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On hiatus, as this is my O Level year, coupled with limited computer time. Also, I'm rewriting most of my stories, so it might take a long while before I'm up and writing those long fics again. But there'll be the occasional fics, poems or school-written stuff!


I'm an aspiring writer with a totally over-active imagination. Some would classify this as fantasy:) Yeah, I LOVE writing and reading: helps me explore worlds both in and out of my mind. My stories mostly deal with death, death and more death. The more death the better:)

I might write poems. Sometimes I write for my best friend. The whole poem-writing business was caused by her. I didn't know what to get for her birthday(or if I should just say happy birthday), so I wrote her a nice little poem. She liked it(I like to think!) and ever since then, I've been writing poems. Or I might write about whatever is in my head. Super angsty little pup here. I also write total nonsense!

I know, I'm like, super weird and random. And the stories I write usually mirror what goes on around me or in me!

Facts about me:

I like to refer to myself as the puppy. Yes, I know, I know, Felix is a cat, but hey, who's complaining?

I coined the word fantabulous. Hahaha. Created when I realised that fantastic and fabulous were not powerful enough! Still, nobody is using that word. Hm, I should try to get it into the dictionary, right? RIGHT?? Hahaha:D

I LOVE WEREWOLVES BUT HATE VAMPIRES. Yes. Dragons are great too. And griffins!!

Dogs are my favourite animals!! Wolves and lions and tigers and sharks and mice and... Lizards a cute too, with their tiny beady eyes!

I like nice fonts, especially those with the tail of the y shooting slightly up. Thus, I do not like this font. Bradley Hand ITC is quite a nice font. So is Comic Sans MS, Freestyle Script, French Script MC and Kristen ITC. Kiara is quite a nice font to induce a horror like effect!

I'm super scared of the dark, injections, flying, heights... yeah, well basically, I won't get on a plane, always freeze when I'm looking down, run screaming around when faced with a needle and totally scram from a room when it's dark, In fact, I try hard not to get myself into any of those situations, but sadly, I always fail:(

Hopefully, I can be a police officer(law enforcer sounds more sophisticated!) when I grow up. But my eyesight is lilke, super horrible. I think they only accept people of not more than 500 degrees. Sad. Hahaha. If not, I hope to be a psychologist or a writer.

I love to read!! WHOA!! KATHY REICHS IS THE BEST AUTHOR EVER!! Yes, I love her Temperance Brennan series. And a whole lot of other books and authors.

If you enjoy my stories, read Lee Daniel or Relel! They are really great writers and I look forward to every single one of their stories. sweet subway writes fantabulously well too, leaning towards humour. You'll be laughing after each sentence!

And my fav critic Rie! Hahaha:D Gotta thank her for all my outrageous storylines. It's not really her fault, cos the ideas just popped out whenever she tries to reason out incohrent plot ideas with me:D

This has to be the most random profile EVER!! Hahaha.

Alternate websites are:


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