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Greetings to anyone who is reading this!

So, this is a JA for a bunch of kids from all around the world who meet regularly on a FF net forum. We call ourselves Free Imagination, which is (coincidentally) the title of the thread we chat on. If you're looking at this profile, then you're either one of the members of the FIforum, or you've found it by mistake, in which case, you should probably leave now :)

The stories that will hopefully be posted up here will be a collaboration (archive, if you will) of the author-insert fics we write about our little society. Since we actually created our little world and all the characters that dwell in it, we're pretty sure it counts as original work. If you happen to have read something of ours - most likely by mistake - please remember that we aren't writing for anyone but ourselves, and the stories here are not posted for reviews. We write because we love to write, and we don't really want outsider feedback on it.

So this account exists solely to keep all our author-insert work in one place, neatly organised.

Have a nice day!


Our little clan consists of:

Kish's Kittie

Kittie Kat K.O.








Immortal x Snow

Marvel Maiden

Tomoyo Kinomoto



Forever Mesmerised

Devilyssa Lithium

Fireflies Glow

~ And of course, there are people that come and go, but don't maintain a permanent residence. A shout out to those guys, too.


September 21, 09:

It's 12:35pm on Monday, and I'm sitting on the second floor landing between an ugly yellow mesh sofa and a rather dull, grey chair, staring straight out the extremely dirty and dusty glass windows across the lawn to the Campus Centre. The sun's bright; it's flooding the carpet in big patches. In front of me is a very sad, dirty, cream-coloured beanbag, and a plastic red stool. To my left: two Asian guys rehersing some extremely lame play they've written (probably for a media class), and a smart-looking Asian with closely-cropped hair, reading a novel. In front of him is an Asian girl with a shiny black bag. She's reading study notes. To my right: two white girls, one with red hair, one with brown. They're chatting casually, doing the same thing as me - killing time and staring out the window. They're probably people-watching.

I've just come out of my 11am Japanese 2 lecture. It was boring as all heck today. Didn't make any sense whatsover. She prattled on about the use of 'ka' (meaning 'of' in this instance), and the use of 'teiru' in conjunction with a verb (which apparently should take plain form). But I've missed the last three weeks' worth of Japlectures, so I've fallen pretty behind. I really should catch up. Anyhow, Rider, my boyfriend of the convenient moment (skinny, Asian, spiky black and blonde hair, spunky glasses -- V cute (squee)) is currently in his Japanese tutorial. Hence why I am killing time.

Right now, I'm wearing a very 'me' outfit. We'll go from the bottom up: black and white plaid flats, dark pink stockings, sunray-pleated grey mini-skirt, Jack Skellington long-sleeved tee (the sleeves are black and white stripe andJack's face is emblazoned on the front. Extremely cool.) enormous black coat that acts kind of like a dress, dark pink, dark grey and silver plaid scarf. If anyone was wondering how I dress, this is pretty standard 'Cherrie'.

So, I've just created this account. I'm about to go hunting for an EFC to post up here and see if it works. I'm hoping it does. Otherwise this whole thing will have been an epic waste of time (which could have been spent socialising on the forum) andlaptop battery, since I can't find a plug to connect the cable up to DX

Okay. I think that's enough from me. I might leave random entries here some time. Not sure. I just wanted there to be something here on this profile so it wasn't sad and empty. Maybe some of the other clan kids will write an entry at some point. That could be cool :D

Lots of love,

Cherrie xx

December 21, 09:

So, according to my Spidey-Senses, which are not actually tingling right now, but are still useful, there have been other people signing into this JA. This is good. What is not good, is that our Diary of Random Ramblings is sadly void of random ramblings. As it stands, I'm still the only one whose written here D: Do I need to poke y'all with my new Hello Kitty parasol-style umbrella? 'Cause I'll do it, y'know XD

Anyway, just posting here again, so the Diary felt a little loved. Everyone needs some lovin'.

