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Previously known as Spiritxofxthexnight

8-02-12 NOTE TO ALL MY READERS: As of late I have been receiving "offers" by people that wish to buy the copy rights to some of my works, the first draft of Fate's Nile being the most popular one. I know that these offers are scams and that my works are at risk of being stolen when these "offers" are made to me. In order to protect my works from being stolen I have removed all of the chapters except for the prologues and first chapters. I do plan to make my stories into ebooks and when I have the links to buy them will be published here or with the stories. I'm very sorry for doing this but it's the only way to guarantee the protection of my work.

Name: Sam. Everyone calls me kitty though and is what I mostly go by.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Poetry, Romance

All Stories: Fate's Nile, Fate's Nile (Rewrite), The Conch, Selene and Lord Death, The Mirror (Rewrite of S&LD), Fire and Ice, The Dragon's Heart

Discontinued: Prince Alzeid and Rosette, Not your Typical Little Mermaid Story

Hi everyone as you've seen from the above I'm Kitty, or Sam, and welcome to my profile!

I have a couple of works posted on this site and I have to say that I love this site a lot as far as feedback is concerned. If you want to read descriptions of my works they are listed below. I have all of my main works posted here including the ones the I am working on but will be coming in the future so don't be afraid to read about them. If there is anything else you want to know about a certain work or about anything in general don't be afraid to PM me or to write a review for the story that you want to know more about. I respond to every review and PM I receive. You are also free to PM me if you need help with your story or things like plot ideas, character ideas, or anything else you seem to get stuck with. I'd be happy to lend you a hand.

Also since I am now busy with college I will not be posting chapters as regularly as I used to so don't panic if I haven't posted a chapter in a while. It doesn't mean that I am not continuing that story it just means I am too busy to write and that I will update when I get the time. If i have decided to discontinue a story it will be under that discontinued section of my profile above this section. Thank you for understanding!

So thank you for visiting my profile! I appreciate your visit and will see you around! _


*Descriptions of stories below.

Fate's Nile: Completed and removed, will not be reposting
Fate's Nile: Retold and Rewriten: In progress, will not be posting.

When I was young, god don't I sound like an old lady when i say that, I used to be obsessed with Ancient cultures my favorite being the ancient Egyptians. As i got older that interest turned into ideas for stories, which is how this story came to be! I've been toying over the idea for this story for a long time, wondering how to finally pen, or type it to be more specific, it and get the story going. I finished the first version of this story, which is already up, and have started a re-write of it because it wasn't really that good. Well it was good it's just i wasn't happy with the way that it was writen with all the spellign errors and in some places it was rushedm especially towards the end. The re-write is up and has the first few chapters finished, but I've taken a miniature break from this project in order to work on the more popular of my stories.

Summary: Arisa is not like most teenage girls. She has long white hair, extremely fair skin, and chilling icy blue eyes that can send a shiver running up the strongest of mens spines. But her physical abnormalities aren't the only things that set her apart from the rest of her peers. She has the ability to see into the past, present, and future. She also is immune to illness and heals from wounds a million times faster than a normal human would. When her parents send her a strange full length mirror from their excavation site in Egypt, the Egyptian goddess of Fate, Hemsut, pulls her from her world and into the ancient Egyptian one. There she has to find out to restore the balance fate, protect a self centered prince assassins, and keep her heart in tact.

The Conch:

Ever since I was little I adored mermaids and merpeople. The movie the little mermaid was one of my favorite movies of all time and I just came up with numerous ideas for a merpeople story. I went through various ideas and I finally came up with one that I liked enough to write a couple chapters of and post on this site, just to see how people liked it. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep writing this story or not, maybe I will once my more popular stories are taken care of.

Summary: Sapphire hasn't had the easiest, or a normal, life. Being half Tide, a powerful class of ocean nymph, and half human makes it hard to maintain control over her powers and go to college. After moving into a house with her friends and finding a way to keep her powers in check she believed she could finally lead a normal human life. But her hopes are turned to dust when she helps frees a merman from the aquarium one evening and help return him the sea; she thought she had seen the last of him but she was wrong. He is not just any merman, he is the heir to the throne of his kind and also the guardian of the magic conch shell that has the power to control the seas. During his abduction he had lost the shell and because of this has been exiled from his kingdom by his father until he finds it once again and enlists the help of the halfbreed that helped set him free. With a arrogant merman sticking to her like glue and a powerful conch shell up for grabs out there somewhere will Sapphire ever have the normal life she'd always dreamed of?

