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Name: Rin

Age: 20

I made this profile to keep track on stories I like and maybe post some of my stories as well. Somehow, I have started writing a lot of stories through the years, but I never really kept it up to the point of completing a story. Currently I don't have the time either. Too many engineering stuff to do!! Yes...coding and burying my head in books, and coding again, calculating, and after that coding projects! Enough to get you insane.

Random stuff about me:

I am petite, 162cm tall and I weight 50kg. I'm probably one of the most quiet and shy people you'll ever meet. And through the years I have developed a small social awkwardness. I love hot coffee early in the morning. I'm also a very good cook and I enjoy good meals all day long. I have a boyfriend for 3 years now which I love very much. I also love cats, and all kinds of pets, but especially cats. I hate facebook. I'm a huge fan of anime and Japanese culture and (guess what) I dream of visiting Japan one day. I like video games, especially Final Fantasy and all those nostalgic Playstation days. I do play some MMOs now and then, but my biggest love right now is League of Legends. I'm currently studying computer engineering. I don't have any big dream or something like that. I just want to get a decent job and live peacefully with my sweetheart. And cats. Lots of 'em.

What's happening right now:

I have just started writing a new story, which I have been thinking about during the summer. I really hope to finish it before the heavy schedule kicks in, so wish me luck.

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Convinced for months that she's been hallucinating, Thalia is not at all happy to find that Colt is very real. She thinks he's a ghost, something he continuously denies, and is focusing her energy on getting rid of him, whatever it takes.
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The Walker and The Harp reviews
In that moment of chaos and fear, just the feeling of his hand leading me along was enough to forget my agony, We thought that we had finally reached somewhere, but the truth was, that our journey had just begun. Out of the cold and dark tunnel, and into the hectic world that was suffering at the hands of the tyrannical Queen. We had to stop her, and we had to do it together.
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