So, it's December 21, as you can see... What's going on at the moment? Well... We've recently acquired a new forumer, a lovely girl who goes by Forever Mesmerised(I've added her name anda link to her profile to the list above). I don't know what her nicknames are yet - she's only been around a handful of times when I have. I like to call her Messie. Erm... Chiharu's currently with Pothead, who gave her one of his guitars for Christmas. Marvel and Leon got married a little while back :DZeph's chasing his prehistorical gamer, LAN Chick (lawl, I kid, I kid, Zeph. She's not ancient XD) And Rider and myself will celebrate 5 months in January. He's going to China for a month though, so he won't be here DX Um... sak and KO were promoted to forum Mediators a couple of months ago, I'm guessing 'cause KK got sick of running the forums all by her lonesome, so she dished the job onto her closest cronies so she could officially unofficially bail on us XD Our total EFS count stands at nine right now, thanks to Marv's amazing work. She's written more than the rest of us combined, I think. Shameful, guys :P

And it's Christmas! So Merry Christmas, everyone! If it's snowing where you are, be grateful, lucky ducks! If it's hot where you are (like me) then WEAR SUNSCREEN. I've already managed to blister the bejeebers out of my legs once. Not fun, dudes and dudettes. Not fun at all.

Welp! That's it from me! Signing out with warm wishes around the globe for a safe and happy festive season! Happy First Anniversary, Free Imagination Forum! :3


Cherrie xx

23rd December 2009.

Okay so Cherrie said that if anyone wanted to, they could write something on here, so I thought I would. It's a good excuse to avoid writing, which I should be doing, but I'm stuck so here goes. It's 1am here in freezing old England, and here I am slaving away at my Secret Santa. I sure hope my Santee likes this, since an awful lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it.

So anyway, I feel awfully special since my name is now on the list above, and Cherrie wrote about me XD It's such a shame we don't get to talk more often. Anyway, Chi just posted the Secret Santa she wrote for me, and it looks amazing. You've gotta love the Queen of Mindrape for that! XD I'm so excited to read it. And I'm just generally excited, Christmas spirit everywhere...

Hmmm, since I'm bored I'll do an outfit description to bore you guys too. Although it's winter, freezing, and 1am, I'm still in a cuuuute black + yellow lace dress. I heart me some lace. I also have incredibly warm black leggings on. Mm big love for leggings. On my feet are my new black jewel shiiiiiiny shoes, since I thought I'd give them a test run, and then stayed in them since I seem to have dislocated my slippers. Mmm warmth. I also have like a gazillion cardigans on, in various interesting colours XD I'm currently drinking a cup of tea. Ah, how English XD I like myself some tea. Although I'd kill for a frappachino right now! Magic me one up Marvin? :D

Anyway, I think I better go now, and get some more writing done then go to bed.
Much love, Merry Christmas one and all, this festive spirit's getting to me, since I've been singing carols all day XD

Forever Mesmerised xoxo


(December 22nd, 2009)

Yo, yo, yo, it's Chiharu! XD I figured and ramble since Cherrie wanted rambling. And I figured since I'm a beast at complaining and what not, I'd complain and ramble! First off, it's cold outside, and every time I go to bed, I wake up to five more inches of snow. What a hassle. My siblings and I rotate. This time, I got to stay inside while my brother shoveled our long (and I mean long) driveway! :D

I attempted to play Final Fantasy 2 yesterday as well. See, I don't like how you level up on the game. I have to hit myself. Like, really. I have to stand there and hit myself with axes, swords, arrows—the whole nine. What sense does that freaking make?!

What happened to beating the bad guys?! D:

That level-up system SUCKS!! Bunch of masochists you all are!! That's why I put that game off, because of that system. Hitting yourself to level up. I spent thirty minutes hitting myself, man!! And then there's no levels.

... So how the hell do I know when to stop hitting myself?! ARGH!!

But I just beat a boss last night. :D And I'm in the start of the game. By the skin on my teeth. We had no MP because I used it to cast fire on my team to raise our magic defense. That's right! I was burning my little guys up! XD I thought having all my people wield any weapon they wanted to was gonna be nice! This is not the case. :l Ayama can't even hit herself with BOTH OF HER SWORDS. D:

Le God!!

Dunno how I'm going to beat this game at all. XD I just do not know. On the upside, I wished my English teacher a Merry Christmas! XD My retired one; not Kimiko. Never Kimiko. She can go die. XD Me? I'm being reckless and wearing a red, sequined halter-style cami top and matching pants. I is cold. I need more decent clothes in the winter... Which is why I'm on my computer warped in a blanket.

