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. Which PinkFalcon Divulges Carefully Guarded Top Secret Information Concering Herself .x.

Name: Mariah
Age: 19
Location: Colorado
Studying: Japanese, Creative Writing
Enjoys: writing, chaining her muse to things to prevent his excape, reading, jamming to music, daydreaming, PS2, doodling, snacking on cookies, binging on Mountain Dew, anime, manga, movies, pets
Loathes: that damn dinging elevator just down the hall, the Lamisil commercial, bad wireless connections, bad grammar and mechanics, internet slang, people who say "that" instead of "who"
Wants: a tamed crow (Nawat) who will sit on my shoulder and caw at people I don't like
Favorite Manga: Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Inuyasha, Tsubasa, Demon Diary, Wolf's Rain...
Favorite Anime: Trigun, Vampire Hunter D, anything by Miyazaki, YuGiOh Egyptian Arc...
Favorite Console: PS2 and PSP, though I own not the latter yet
Favorite Videogames: Final Fantasy VIII, Star Ocean, Devil May Cry, Ico, Katamari Damacy, Prince of Persia 2...
Favorite Books: HP series, Drizzt series, The Phantom of the Opera, The Historian, Captain Blood, His Dark Materials trilogy, Howl's Moving Castle, Dune...
Favorite Authors: Diana Wynne Jones, JK Rowling, Tamora Pierce, R.A. Salvatore...
Writing: AL5, OYL5, Phantom7, and random spots of There Be Dragons and Ankh Eternal as well as original stuff for my Creative Writing class, includinga little something I'm calling Dr. Jenkins

. Which PinkFalcon Allows her Readers to See Exactly What's Keeping Her from Writing .x.

Obsessing Over: Howl's Moving Castle, Saiyuki Reload,Drizzt, Stargate SG-1, Jekyll & Hyde, Dune
More Specifically: Howell Jenkins, Ben Sullivan, Sanzo, Hakkai, Kougaiji,Drizzt, Zaknafein, Jarlaxle, Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Henry Jekyll, Maud'Dib, Leto Atreides, Doctor Kynes
Busy With: new college stuff
Jamming to: my entire collection on shuffle, including over 1200 songs o.o
More Specifically: Green Day's American Idiot, Muse's Absolution, The Killers' Hot Fuss, FFVIII OST, Atticus's Atticus Fault, Wolf's Rain OST, Joe Hisaishi's OSTs for Miyazaki's films, Phantom of the Opera, Yo-Yo Ma collections, Dances With Wolves OST, Jekyll & Hyde OST
Watching: four hours of Stargate SG-1 a night; I would ask you to shoot me but then I wouldn't get to see what happens
Reading:rereading Dune and loving every page
Playing: nothing with no PS2, and I think it's slowly killing me
Working: nowhere, which is catching up to me rather quickly
Eating:Mountain Dew, EasyMac, el popocorno, and oatmeal
Desktop: Howl's Moving Bedroom of DOOM!
MSN Avatar: a rather stupefied Brock, because I love him
Quoting: "This is the moment/My final test/Destiny beckoned/I never reckoned/Second Best!" and "This is the moment!/Damn all the odds!/This day, or never/I'll sit forever/With the gods!" -Jekyll in This is the Moment, Jeckyll & Hyde OST
LJ Layout: "Autumn Suicide" featuring Genjyo Sanzo, Saiyuki

.x. In Which PinkFalcon Actually Discusses her Fiction .x.

There Be Dragons: This is actually a manga, but it is original. I'm only working on it in snippets though, and it's hard to draw everything the way I want it, so it might be a while until it's actually posted, well, anywhere, really, though one of the characters is posted in my DeviantArt gallery. His name is Torrigan and I'm still tweaking him.

Ankh Eternal: A YuGiOh Egyptian Arc complete spin-off. Again, working on it in bits. It's going to be novel-length, so I don't know when I'll get around to posting it, though I will, for critique.

Dr. Jenkins: I'm trying. I really am. Hopefully I'll have the first bit up soon. I think I'll submit it for my CW class too. Why do I keep wanting to abbreviate that 'CR'...

Various Short Stories and Poems: Expect a lot of these, as thirty pages are due in my Creative Writing class this semester alone. O.O Therefore theyshall come in various bits and pieces, and theyshall come fairly often.

.x. In Which PinkFalcon Summarizes her LiveJournal .x.

I'm in my dorm now--in Boulder, Colorado, anyone else here give me a hollar--and starting my first year of college. Whoo-eee!

Currently jobless. Blech.

Have lots of munchies here though. =D

Smuggled in some birds. Named 'em Luthien and Baren. Cookies to anyone who recognizes those names. =D

New LJ layout! SQUEE WITH MEH!

.x. In Which PinkFalcon Offers Assistance in the Creation of Worthy Fiction .x.

i.e. I'm not proofing anything right now, but I'd be glad too. Just e-mail me, comment in my LJ, Review something of mine...whatever.

.x. In Which PinkFalcon Posts Links so that Others can Access them Easily .x.

My LiveJournal, which I write in almost daily: http:///users/_tehriah/
My DeviantArt gallery, which contains both fanart and original art: http:///
MyFanFiction account, which contains most of my big works:

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Paradise is always just out of reach.
Poetry: Life - Rated: K - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 381 - Published: 8/31/2005
Unbelief reviews
A man contemplates the short time he has left as he compares his own beliefs and fears to the those of the men around him.
Poetry: Religion - Rated: K+ - English - Spiritual/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 332 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 8/31/2005