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Hey. My name is Tiffany. I am a vegetarian; or in fancier terms an Ovo-Lacto-Vegan. When I'm older I may become a full blown Vegan. I love to write my own stories, but I tend to get writer's block at the middle of stories. Please help me overcome this problem! The more requests and reviews I get on a story, the more likely I am to update it. Have any questions? Requests? PM or Comment me. I love to hear from you.R&R.

What Is My Icon?:A picture of my baby tortoise the day I got him compared to a small pack of gum. He's about 2 years old now; and bigger. He's still a hatchling though (a baby tortoise.)-

IMPORTANT NOTES!: I DO NOT OWN BRITNEY SPEARS,MADINA LAKE, KFC, or anything else featured in my stories!(Except my own characters and the stories.) Obviously.

More About Me

One of my favorite quotes: Dinosaurs are people too.

My friends: I love you all very much. Especially my three besties- you know who you are.

Thanks- Weronika, for editing several pieces of my work. You're a truly amazing friend.I love you so much.

Role Model?: Umm...Barney?Haha.

Pets: A Red-Footed tortoise named Sherman, a Boxer named Sheena, and I used to have several fish. And aquatic frogs... and hamsters... aquatic crabs...snails...I hate it when any pets pass.

What do you do that's useful for this world? Pshh. Useful? ME?! Well... I volunteer at an animal shelter.

When did you start writing?: 12 years, though I'm not very good.

Will you hate me if I'm not a vegetarian?: Never. I do not push my beliefs on others. And I love all my frands! Even the ones who love them some meat, though I tend to find that I can smell meat on them.

I have a nice personality(I'm told... but who knows what's true and what's not?).

I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO LIVE WITHOUT MUSIC! Don't even suggest it. No " well what if you went deaf..." orr "What if all of the good musicians died..." Wellll, I imagine I would be quite irritable in any of those situations.

ONE THING I ADVISE YOU NOT TO DO TO ME: Tease me about being a vegetarian. Tell me it's stupid. We were meant to eat meat. Uhh no, we weren't. Look at your teeth- those chompers aren't very sharp are they? Also, it's very healthy in comparision to be a vegetarian ( compared to a diet with meat.) but only if you get the right vitamins, and some source of protein still.

Just so you know,I am not a vegetarian because of religious beliefs. I am one because I believe it is wrong to harm an animal in any way. I wasn't forced into it by anyone. It was a personal choice of mine.

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Abandoned. A short piece of poetry I wrote. I'm not the best poet. Weronika- thank you for editing again.
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I Thought Wrong
I thought it was all fake. Created,I was wrong. Once again- thank you for editing Weronika.
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My friendship fell apart. Weronika, thank you for editing
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