My hair is in Sonic-mode. My hair gets preeeetty spiky when I wrestle people. So I look like a Super Sonic right now. I can also look like a Super Saiyan Goku if needed. Do not piss Chiharu off. XD

Tonight... Well, I guess I'm going to get the queen her mythril. And "level up" some more... :/ I mean, seriously. The mechanics are all new to me. When my dad told me that was what I had to do, I put the game down for 11 months. XD

And like, I've stepped in the wrong places, andmonsters just kick me around and it's "game over" fast. XD

Wish me luck!


~24 December 2009~

Heeeeeey, everyone, Immortal x Snow here adding in her input.

It's just after eight-thirty in the evening here. The house is pretty quiet, which I suppose gives me an advantage, seeing as I'm hiding from the world right now. I'm freezing cold as I turn off the lights andpeer out the window at the snow blowing around beautifully. The sky is dark, and the only thing I want for it to become complete and even more picturesque is the Aurora Borealis, but we don't see that here in Kansas.

Glancing around my room, I can see what a mess it is. My schoolbooks and folders are scattered everywhere, but I know it's all right because I won't be picking them up for a while. My agenda is on my bed for some reason, as though screaming at me to get work done. Oh, and my clock says that it is currently one minute after ten, but that's just because it's an hour and twenty-three minutes fast. XD

As for what I'm wearing: a purple short-sleeved Wizard of Oz shirt (let the jokes start XD), short black shorts, black tights with that design that I can't remember the name of - it begins with a, I know it... - and tan calf-height boots. Yes, I'm rather cold, but oh well. My hair is all curly and frizzy, hanging down past my waist. I need to do something about that...

And I've gotta run to go to Christmas Eve Mass with my family. :\

~Immortal x Snow


Everyone else was doing one, and I was feeling a little left out. XD

So anyways, I got this awesome present fic from Immo, that I completly love to bits. She says she half-assed it, but I don't care, it's perfect! Speaking of SSS's, I got mine done now! I finished it before the 25, but I still had to proof-read it, so it didn't get posted until the 25. XD

So yeaaah, all the smart people are sleeping, so it's deathly quiet, with the exception of my sister clicking away on her laptop. I'm so jealous of her, she has a lap top while I have a dinosaur computer. You know how some people purposely get junk cars and spend lots of time and money in making them better? That's my computer. One thing breaks, I buy it a new one, another thing implodes, I buy something to replace it. I just got an optical mouse that is wireless for this stupid dino for Christmas (which I celebrated on the 24 XP) making drawing on the computer so much easier! I got a lot of drawing supplies too, and necklaces for Christmas and don't forget the cash! I also got this nice scarf that feels really smooth, if it were an obnoxious color. Bright pink. It can be excused though, 'cause it looks more purple than anything else. XD

As for clothing ( anyone esle see a pattern developing here? XD) I'm wearing the clothes I wore today (and last night XD), 'cause I was too slow and didn't get my jammies out of my room before my relatives went to bed. Baggy jeans that swallow my feet and have rips on the knees are on my legs. It's kind of sad, I can't see my feets no mores! XD Those rips weren't there when I bought them, how weird. XD I'm wearing a black t-shirt that has white skull on it and a blue monster-like critter hiding in the eye hole. I got it off a website where people sumbit their art, other people vote for it, and if they win, they get made into t-shirts. Totally awesome. This is my favorite shirt, it's baggy for at night, but not too baggy for during the day. To top off my "night-night" outfit, I'm wearing my over-size Bullet for my Valentine jacket/sweater/coat/whatever! I call it a sweater, but it's the thingy with a zipper and a hood. Around my neck I am wearing my new pink/purple scarf and my hair is as crappy as ever. I seriously need to do something with it. XD Y'know, all my clothing fit fine when I bought them. Stupid getting older, it's making my clothes baggy. XD

Now that I'm done rambling, it's off to bed I go! My niiiiice, comfy air mattress. Yippee. XD;;

Merry Christmas you guys!



(December 25, 2009)

Holy poptarts, it's Christmas, guys! XD

First off, I quit Final Fantasy 2. Eff that game. I just don't care anymore. I killed myself like three times. Yes guys, suicide. XD Because Miwnu doesn't know his own damn strength. When I tell him to hit himself, he takes like all his HP up. Well then, how the hell are you suppose to level up? -eyebrow twitch- So, my mother's side of the family was suppose to come and start this huge civil war against my side and their side, and I'm actually still waiting for my mom to come out of the woodworks (I am armed and ready. Brass knuckles are a go.). XD I am just waiting to kick her ass, guys. I warned her that if she walked through my doors, we'd be on equal terms as far as age goes.

