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I’m named after a perfume.

At first, really, I thought that my name sucks. But because something happened to my dad, I thank God that he was the one who chose my first name.

As for my age, I’m eight days older than Lee Taemin. Do the maths. Go figure.

I’m a laughable weird and random creature who roams the earth and I still wonder what kind of life I will lead. Unsure about most things that come across my way, expect me to be overly paranoid about the most mundane things.

The only dream that stayed in this fickle mind of mine is to be a novelist. The second one is to be a psychologist. I’ve had the dream of being a nurse for years because my dad was a nurse, but I began to question myself if that was what I really wanted. Was I doing it for myself, or was I just trying to be a living legacy of my long lost dad?

You should question yourself, too. Sometimes, it works to make you have a clearer view. Crying helps.

I’m that girl who will laugh at one minute and suddenly say nothing the next. I’m not bipolar, though. But I think it’s okay, because most people don’t take much notice if I suddenly melt away from the crowd.

I just have that skill because I’m not charismatic.

I’m a loner at school. It’s quite sad, actually, but if I have my headphones stuck in my ear, the loneliness fades away, and time passes by more quickly.

I have this habit of playing some music with my phone whenever I take a bath. I subconsciously count the minutes that pass by with each song that plays, as well.

Jesus saves. I’m a believer. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I love the summer season and the colour green.

My laugh is like a dying hyena so I try hard not to laugh much but if I’m with my friends, that’s just impossible.

I can’t sing, I can’t dance, but I can play the guitar.

I’m trying to learn parkour as well. Although I know I’m waaaay out of my league because I don’t work out and a ten year old kid beat me to it.

I’m boyish though I’d like to change that. Sometimes. Just sometimes.

I’m quiet around strangers but if you get to know me and I warm up to you, then I’m confident to say that you won’t cry if you’re ever with me. I cherish my friends because I consider them to be blessings. And they make me happy.

But the people who I cherish the most in this world are my parents.

I have a severe case of Onew sangtae.

I love to write and I love the smell of freshly opened books or baking cookies or freshly cut grass.

I’m in this world but not of it.

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