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Hey! It's MizzMoris!

How about a few things about me?

I'm twenty-two
I'm a female
I'm a senior in college.
And finally I live in lovely (but cold) Michigan.

Alright... so some basics about me. I love writing! well of course i do! if i didn't why would i be here. My goal is to be a published author at some point in my life so starting on these websites is a good idea... or at least i think so. Anyway, i love getting feedback and I love when people critique my work and I am always looking for ways to improve.

(wow I feel like I just signed up for a dating website. XP)

SOME LOVELY UPDATES: Okay, though i will be updating periodically with random one-shots, any ongoing story i put up will not be updated consistently for at least a few months. As i am (finally) in school and I have a loaded schedule, I definitely wont have much time to write until my longer breaks. SORRY!! But i have several projects and stories in mind that i will start working on them as soon as i can!! So be on the look out!

So, some warnings about my writing. I DO put personal beliefs into my work. I am a religious person and sometimes my ideals have a way of worming into my work. Also, the paranormal is a fascination of mine and a few of my stories will be based on supernatural events. And one more thing. For some reason, the sweet and love-dovey writing does not like me and my fingers refuse to type it. Most of my work will be darker or just angsty so mostly my work will be rated T or M depending on the content. But it is only rated M for darker themes not for anything explicit. NOTHING I WRITE WILL EVER BE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT!!

Some Upcoming Projects: here's a little look into some stories and other projects I'm planning.

Apparition: this is a story that actually started out as a fanfiction. My cousin, and beta, read it and told me while it was well written and he liked it, he thought it had even better potential as an original story. So my new project is to take my plot, twist it a little and create my new characters. I'm going to start this as soon as i possibly can because I'm looking forward to this challenge.

SO some basic ideas to get you into the idea. It is a supernatural fiction. Two ghosts are terrorized by a demon all while searching for clues to their deaths and finding love. (i don't want to give to much more before i actually get it posted.)

Fire Legend: This is my one W.I.P. that I'm actively working on... and by active I mean I'm writing scenes down on my arms in the car and scribbling notes when I get the chance. Like I said, I'm really busy right now and school comes first!

Basically this is a fantasy story with a few modern twists. An adventure that takes you through the struggles of being... different and being hunted for being different. Think you could survive myriad people from around the globe bent on your immediate death and the destruction of your people?? Keep an open mind. Hahahaha. I really hope it is up to standards and that you will take a look at it. It needs love!!

Okay, first let me begin by saying how incredibly sorry I am for not updating anything recently. I have been buried up to my ears in schoolwork and now that I am going after a major in English Language, I have more work than ever. However, I have finally beaten my bought of writer's block and will start uploading short stories and poems again soon!

so there ya have it! for now, thats it. be on the look out for my work and i always love to hear from you guys so feel free to email! just NO SPAM!

MizzMoris out ;P

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