Yeah, she's down here, along with twenty other members of my family.

My dad's side goes hard though. XD

They don't want it. I mean, her side is full of crackhead fighters. We're a family of THINKING fighters who have majors in Psychology, English, Computer Science and Math. The list goes on. There's a huge difference, mother dearest. XD I'm waiting for my i-Tunes to update; I need to get that 9.2 or something so I can put songs on my i-Pod Nano--the one with the screen, not the painfully small one. :3

I got that new PS3 Slim, and it's not that I don't like it... It's just so freaking UGLY. XD I got like 3 new games, so I'm guessing my dad spent over a 1000 dollars on me. I heart him. XD My uncle gave me the 150-dollar i-Pod. I still have to get my Grandma's, Grandpa's, and Auntie's presents. :3

Eff my mom. XD Eff her to the darkest depths of hell.

I'm going to go see my boyfriend and his family to see what they got me. They've been leading me on for the longest. XD I hope they're doing something extra special for me.

I'm so going to run the streets in my Santa outfit with a bell and ask for money. XD Epic prank, right? Cept, it's too cold for all of that, and I don't need money! XD

Today, on Christmas, I am wearing a black, one-shoulder asymmetrical sweater dress that is like too inappropriate for my family gathering and will make Grandma hate me. XD It stops barely where it needs to, if you catch my drift. But I'm wearing these knee-high platform boots (they're black) that have a rounded closed toe, front tonal stitching, and side zippers! I can make them knee length of calf length if needed, so I guess she's not gonna yell at me. -shrug- I can't help it if I'm a sexy beast. XD;;;


January 1, 2010:

So, Cherrie gets the first entry for 2010. Whoot. Now, I've just been through and tidied up our Diary a little bit, so that the entries weren't spanning so long. Bloody Chiharu's the worst culprit, entering entire short sentences down onto new lines. IF WE ALL WROTE LIKE THAT, CHIHARU, OUR PROFILE WOULD STRETCH FOR MILES.

Sooo... on the first day of the year, I'm wearing my blue Superman tee and a pair of kitten-printed pink PJ pants XD I'm very tired, as I've just spent the last three days working 8-5 in a busy medical workplace on little amounts of sleep, and have just finished editing a document for nightfall26. I really want to write tonight - whether it be To Ascertain, chapter 21, or the first chapter of a short chapter fic I thought up a few days ago. I'm worried that if I start the new chapter fic, I'll lose inspiration and motivation for To Ascertain, and I'll never finish it. I WANT TO FINISH THIS GODDAMN STORY.

Anyway. We hosted the most wonderful Forum Party today, and we weren't even expecting to! Someone just randomly shouted 'Yay! Forum party!' (probably me) because more people were online than usual. Then, in the space of about fifteen minutes, we'd been joined by Tazzy, Lyssa, sak, Strawbs, and Snow. It was so cool! Literally ALMOST everyone was there. We never have that many of us online at once. I couldn't believe it :D So we had hypothetical food and danced for ages :DI wish the others had been able to come. Stik, Zeph, KK and... Who else wasn't there? Practically everyone was! XD

Afterwards, I skipped off to Dirt Cheap Books (a sale that fills a warehouse for a few days before moving on) and bought myself EIGHT new novels for 27 AUD. Quite lovely. I'm set for the rest of summer :D And THEN I took my brother to see New Moon (I've now seen it THREE times XD) and bought She's All Thatand Centre Stage, as well as the House of Night series :D I had a brilliant day today.

Anyways, that's it from me. Happy New Year, Forumers! :P


Cherrie xx

January 3, 2010

So how we all doin' folks?

cracks neck

The past few weeks have been one massive crapshoot after another. Everything from me trying NOT to fail out of this college, to one family bombshell after another, i'm suprised my brain hasn't short-circuted. Not to mention the frustration that ccomes with havving a 'buisness contact' in Australia.

three guesses says who

But i guesss if that's my biggest complaint, then i must be doin' SOMETHING right. I'm trying to get back into writing stories, my inspiration seems to have failed me miserably. But maybe i wouldn't feel so down if OTHER PEOPLE FRIKEN UPDATED!

