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Hi, guys. Welcome to my profile:

So let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Willa:

As a young woman, I'm pretty odd. Not only because of my disability but how shy I am.

I'm an observer because I'm not very noticeable to others. However, I love being an observer, for I learn so much and gain so much information for my novels. Through the conversations and actions of the people around me, I can understand human behavior. I witness slight non-verbal interactions between people that tell a story beyond words. I listen to tones of voices, downturned eyes, and body language. Conversations happen around me all day. People sometimes don't even notice me listening. I wish I could lean into the conversation and explain the nuances of their behavior. But I can't. Instead, I continue to listen intently, cataloging each interaction as an example of human behavior. But, I'm sure, as I age, this catalog will become more mature. It is filled with teen angst, broken hearts, and schoolgirl crushes. As I see new things, my characters will grow along with me.

Another level of me is I try to be sweet and understanding to anyone I can because I know how it feels to be misunderstood and an outcast to the world. So everyone should try to be more understanding towards someone who might turn out to be something you can't live without in your life, so I give everyone I meet a smile, in case they become something very special to me.

Like everyone misjudges me, but I understand. My world seems dull to some people. To them, my existence is a wheelchair and a computer and books. But, no, it is so much more than that, and I hope you will see that and the real me as we talk.

I crave knowledge and use education to reduce barriers around me. I remember my parents fighting for my education with non-disabled students. I've never been in a particular education class. The thought has always been absurd to me that people automatically judge my physical appearance as my mental capacity. That short-sided thought process has led to more and more people underestimating me throughout my life.

Details about me:

Age: 28

Birthday: Sep 26.

Looks: The classic blue eyes, strawberry blonde, pale skin look

My beliefs:

I have so many beliefs, but here are the three main ones. First, I firmly believe deeply in my heart that, and if you disagree with me, I'm genuinely sorry. Everyone is equal in God's eyes. He MADE us the way we are supposed to be, so why do people admit hate crimes against anyone who acts/looks different from what they think is 'right'? It is a sin to take a life JUST because they were different from you. Second, everyone hopefully agrees with me here. True love is true love. Everybody deserves to have it at least once in their short lives; that one person that loves you no matter what, they see you and their eyes light up like fire, they would do anything for you to see you smile. Everyone craves a love story. And third, you don't have to be perfect to get the love you want. I proved this when I met my recent suitor. They genuinely love you. It won't matter to them if you talk weirdly, can't walk, or have a crooked nose. You are theirs, and you're perfect to them.


I have weird taste in music. I love pop songs from America, and Japanese Jpop singers have beautiful voices. And I love The Police and David Bowie and the 80s and 90s music: Cher and Madonna are my idols. And I'm a country to see. See? I'm weird, and I love it. I am a music freak.

Favorite books/manga:

Fushigi Yuugi, Need saga, Twilight saga, and The Host, When It Happens, Beastly and the original Beauty and the Beast, Fruits Basket, Special A, A Kiss in Time, Sundays at Tiffany's, Ash, Reaching for You, Searching for a Full Moon, Kitchen Princess, Cinder, and anything by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite Anime:

Fushigi Yuugi, Kanon, Fruits Basket (2001/2019), Special A, Sailor Moon 1-5, Spirited Away, Channad /Channad After Story, Searching for a Full Moon.

Coming soon/Ideas:

COMING SOON/WORKING CURRENTLY--Silent Vow--A take on Taking of Persephone--Light Fantasy/Romance

Idea Masked Fate—Modern retelling of Phantom of the Opera—Romance/Drama

Idea Forever Yours--Romance/fantasy (this is a manga idea I had for two years)

I'm sadly removing my other series until I can thoroughly edit it. But I am returning to original stuff. It might be slow, as I'm still working on my fanfictions, so please be patient with me, pretty please? And please leave a review, if you can?

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Sunflower wanted to move on from her dark past and live a peaceful life. But, when brooding CEO Hades steps into her world, she must face a deep-hidden truth-everything isn't as it seems. A take on the Taking of Persephone with a twist. Readers, advised, this story holds aspects of sexual acts that might be offensive to others and abuse of a minor.
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My computer died so I can't work on TWH until mom helps me transfer all my files on my new laptop, but I thought I would post this for you until the next chapter is updated. Tell me what you think?
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