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The Scapegoat: Character Guide

The Character Guide provides a summary of a character's general attributes and relationships with other characters. It assumes that you’ve read up to the latest chapter in The Scapegoat, and so it contains some spoilers. Don't read past this point if you haven't yet read The Scapegoat! Oh, and I believe that I have every named character recorded here, but it's more than possible that someone was forgotten. Drop me a line if so.

Characters in bold are major characters. If you don’t remember these characters at all, I would recommend re-reading the story, since this guide is probably insufficient. Characters in italics are extremely minor and only mentioned in passing. It is expected that you would not remember these characters, and they are included only for reference.

Agares-Belial’s sire, an urban demon of little significance.

Amon-The headmaster of the Academy, he teaches classes, including Belial’s History, and is also the head of the Academia school. He takes the form of a youthful human, and has an affinity for human clothing, coffee, and sweet things. He can be highly unpredictable. He often teases his slave, Dumah.

Asmodeus-An ancient and powerful demon with a sizeable territory and a cruel temperament. He is the adoptive sire of Nisroc and the former adoptive sire of Malthus. He and Amon once shared their territory, but Amon split from him.

Azazel-A demon who fell from heaven for the crime of teaching magic and other advanced crafts to humans, along with other angels called the Watchers or Grigori. He was despised by angels and demons alike and eventually captured and punished.

Ba-Toye-An African exchange student in the Sorcery Second Class. He is powerful, but often accidentally sets fires. He takes his studies very seriously.

Belial-A demon whelp most easily identified by his stubby horns. He has an affinity for fire, but is not very skilled at magic yet, and is not physically robust. For most of his life, he lived in a cave with his younger siblings and a matron that he often clashed with. Although he is temperamental and suspicious by nature, he is also sensitive.

Dumah-An angel who belongs to Amon, and wears a collar which keeps limits his physical and magical power. He is gentle and compassionate, and greatly enjoys baking. Razakel is a close friend of his, and he seems concerned for Malthus’s welfare.

Hitch-A five year old half-demon whelp of Pazuzu’s, and Needle’s fraternal twin. He has an oversized foot that impedes his movement.

Iophiel-The archangel of Beauty.

Jay-An unlucky human who stumbled across the Academy and was captured. Malthus had taken charge of him, at Amon’s request, and he became a shell of his former self.

Kinaa-Pazuzu’s eldest and most favored half-demon child. He speaks strangely, but is highly competent and teaches many classes. He leads the other half-demons of the Academy and is protective of them, but often clashes with Razakel.

Lamia-The matron of Sitri, she maintains her territory without a mate, but is threatened by numerous rivals.

Lilith-An ancient demoness who was supposedly the first of the demonesses. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Lucifer-The first angel ever to fall, and the first demon, he is venerated almost as a deity by demons. He is supposedly currently residing in the deepest layer of Hell, frozen within ice.

Malthus-A demon who teaches Belial’s Pain and Pleasure, among other courses. He has a long and flexible tail with a barb on the end, which he often uses as a weapon. Sadistic and sullen, he is unpopular with both his students and his colleagues, and feared by his slaves Zanah and Jay. He seems to share a strange connection with Dumah, and was once the ward of Asmodeus.

Michael-The most powerful of the archangels.

Mephistopheles-A demon of note.

Mizuchi-A tatsu, and Orochi’s brother. He is apparently excessively concerned with honor.

Moloch-An ancient demon, and the head of the War School at the Academy, as well as the teacher of Belial’s Weapons class. He is demanding of his students, sometimes violently.

Needle-A five year old half-demon whelp of Pazuzu’s, and Hitch’s fraternal twin. She is boisterous and aggressive.

Orochi-A tatsu and an exchange student from Japan, and a member of the Sorcery Second Class. He is physically and magically powerful, with an affinity for ice. Proud and domineering, he expects for others to obey him, and if they do not, he has been shown to have an ugly temper. He is disdainful of demon culture and resents attending the Academy, but is somehow compelled to. From the beginning, he has shown interest in Belial.

Nisroc-A member of the Sorcery Second Class. He is capable of making sounds, but never speaks, and seems to have difficulty with writing; this is apparently the result of a curse. His magic is powerful, and he has a particular knack for turning himself invisible. Nisroc abhors violence and has almost no will to fight. Belial considers him a trustworthy companion. He is the ward of the abusive Asmodeus.

Pazuzu-The head of the Academy’s Sorcery class, he is sadistic and strict master, but rarely concerns himself with the affairs of whelps. He has sired many half-demon children, who make up the majority of the Academy’s slaves.

Razakel-The spoiled human slave of Verinne, he is allowed the run of the Academy and never faces physical punishment. Razakel is outgoing, bold, and often frustrated by his position as a slave, pushing his license to the limit by pursuing Academy students.

Rihat-A half-demon cookie-lover.

Shax-A gossipy War student.

Sitri-A bold whelp with a feminine affect and an affinity for charm spells. He takes what he wants without scruple, and has shown a particular interest in Belial. His matron is Lamia.

Ubar-A young half-demon tasked with watching over Needle and Hitch.

Verinne-A young and ambitious member of the Academy faculty, he teaches Belial’s hunting class and is the master of Razakel. Verinne is highly attached to Razakel and seeks to control his behavior, but is wary of directly disciplining him. Verinne holds a general dislike of excessive cruelty and a particular dislike for Malthus.

Volak-A magical prodigy and member of Belial’s Sorcery Second Class. Volak is mischievous and a bit of a braggart, but is too young to be particularly aggressive.

Zanah-Malthus’s timid half-demon slave. Malthus is almost never pleased with Zanah and often takes out his frustrations on him. Razakel attempted to befriend him, but Zanah was somewhat reluctant.

Zepar-A sadistic War student.

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