So yeah, this is my first entry, so i'll be goin' now,

Take it easy.


4th January 2010

Wow, I can't believe it's 2010 already. Last year was... decent. But this year will be much better I'm hoping, I have so much to look forward to. So here I am... writing this, avoiding the various time consuming tasks I have yet to do since I wasted the whole of the Christmas holidays doing nothing at all XD I still need to write a review for a drama class that I regret taking :( And then I've gotta finish my artwork and mount it all up which I swear is more work than the actual work. And I should also be writing. And confirming the final order of the top 3 for my Ryou/Ichigo contest. Why does it have to be so hard? XD

The weather's freezing and dull as per usual, and since the weather affects my mood, I'm feeling rather down. That may also be because I start school tomorrow. I now loathe it with a strong unadultered passion. Summertime makes it slightly more bearable though, so I'm eagerly awaiting.

I think this is my second entry on this, so hmm, I think I'll do the usual. Currently wearing - Purple and grey jumper dress, black leggings, grey cardigan, some cuuute expensive necklace that I managed to nearly break earlier, and warm fuzzzzzzy slippers XD

Currently eating - nothing, drinking - Oasis Summer Fruits. As usual. I'm addicted to that stuff. Listening to - Waiting - Beyonce just came up on shuffle. I quite like it.

I'm trying to think of a pairing for Stik + Marvin's contest, but I'm really stuck for ideas. I've never written a crack pairing fic before, so I'll have to see where it goes. I'll start early on this contest, so I don't fall behind on schoolwork or writing like I have before. And then I think I'm going to write a few outdated Christmassy drabbles...just because I can XD And oh shoot, I still need to write that twoshot I promised a lot of people.

Me? Screwed? I think so.

Anyway guys, I think I'll shoot off, much love till next time,

Forever Mesmerised xoxo


This year didn't really start off all that great, to say at the least.

So far I've been having sleep problems due to the fact that I haven't gotten use to school yet, so I keep putting off homework when I shouldn't be and staying up to ungodly hours trying to finish it all. That, and another reason, I'm not to sure what it is, but my crazy tea has stopped working. On top of being sleep deprived I'm also a bit sick. My throat is sore and I'm always so freaking cold. That's not the only illness I have going on, either. I think my brain is broke-ed-ed. DX Tomorrow is my birthday though, and I'm going to go see Daybreakers, so hopefully that'll pull me out of this rut that I'm in. "

Another thing going on tomorrow is the school Geo Bee. A Geo Bee is basically like a spelling bee, but with geography. The only reason I made it to the contest is because I'm one lucky little crap, and I actually knew the last question. But now I have to participate and probably miss out on my casting project in metal shop. No way in hell is that happening. Last time it was my day to pour, we had a snow day, and that NEVER happens! DX I'm almost done with my welding project though, so I'm real happy about that. Not so happy about my metal shop final though, or my Spanish midterm. ._."

But one thing that has me happy is that the PV creatures are making more appearances! So far I've seen two more this week! :D

I think I'm going to try and get some chapters done today, y'know, to keep from doing homework so I have to stay up late again. D':

Anyways, gonna go do math HW and see what happens after that.



January 12th, 2008 -- Sppufff, damn it I meant 2010.

Anyway, how are we all doing today? I'm doing fine. I mean, I just wrote something really sad, and I wasn't even being serious. They were like side-stories... Stories inside of stories in my Scheherazade fic that I HAVE to finish by the fourteenth. You don't have to tell me. I know I'm pretty much screwed. XD It was about these two girls named Rylee and Kaida, and dammit it was so sad. Got the wind kicked out of me writing it. XD

This Scheherazade-y fic (which I'm naming "Scheherazade") popped into my head when I was at Angelo's funeral thing. Yeah... I was pretty much devastated at that place. I remembered that I had to write something for CCFA's anniversary, and I had this epic plot bunny. Why not make Sayuri lose her memories and have all of the characters that been in it so far to tell her a story to get her memory back? I've done two people so far, and now I'm doing Shirogane. This has really lifted my spirits up. XD I think that dead guy gave me this epic plot bunny on purpose. XD And it was so Tariku who made me sniff a bit. I like Tariku, all the rest of you guys can kick rocks.

