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Hello everyone out there! Thank you to all who actually bother to read profiles and bothered to read mine!

My name is The Awesome One. I really am awesome! :D I live in a pot of gold and I am an alien from the Andromeda Galaxy, second planet from the Great Star. My favorite constellation to look at is the Glorkon Warrior. Legend says that he was a brave warrior when he was grown up but was sickly as a child. Often times, he would get into so much trouble it was unbelievable, and using that mischievousness, he somehow got over that sickness and trained to become the strongest, bravest, most courageous warrior in history. Yah I want to be JUST like him when I grow up!

How did I learn the language of English instead of speaking my native tongue? A stray wanderer that was human got sucked into a black hole and was transported to my home galaxy. Contrary to popular belief in humans' insignificant minds, black holes are a very convenient method of travel, if a little uncomfortable with the squeeze. Yes, my particular favorite is Hole #109723 which led me to your solar system: the Milky Way. I used my awesome space wings to propel myself toward the planet farthest from your sun. I believe it was called Tumpo or something like that.

Back to me, my favorite article of clothing is a silvery piece of space cloth with miniscule specks of stars embedded in the surface. I am a very handsome alien. I have big black oval shaped eyes and lime green skin and curly antenna to complete the look. I'm not very good at slithering fast, but my tentacles ARE really strong.

Human brains actually are kinda yummy...

Stories in Progress:

Kidnapped: I discontinued this story.

Black Out: I'll work on it eventually when I figure out a plot.

I just published a oneshot: Fog. Dunno what I'll do for the summary for it...

If anyone was stupid enough to actually believe I was an alien from the Andromeda Galaxy with Wi-fi and computers, you better get your head checked. As if black holes could be used for travel! Though it would be interesting if they could be used like that...grins manically

Cookies for anyone who actually reads my rant of a profile!

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Wandering lost is never a good thing for the weak of heart and mind...
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