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Hmm...what to say, what to say...

Well, I'm 17 years of age, female, and from Australia. I'm half dutch, and I have blond hair and tanned skin, with...cool/strange eyes as some people say (amber around the pupil, then ocean blue, surrounded by a midnight blue ring). They also change colour, apparently...muddy green, ice blue, steel blue, yellow(?), even grass green...it's weird, but, it depends on the lighting and what I'm wearing... Umm...last I checked I was 5'6", though I've grown since then, and I'm underweight, in relation to my height and build, though I eat quite a bit...sometimes I love my fast metabolism, other times I hate it...

If you want my name, it's Elizabeth, so, I have numerous nicknames...Libby, Liz, Elle, Echo, Ez, even Licia, whatever floats your boat...but I'm only here to write, and give advice if needed. I am single, but, I'm interested in someone, so let's just keep it at friends, as it's nice to have someone to talk to once in a while. I have been outside of Australia, but, nowhere drastic, like America, or England, even though I do want to go. I've been cruising around the South Pacific islands, and I've been cruising around New Zealand... I've also been up and down along the east coast of Australia, from Cairns in Northern Queensland, to Hobart and Port Arthur in Tasmania. But, I do want to travel around Australia, as well as around the world. My mum traveled around the world twice! I envy her so much!

Urm...my family...some of us don't get on very well with each other, others think of some as their rock, in a sense. Umm...I like red meat, cause I am a total carnivore! But, I do love fruits and vegetables too...and the occasional sweets, but, I don't like chocolate...I don't like peanut butter either, or coke (yes, I know, I'm crazy). I live near the bush, so, every winter I go for a walk to clear my head. In summer, there's a lot of snakes around...

I have three cats, Oska, Felix and Smudge, and a dog called Fang, though, she's more of a dat (dog/cat/rat/bat). Still, she's a funny little thing...a Pomeranian cross Papillon(sp?). We recently got her shaved, cause she gets really hot in summer with all her hot fur on her, and she has a heart condition, so, keeping her cool is best, when we can...either way, she looks like a rat...a drowned rat when she's been bathed. And my friends...I have too many to list, but I love them all, old and new. They're all very hyper, and they keep me smiling. I love them all.

Hmm...music... I used to write Fan Fictions, like, for Naruto and things, but, I think I like writing my own, reality-related stories...and I get my ideas from lyrics in music I listen to, and even from books I read, and other people's stories. I listen to...well, music that isn't well known, like Chris Daughtry, Skillet, Within Temptation, Vanessa Carlton...slow-ish, meaningful songs... Even Taylor Swift... Hmm...movies...again, irregular ones, like, Hidalgo...a sad, beautiful movie... And games, yeah, Fable, Assassin's Creed, things like that... Kinda fun, but, I'm an irregular person... A friend of mine once said to me I have an equally balanced personality... Like...I have my own ideas, but I don't shoot down anothers, or tell them they're wrong... I have my own beliefs, but, I respect the beliefs others have...

Anyway, yeah, if you have any questions about me, or about writing, or anything at all, don't be afraid to speak up. It's nice to have someone new to talk to.

Hope to see you 'round!


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