The Eclipse Institution For Immortal Creatures: Coming soon.

Ok, this story was taken down and is currently going through some major rewrites and revisions. I'm going to do a complete over haul of it becasue I've gone back and read some of my original versions and have found some details and plot points that I liked that weren't in the version in the version i had posted or was working on. So until further notice I am leaving this section on my profile with nothign about the story

Selene and Lord Death: Has been finished, sequel has been discontinued. Rewrite up.

Through the Mirror and Into Death's Arms: first few chapters up.

Ok I am really shocked with how well this story is going thus far. One day I was bored and got the great idea for a story after watching Labyrinth and reading someone's version of Beauty and the Beast on this site and readign about some different mythelogical creatures online. So I sat down at my computer and wrote my prologue to it, which was only like three, maybe four, sentences in length; then I wrote the first chapter after that the second. I posted them on this site out of pure boredom and curiousity and low and behold i get more reviews on this story than I did on my other ones. Before I knew it it became the most popular story that I'm in the process of writing. Trith be told I had an idea for a story like this running through my head for awhile. I wanted to write a story that had a beauty and the beast plot with a Hades and Persephone feel to it and with the same fun loving and adorable characters that you see in Labyrinth. A friend of mine will be drawing a picture of the two main characters in the story and as soon as she has it finished I will be posting the link here on my profile.

It has been re-opened, I did post an epilogue but have taken it down so please disregard that if you did read it when it was up. I will try to finish the story before moving onto the rewrite of it, not a lot will be changed in the rewrite but i will be making it longer with more details and more character interaction and some more time between the two main characters.

Summary: When Selene's father remarries he packs her and her two step sisters up and move them into an old mansion in another state, something that makes Selene groan in irritation at the thought. She knows that a mansion as old as the one that they are moving into is ridden with ghost and creatures from the realm of death. How does she know about these types of things? Ever since she was little she was able to see ghosts and creatures from the realm of death, all of the women on her mother's side of the family can. Once they move into the mansion one of her twin step sisters is kidnapped by some of the servants of Death, she travels to the realm of death to get her back. But when she gets there Death wants something in return for the release of her sister; he wants her.

Note: The rewrite and the original version have some huge differences, the fact that the old version is set in Ireland and the rewrite is set in the states is one difference, so please don't be confused if you go from reading the original to the rewrite. I just decided to tweak some things.

Creatures in Selene and Lord Death:

Imp: http:///wiki/Imp

Black Annis: http:///wiki/Black_Annis

Bloody Bones: http:///wiki/Bloody_Bones

Ghoul: http:///wiki/Ghoul

fear Gorta: http:///wiki/Fear_gorta

Ame-ne's DA profile (the person who will be doing the picture of Selene and Lord Death): http:/// check out her art work she's amazing!

Fire and Ice: Old story.

This story is one that i wrote when i was younger and not as good as some of my newer ones. There was no real fuel behind this I just got bored and started writing it.

Summary: Eva is the best hunter out there. She's known for begin lethal and beautiful, if you cross her you're bound to die. Out of all the creatures that she hunts down and kills she hates vampires the most for what they have done to her family. But here comes Raven, the heir to the vampire throne. He sees Eva fighting one night and knows right then and there he has found his blond bond, or soulmate, and is determined to make her his, whether she knows it or not. When Raven's father is assassinated he offers Eva a huge sum of money to help him track the people down that are responsible. Will Eva be able to help him find the person responsible and keep herself from fallign for him?

Prince Alzeid and Rosette: Discontinued

I was no longer feeling this story so I decided to stop it and return to the original, sorry to those of you that liked it.

Summary: The story picks up over 100 years after Selene and Helio are married. Their son is turning 118 and they are throwing a huge ball to celebrate. Since Alzeid despises balls as much as his father and mother do he desides to sneak out of the ball, with his hell hound Xavier and Dante right on his heals. But while he is gone the ball is attacked by Edmund and everyone inside is turned to stone. Edmund takes over the throne and seizes control of the realm, unaware that Alzeid is still out there. When Alzeid finds out what happens, he runs off into the forest with Dante and Xavier where he meets Rosette, a strange girl with black blood and her group of misfit friends. She takes Alzeid in, knowing that he will be killed if he is found by Edmund's goons, and agrees to help him take back the throne and restore his parents to their former selves.

