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UPDATE 09/02/2013-Wow...wow I haven't been on here in a very long time! Hello! *waves* Right, onto business...I'm planning to rewrite Edward and Alice, but I won't take the original down until the new, better version has been completely finished. I want to set my writing straight, tie up a few character ends, and in general make the story better and easier to follow. Secondly, I'll be on here a lot more now! Wooo! I've come out of a very long sabbatical and have realised how much I miss this place :) Its a nice thing to be able to sit down on a Sunday night with a coffee and read some wonderful original stuff. I'm keeping my promise to myself to review at least one thing a day so hopefully I'll keep that up! Wish me luck guys! :D

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What I Review: I review pretty much anything except poetry, and when I do review poetry, it's usually because it looks really REALLY good! I've had bad experiences with poetry that I don't want to go into. When I review, I concentrate on the plot and continuity of characters much more than I do structure and grammar, so when you get a review from me, it's more than likely going to be about the characters and plot :)

What I Would Like From Reviewers: I would like from reviewers anything about plot and characters, it's no use waffling on about structure and grammar cos I suck at it. I'm currently scouring for a Beta Reader so if anyone would take me up on the offer, I'd be grateful. And one more thing, don't leave a sentence...I don't repay sentences. What can I take from a sentence? Be a bit more generous please!


Story Collections

I currently have three collections of stories:

1: Tales of the Third Reich-Informally known as Keller-verse, this real-history collection concentrates on fictional characters and families during the time of Nazi Germany and World War Two.

2: The Windsor Saga-An alternate British royal history chronicling the marriage and reign of His Majesty King Edward VIII to Lady Alice Cavendish. Set from the roaring twenties to World War Two and beyond.

3: Other Stories-Stories which are unrelated to either of the above collections; either one-shots or chaptered stories.

Feel free to view the stories within the collections below :)

Tales of the Third Reich

The Angel Waiting at Hell's Gate Current Status: Semi-Hiatus

Setting: Europe

Time Period: 1939-1945

Summary: The Head of one of Europe's most powerful and influential families, Oskar Keller is pulled into a world of horror and inhumanity during the Nazi Holocaust. He fights not just the madness of the Nazi leader who rip the family he loves from their very foundations, but also his own brilliant mind, which is fading fast after the sudden death of his beloved child. The Second World War will change him and his family forever, it will change the country he loves forever, and it will change the history of the world forever...

Theme Songs:

They'll Remember You-The Main Theme Song

God Bless the Broken Road- Oskar and Lucine

It's Your Love-Oskar and Lucine

I Hope You Dance-Lucine and the Children

My Wish-Oskar and the Children

If I Could Be Where You Are-Oskar to Lucine

Favourite Character

Me, personally, I vote Florian or Oskar :)

The Legend of the Lone Wolf (Previously The Lone Wolf) Current Status: On Hiatus

Setting: Europe

Time Period:1940-1959

Summary: A lone wolf is far more dangerous than a pack one. Matthias Braun, loved by the Luftwaffe and feared by the Allied forces. His ruthless, viscous aerial assaults rarely result in anything but an Allied loss. Dishonest, terrifying, merciless, and oozing with arrogance and good-looks, Braun supposedly has it all. But he is a young man living on borrowed time; a curse of the blood ravages his insides. As Hitler's Reich and everything in it begins to collapse, Braun runs; from hiscountry, his home, his family and from the terrible crimes he committed. He leaves what remains of his shattered friends and relatives to pick up the pieces. And as the story of the man known as The Lone Wolf passes into legend, his whereabouts are uncertain. A story that spans almost two decades, where the legend of such a renowned fighter is born, and then reborn again.

Theme Songs

Down To My Last-Main Theme Song

Before Tomorrow Comes-Matthias

When I'm Gone-Sven

Brother My Brother-The Luftwaffe Boys

More to come!!!

Favourite Character

Again, a tough one, somewhere between Wolfram and Sven :) I like Matthias too though.

