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I clearly recall the very first story I wrote back in fourth grade. I'd just learned (I mean really understood) descriptive words and I used every adjective and adverb I could find for my summer vacation story. I think it bored the teacher to death, but my friends loved it. I still love descriptive passages.
About forty years later, I still love to write. I teach elementary-aged children. I am a soccer mom (that's a Californian phrase).
I'm very into angst/hurt/comfort type of fics. I also concentrate more on the adults in the Harry Potter universe. So if you like Snape and Dumbledore with a healthy dash of Lupin read me!
Below is a timeline of my stories on FanFiction.net.

Order of Stories:

1. The First Path In (middle of Harry's 5th year)

2. Confrontations and Confessions (August before Harry's 5th year)

3.Alternate Routes (Spring of Harry's 5th year)

4.Interludes (May/June of Harry's 5th year)

Then the stand-alones which don't necesarily fit in the saga (alternate time line):

1. The Masquerade (Halloween, 5th year. Fluff. A challenge piece about a costume for Snape)

2. 7th Year Potions with Fred and George (5th year, early winter)

3. Killing the Messenger (5th year, Weekend prior to Christmas/winter holidays)

4. Pandora's Gate (5th year, spring)

5. Practicum (5th year, late spring)

6. Hunting for Hagrid (5th year, late spring, after Practicum)

7. Shadow Trolls

8. When Harry left Severus... (after the 7th year, after Voldemort's demise.)

Finally, the last piece. Another alternate timeline:

1. A Promise to be Better (5th year begining in the second week of school in September)
2. The Weasley Twins Ride Again (Winter term, 5th year)