The Dragon's Heart: In progress, posted.

I've been toying with an idea similar to this story for a long time and have not been able to get my idea out in a version that I liked so I'm hoping that this one will work. I'm not going to post it right away because I want time to work out the kinks in it and make sure I like it before posting it, i'm trying to get off of my "hot off the presses" way of writing, which refers to the fact that i write a chapter and post it without reading it again, so this might not be out for a little while. If you like the summary on my profile then send me a message or whatever.

Summary: Alone, cold, bloody, and beaten in the woods is how Lady Jillian Delarum, Grand Sorceress of the capital city agol of the country of Gin, finds her young pupil Rosette Delarum. She is a strange girl with great power, strength, courage, and knowledge more so than an average ten year old should possess. Her raven black hair, eyes, and blood only add to her uniqueness. After discovering the true fate and identity of the young girl she decides to take her on as an apprentice to help prepare her for her fate. when she turns twenty-one and passes her final exam, becomign a sorceress, she sets out on a journey to figure out who she is and where she comes from.

Along the way she encounters a strange man by the name of Alzeid. He's a mysterious young wanderor, the same age as Rosette, with a secretive past and a presceince that seems very familiar to Rosette.

A Hearts Beginning: Coming soon.

This is a short, well it's not really short considering I'm like on the 25th page, story that is actually a prologue to this other story that I've been toying with. It gives you the background on one of the main characters of my story Heart Strings. I began writing Heart Strings and was going to jump right into it, giving only a very brief description of Joe, the protaganist, at the beginning of the story. But once I got goign i didn't really like that and felt that her background, her past, was far too important for the story to not have an in depth description of it. Hence the short story A Heart's Beginning. It's not the best short story with that many details and to me it seems really brief but I think that it's good enough to be a prologue for Heart Strings. Who knows, Myabe I'll come back to it and make it a full story with chapters and more details and then make Heart Strings the next book in the series. You never can tell with me.

Summary: Joesephine Black's life is hell. Her mother's a druggie that brings strange men home to have sex with for money that also try to make passes at Joe and her younger sister Lisa. She is known as the school bad ass because of her temper, crude language, and the way she can beat up anyone that says a cross word to her. When the principle finally grows tired of her antics he assigns her to help with the school orchestra hoping that she'll find an outlet for her anger and frustration. She attends it everyday after school, tuning instruments and helping with odds and ends around there while having the music director, Mr. Landis, trying to make her crack a smile.

This is the prologue to Heart Strings and gives the basic background story of Joey so that the reader can understand her character a little better.

Heart Strings: Coming soon.

Summary: Joey's life is finally starting to turn around. She's got a great apartment With her best friend Cass and full custody of her 14 year old, mute, sister Lisa. Joey and Cass will be attending the same college, Cass for criminal justice and Joe for Secondary Education Music, where no one will know about Joe's past. She thinks she can finally take a deep breath and start her life. But when she meets the Chase brothers, the heirs to a large hotel, resteraunt, music label, and fashion empire, the old Joey struggles to come out. They are the embodiment of everthing that Joe hates. They've never had to struggle for anything int heir lives and yet have everything they've ever desired and act like everyone beneath them are dirt. How will Joey do with trying to keep her past a secret all the whiel trying to keep the four brothers off her back, who I might add think she is very fascinating.

The Wedding: completed

This story is the newest story that I have released and was a really spontaneous one at that. I was listening to music while trying to get some homework for class the next day and the song just struck a huge chord with me. I could actually see the events in the story playing in my head like it was the music video for the song and right away had to stop what I was doing and get it down before I lost it. I thought it came out really good and hope that you guys agree with me.

Summary: The story is really short and simple and I don't want to give too much of it away so I'll just give you a little idea of what to expect. It's a bride and groom sharing their first dance as man and wife and it soon becomes apparent how time has had an impact on them.

Link to Song:

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Handmaiden by XAbsoluteZeroX reviews
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The Mirror reviews
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She brushed a hand through the top of her white hair and sighed heavily with irritation, her icy blue eyes glaring daggers at the crown prince of Egypt in front of her. He brought out the worst in her, but she brought out the best in him.
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