It excites me. I can't wait to see the power of the finished result! :D I was planning on having about 11 people walk in there, but I've only typed two stories and I already have about 4k. But I do not want to turn it into a chapter fic, for seriously. This is so fun. Very, very fun! XD It's also something for MY birthday, as well. Because I'm cool like that and can write myself a birthday fic. :3 Check my swag, guys. XD

I think once I'm done with this, I'm entering this in a contest or for a scholarship or something, because it's sooo grand. XD Gotta have Mac look at it too. Anyway, so I finished a whole bunch of my projects early, which is why I'm spending so my time on Scheherazade. XD And people love references to the classics, that they do. XD And people don't even have to read the original; Sayuri doesn't even know who she is and little by little people start giving her hints and clues, retelling the story in some way, shape, or form. Even giving hints in what will happen later on it the story through their... stories. XD

I think I'm starting the year off strong, because the morals and all of the different stories I'm going to tell are gonna be ace. XD But I have to keep reminding myself that I need to make some of these stories happy... But because I can't end these stories, I'm like huuuh? How do I achieve this. The climax, that's the part everyone wants to hear and that's where I have to stop... XD Kimiko wants to read it! She said she'd review on here. Isn't she lovely? -sarcasm- Blaaaah. I don't really want to tell her when I post it. She just found out when I wrote the title on my paper. She seems more concerned with me after the class and her gave me a big group hug when I came back from the funearl bawling. Those guys. :3 I dedicate this to them, too. XD

Now I've got to think of something Ichigo/Ryouish to tell without it being overboard... Suckish. Blaaah.

I was painting my Tifa, too. At first I thought she sucked... But. I AM A PAINTER, DAMMIT. XD

I think I'm going to make this next story about them seeing a dead bird and someone going "Le gasp, I hate to see dead birds..."

Yep. I'll get on that. XD Really pulling me out of my depression. Back to writing Scheherazade. Man that's a fun word.


February 17, 2010:

So, I think it's safe to say we saved the Forum, guys. Today was hell. And I'm keeping a record of it right here. For those who missed out, this is how it went, roughly...

Cherrie recieved a txt from KO, who was worried about Zeph, asking her to sign into msn. Cherrie signed into msn to chat to KO, who eventually had to sleep, but who informed Cherrie that she had been talking on the Forum with a distressed Chiharu, asking her to please keep talking to her. Cherrie moved from msn to the Forum to discover the horrifying news that Chiharu wanted to leave. During the conversation that followed, Cherrie and Chiharu were joined by Zeph and Marv, the former in a low mood, the latter mentioning that the Forum didn't feel the same as it used to.

Cherrie, at this point, exploded. Angst poured out, most of which she blamed on Snow. The discussion on the Forum centred on how it was so different, and how it was disappointing that none of the old people visited often. Shortly after, Snow, who had been lurking and who read Cherrie's posts, declared her departure from the Forum. Hell broke loose, and everyone literally lost their minds for a good half hour, during which Cherrie tried vainly to contact KO and sakuuya, unsuccessfully. With the prospects looking bleak, it came into question whether the Forum should continue to exist at all. Many contemplated leaving for good.

Eventually, it was Chiharu who made everyone see sense. Anger and anxiety settled, everyone started thinking rationally, and we came to the crossroads as to whether we should A) Abandon the Forum and create a new one, or B) Try to save the existing Forum. After much deliberation, we decided not to leave. Chi decided that if she left, she would leave for good -- no new forums. We turned our attenton to nutting out what was causing problems, coming to the conclusion that it was our own personal attitudes, the way in which we were conducting ourselves on the Forum, and the sudden rush of new members. Everyone committed to changing their ways -- to cutting out angst and focusing on optimism instead of complaining -- and to helping Chi get through her difficult stage.

Attention was then turned to the issue of new members. After MUCH arguing (literally hours), and tossing back and forward ideas and suggestions, it was decided that no new people should be 'axed', as the forum is a free place of access for anybody who wishes to visit, but that we should focus on getting to know new members better. It was also decided that people who rarely visit should be sent a message asking them to drop by and tell us if they were still interested, with the intention of nutting out who is still an active member, and who has truly left. In addition, it was agreed that a set of basic rules should be created and abided by, in order for the Forum to continue to exist harmoniously. These rules, once created, will be posted and implacated where they can be accessed by everybody. A set will most likely be posted here, too. Upon the conclusion of the discussion, our resident mage, Marvie, performed a binding charm (using lyrics from a song that has become our Forum mantra) to seal us together in our determination to right what went wrong.

