.

Coming soon/ Future ideas.

Revolutionary Girl Raine. A dark, coming of age, action adventure and romance story. This will be my first story with characters with English names.

Darkest Blossom! This will be a supernatural, action/adventured, romantic comedy. Phew.

Tribute. A dark story inspired heavily by, FFX, Fate/Zero, and Madoka Magica.

Untitled Sci-fi project. I need to think more on this one until I can gather up a better plot.


I don't read or review yaoi/yuri stories sorry.

Art works! I love art and here's some art of my characters!




I tend to sign off things like reviews and stories with, Ja Ne for now SanjiandSerea!

If you don't know what Ja Ne means, it's a casual Japanese way of saying see you later.

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Darkest Blossom reviews
Immortality. For some it is ultimate goal to obtain, to others a mere child's fantasy that could never hope to be. Shuuhei Takeda is an average high school student trying his best to get by in an ordinary life. All of this is changed when he meets a woman whom can never die no matter what fate befalls her. Nothing will ever be the same for him or his family again.
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When a gothic-loli girl named Morizawa Arisa brings upon the apocalypse. A Japanese delinquent by the name of Inoue Tsubaki and her friends learn to survive in the world. Oh yes there will be blood, lots and lots of blood.
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The Dog's Lover reviews
Aki is in love with the beautiful Kaede Kobayashi,he has known her for almost three years, he is always by her side, lives with her, kisses her on the cheek every morning when she passes him on the corner. So What's the problem you may be asking. Aki's been cursed to be a typical akita-inu for the two years he's known her. It doesn't help matters that he is Cerberus's grandson.RXR!
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