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Well I guess this is where I tell you a little about myself... I'm a stay at home mom of four girls. I love to read anything that has to do with romance and happily ever afters. I have been wanting to write a story of my own for a while, now lets say about 2 or 3 years,... but have been nervous to do it, well with my husbands encouragement and my daughter's, because she loves this website. I finally started one that has been floating in my head for two years now I fell in love with young adult romance after reading Twilight then I feel in love I/R stories after reading Ivy's Twisted Vine, so I thought why not put those to genre loves together and I came up with Eye's For Only You... Now I'm no english major, no professing author/writer. My grammar is something to be laughed at... Doing this is just something fun for me a let-out of being a busy stay at home mom... For me it's just for the love of romance.

So lets see what else to tell you about me...


Reading I love to read(Historical,paranormal,contemporary, and young adult, Interracial) all romance by the way

Zumba I love to dance

Make Jewelry I love beads


Daydreaming(thats where my story came from)


No doubt My family and My Lord&Savior

Fav. Author:

For now Latrivia Nelson(she is the best I/R author ever) J.R. Ward(best P/N author ever), Stephenie Meyer (Team Edward), Cassandra Clare (Team Jace), Suzanne Brockmann(Navy Seal Men), J.K. Rowling(awesome writer), Jeanine Frost(Bones! need I say more), and Savannah J. Frierson(2nd best I/R author).


Mean people people that use freedom of speech to hurt someone by the words they use

If you don't like it Then thats your business turn from it, you don't read it , listen to it, or watch it, whatever the issue is.

Stealing Stealing peoples work on these types of websites is just wrong it takes a lot work to write a story taking credit for something you did not do is making yourself a liar a cheater a un trust worthy person and like my daughter likes to call them LOOSERS!!!!

Allright I think I have said enough don't you think? ;) If you want to see more about me you could go to my homepage

BTW I've placed this story on other websites under my other penname meme at and also wattpad just to get it out there... If you would like to see characters pics for my story you can just got to my homepage and look for Eye's For Only You pics... Thanks for checking me out. ;)...HAPPY READING!

Character pics will be added as more peeps appear, don't you just love character pics?... I do check them out tell me what you think.

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