Here's the charm:

There is no future, there is no past, thank God this moment's not the last.

There's only us, there's only this; forget regret, or life is yours to miss.

No other road, no other way, no day but today!

Let's not worry our lives away, but measure each year -- in love.

It has been a very long and stressful day for the Free Imagination Forum. We've never faced a crucial issue like this before, and it's taken its toll on all of us. We're tired, relieved, and depleted of energy. But I'm so glad we've made it this far. And if we work together, I know we can make it further.

Here's to every laugh, and every tear; to our family.

Love always,

Cherrie xx

April... April 3rd? XD

I don't know what day it is, and I have every right to not know what day it is because I'm on my spring break! XD So anyway, it's been a long time since I came in and gave my say on things. And what better time to do that then in April? My happy month? I'm getting a lot of writing done and though I haven't decided on one thing... I'm kinda taken aback by the lack of dark stuff I haven't considered writing this month... XD So I'm sitting here in a blanket and whatnot, listening to music and I'm hungry as crap.

I got a blank document open and chapter 27 of CCFA open but I'm feeling so lazy that I almost know I'm not going to get any writing done... XD Laziness is a SIN in April! Ah, Dante's Inferno. All the sins as far as the eye can see. XD See, it's the little things that give me the most inspiration. XD I don't know. XD I really don't know what I want to write. I'm like a rocket. XD

Anyway, I'm wearing a white, multi-colored block tunic sweater. It has a mock neck halter, no sleeves, and stuff. XD And I'm wearing some black leggings under it. XD And silver bangles. Everyone loves silver bangles. XD I'm supposed to be getting a giffft!! Sometime soon, hopefully this month and the gift is gonna be so awesome! XD I'm essited for that! XD If it's anything like I think it's gonna be, it's gonna be awesome! So yeah. XD Happy April, guys! XD



Hiii forum! It's been so long since I've been on this account, I wonder if anyone actually reads this thing often. Anyway, it's quarter past 9 and I haven't done any of my schoolwork, and don't plan on it. Desperate Housewives ftw! Anyway, I havent been around in forever, but recently I've tried to be around a bit more. I should be doing homework right now, but as usual I'm procrastinating. I'm currently listening to Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine. In love with that song. Currently reading Vampire Diaries The Return: Nightfall. Currently drinking Oasis Summer Fruits, as usual. That stuff aint great for you you know yet I continue to drink it although I've been eating healthily for the last few weeks. I wanna shape up a tad before summer :)

Hmm, so I have my exams in under a month, very scared, but fingers crossed. I plan on doing a video on the forum youtube sometime soon as well :) Hmm, I'm wearing: White skinny jeans, nautical navy + white top with an adorable little sequinned anchor on, navy oversized blazer, red pumps with little bows on, and just some red white + blue jewellery. I'm a little sailor today XD

Anyway, I will be around later, I'm off to go do stuff, not quite sure what that stuff is since I've got a million things to do but can't remember many.

Mucho love and huggles,

Mesme xo

May 17, 2010:

Hey, Forumers! So, I'm sure absolutely none of you have remembered, but it's Zeph's birthday in... just under a week. Holy cow. It's going to take me damn forever to try and write his birthday present. Here's hoping he doesn't read this before then (I think the chances are slim), otherwise the surprise will be ruined D:

Anyways. It's been a while since I wrote an entry, so here we are.

It's 11:35 on Monday morning, and I'm sitting in the Airport Lounge with my friends Kira and Jeremy. Jeremy's raging about his history readings (very loudly; he's roaring his anger at poverty XD), and I've just returned from wandering down to the Bookshop to see if my English reader was restocked. I have an essay due Friday, so I really sort of need it. And lo and behold, it was there! :D So I bought it, and now am very content.

Today I am wearing my cherry stockings, red coat with big black buttons, white scarf, and black-suede heeled ankle-boots. I have a lecture at 1:00 and a test at 2:00 (which I haven't studied for), then an English tutorial at 3:00 and a Japanese seminar at 4:00, which goes for two-hours. Tres exciting. Not.

