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Hey guys, I am Christy and I am a student right now, but I like writing a lot and I would like to share my passion here with so many other people. I want to get some feedback on my work so I know what I'm doing right and what I can improve on, because as I'm still young, I am not perfect.


Lucky Four: Demons and Friends (first of a trilogy): In a world much like our own, there are people who can control the elements to their will. Most can only control one, sometimes two, but Demetra Ederon can control all four. She is the fourth person in known history who can. In her Sophomore year of Elemental School, Demetra falls under a sudden depression that leaves her broken and turning to bad habits. It seems to be coming from an unknown outside source. With the help of her friends and boyfriend, Demetra uses her unique powers to find the cause and destroy it. First person narration. Rated T for language and subject matter

Love is Worse than Heroin: Eight people are positively and negatively affected by love in their lives and they are all connected. A twist on the typical love triangle, now more of a love quadrawadragramangle (not a real shape). This is actually for a creative writing class, so sorry no swearing. First person narration, but POV jumps from person to person. Warning: bad French and homosexuality. Rated T just for the homosexuality

Random poems, short stories, etc: whenever I feel like it, I'll put up a poem or a short story or whatever I feel like putting up.


Lucky Four: Love and Anger (second of a trilogy): After a pretty normal summer, Demetra enters Junior year with a warning about the past. A strange group of four people move into a previously abandoned house and spy on Demetra and her friends. Curious, Demetra goes to investigate these people and learn more about them. They seem to be working on a top secret science project involving the elements, or rather, the removal of elements, which makes Demetra suspicious. At the same time Demetra's parents are having relationship issues, which affects Demetra's view on love (this becomes relevant, trust me). First person narration.

Lucky Four: Mistakes and Triumphs (third of a trilogy): Demetra enters Senior year with a foreboding sense that things are going to go wrong. Her intuitions turns out to be right as it seems that everything that can go wrong in her life goes wrong. Others blame 'senioritis' or 'the senior slump' but Demetra knows better. A long unheard about alumni of Demetra's elemental school comes to town and everyone is suspicious, especially Demetra. This person seems to have a large interest in Demetra in an almost creepy way. While Demetra is dealing with her bad luck, one of her best friends falls into trouble as well. Demetra fights to save herself so she can be there for her friend. First person narration.

A Mile in My Shoes: Katelyn O'Greene and Alyena Dorian are best friends, have been since sixth grade. They are both aspiring writers with very different styles. In Junior year of high school, their relationship seems to be falling apart as Katelyn gets more jealous of Alyena and Alyena gets more distant from Katelyn. One day, after a huge fight, a pair of mysterious white shoes appear in each girls' room and upon wearing them, they switch bodies and live as the other girl for a week. Alyena gets to experience Katelyn's depression and perfectionism as Katelyn gets to experience Alyena's breaking family and the reason she's been so distant. First person narration with alternating perspectives. Rated T for language and slightly for subject matter

Phoenix: Taylor Friedrich was only thirteen when she died in a terrible car crash. Thirteen months later, Arielle Cesari is born. Seventeen years after that, Arielle is thinking about college and boys (yes, plural) when suddenly she has a dream about someone living in the 1800's. She deduces that the dream is someone's memories. She continues to get the dreams as trouble brews in her town. Arielle slowly put the pieces together and learns about her true self (this one I probably won't do for a while since I'll be working on the Lucky Four trilogy). First person narration.

Please review if you like my stuff, it only takes a few seconds.

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