The Windsor Saga

The Ostrich Plume Years Current Status: In Progress

Setting: Britain

Time Period: 1926-1936

Before Edward and Alice became known as 'Edward & Alice' they were David and Lissy. TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales were the golden couple, ever since their indescribably extravagant wedding in 1926, and were the ultimate guests for every London, Paris and New York woman who dared call herself a hostess. They travelled the world, and the world followed them; to Washington where they dined with Presidents, to Alberta where they rode with Rockies and to Paris where they partied with playwrights. Edward & Alice are everything to everyone, and nobody could think that the smiles are anything but genuine. But there are two sides to every smile...the prequel to Edward & Alice, a richly detailed and gloriously gilded chronicling of Edward 'David' as Prince of Wales and Alice as his Princess.

Edward & Alice Current Status: Complete (34 Chapters)

Setting: Britain

Time Period: 1936-1939

It is January 1936, and as King George V lays dying, his eldest son, the Prince of Wales and his wife Alice prepare to become the new King and Queen and take on the biggest roles of their lives, he as the leader of one of the world's most powerful nations, and she as the country's model wife and mother.

Edward, known as David, is the black sheep of his family; with the sense of duty and propriety held by his parents, King George and Queen Mary, making way for the devil may care attitude to life of the rich playboy. But one thing always stops him in his quest for mischief; the gravitational pull of his wife, Alice. But Alice herself is not without demons; overprotective of her son, unable to love her daughter and with very few friends she has isolated herself from society and from the only man that ever truly loved her regardless of what she was or wasn't. David and Alice are so alike that they repel one another as two needy, manipulative, childish individuals ; a marriage crafted for dynastic purpose has yielded to David's affairs and Alice's seeming blindness to them. War in 1937 tears them in two and it is one tragic event which finalises the last chapter in their story. They will always know the other's secrets. But. in the end, history will always remember them as Edward & Alice.

Theme Songs

Illuminated-Main Theme Song

Love The Way You Lie-Edward (David) & Alice

You Make Me Wanna Die-Alice to David

View From Below-The Cavendish Siblings

Favourite Character

In the series as a whole I'll have to say Francis.

Character-Actor Pictures:

Alice-Scarlett Johansson-The Ostrich Plume Years-Edward & Alice

David-Guy Pearce-The Ostrich Plume Years-Edward & Alice

Francis-Tom Hiddleston

Charlie-Stephen Campbell Moore-The Ostrich Plume Years-Edward & Alice

Other Stories

The Soldier Current Status: In Progress

Setting: Britain

Time Period: 1911-1960

Rupert Brooke always writes about love; whether it be woven through the thirteen lines of a sonnet or trodden into the print of one of his epic poems. But he doesn't believe in it. That's until he sees a young sixteen-year-old performing the silent role of Helen of Troy at an amateur production of Dr. Faustus. The sixteen-year-old in question is Lady Helen Fairfax, the youngest daughter of the Duke of Craven. With a stubborn streak bordering on stupidity, a twitterpated Rupert makes the daring move from his rooms at Cambridge to a little complex of rooms above a pub in the village of Grassington; close to Lady Helen's stately home of Wilsden Park. His bullish determination means he eventually comes face to face with Helen, and professes a love that will not only be reciprocated, but which will last for decades.Even when they are parted for eternity by the arms of history.

Coming Soon

The Eye of the Beholder: When somebody said that the Kellers would be great, no one would think that they would be duly voted in as the new reunified Germany's Imperial Family. A grateful, intellectual and thoughtful Emperor, along with his woman-of-the-people Empress and their five dashing, four eligible Princes are the most popular and well-known Royals on the continent. However, behind the closed doors of the Palaces, tempers flare, old wounds never heal, history repeats itself and the curse of the Keller madness rears its unwanted, ugly head again. Coming Summer 2012.

Other (Important!) Information

Review Buddys: thenutrunningthenuthouse, DutchAver, Highway Unicorn, Rosemarysgraden001, lozzeh, Jakuho Raikoben-if you fancy being a review buddy just hurl a PM in my direction :)

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