I'm on the Forum at the moment :D Marv is telling me about my Snow White Forum story. Oh dear. I really had quite forgotten all about that. Even if I do get around to completing it, I need to somehow integrate all the newbies who joined after I started, like Lyssa and Bunny D: They can't be left out! Kusou! Right now, Marv is writing an English essay and a Physics essay at the same time. Multi-tasking, much!

Okay, that's it from me for now! I'm going to go try and get back into Mew Academy... Zomg... it's so freaking hard o_e

Love to everyone!

Cherrie xx

.: May 18, 2010 :.

Hey Free Imagination Forum, and anyone else who's stumbled along this page! :)

This is Bunny, otherwise known as Fireflies Glow, officially signing in to the FI fictionpress. I just joined the Forum this January, with many thanks to the incredibly wonderful Cherrie. I really can't thank her enough because I just adore the Forum and everyone in it! I love all you guys so much. Anywaaaay, I was just randomly creeping along the page and saw that (Cherrie, I think? XD) added my name to this page. :3 So I figured that I might as well put in my entry while I have a spare moment. And Chi gave me all the deets so thank you, Chi! You're awesome. XD Awesome-sauce, for that matter. XD

But I also just added in Lithie's name in too. (It's before mine because I'm pretty sure she joined before me). XD I don't think I've forgotten anyway to add, but, if I have, please forgive me!

So here's what's going on with me right at this moment: I've got a history test tomorrow which I think I'm going to study for right now, I'm on the Forum talking to Chi, Tomoyo just dashed by and I can't believe it's almost June! :O It's May already and June's coming so soon and... That's crazy! But I can't wait for summer. Oh my gosh, you guys know this is all that I talk about. XD;;

Oh! Oh! Oh! And before I forgot: KO made this lovely drawing of some of the Free Imagination girls. Everyone looks gorgeous-- it's just such a pretty picture, KO!

Right now, I'm in a very orange-y mood. I'm wearing a pair of orange & creme flats, blue skinny jeans, a creme cami with gems (I guess? XD) on the top and over that I'm wearing an orange sweatshirt that's partially zipped up so you can see my cami. And a nice pair of silver and gold hoops. :) It's a very Bunny outfit, minus the heels XD, because I'm all about matchy-matchy. I'd go into brand names, but I don't want to bore y'all too much. XD

To Mesme: Gah, you know Florence + Machine? :D :D :D I LOVE her so much!

One last thing for everyone... Sorry I keep dashing away from the Forum! D: Things are hectic, as you know, since it's May but it all works out in the end. :)

Hugs & Kisses!

~ Bunny


Got tired of having this on my profile, no offense. Thought I'd stick it here, in case someone else wanted to add to it or something. -- TB

Forum Life Lessons:

Forum Life lesson number zero: Don't piss off sakuuya. You'd wish you were dead.

Forum Life lesson number one: Don't piss off Chi. She has ungodly powers.

Forum Life lesson number two: Never have Thoughtless find out you copied a story.

Forum Life Lesson number three: Don't lie to Chiharu-Chan-100-Springs. She doesn't get mad, she gets evil.

Forum Life lesson number four: Never tell Cherrie that orange is better than purple. You may end up dead.

Forum Life lesson number five: Never refer to 'New York City' as 'New York City'. It will only anger Zeph

Forum Life lesson number six: Don't anger Stik.

Foroum Life lesson number seven: Don't unleash Zeph's evil side.

Forum Life Lesson Number eight: Never let Maia play with fireworks.

Forum Life Lesson number nine: When KO swears, it's a sign of the Apocalypse.

Forum Life Lesson number ten: Don't mention when you joined, it makes sakuuya feel old.

Forum Life Lesson number eleven: Don't step on Chi's shoes and say sorry. You better beg for freaking forgiveness.

Forum Life Lesson number twelve: Don't insult Zeph's hat. If you do, it'll earn you a roundhouse kick in the face.

Forum Life Lesson number thirteen: Don't comment on Tazzy's jacket. Just don't do it.

Forum Life Lesson number fourteen: Never use Banana's nicknames! She could (and will) zap you!

Forum Life Lesson number fifteen: Don't let Stik catch you cheating; he'll make your computer crash without hacking or making a virus.

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