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Hi. My name's Amber. I won't tell you my age cause you would believe me anyway... I like all kinds of things but I don't stick to one thing.

My favourite books are Twilight, Dark Visions Trilogy, The Hunger Games Series, Kissed An Angel, Night World Series, Artemis Fowl Series, The Immortals Series and many many more. (If I tried writing them all down... There would not be enough space!)

I guess my music taste is quite weird as all the artist I like are not in the same category but who cares! That's what makes me unique.

Stories In Progress:

Behind The Looking Glass: She's was always the odd one out in school, never one to fit with the crowd. Always called the freak. So what does the the hottest guy in her new school see in her? She doesn't believe that this friendship could ever last, especially with her powers and her powerful heritage always in the way. Enjoying this new found friendship is great but luck isn't on her side when she is forced to join a competition that will decide her faith. What secrets will she also learn along the way?

The Doors To Deception: When Satan makes a bet to God that the worst man in Hell could fix up his life and find true love in a year, he sent him. The guy that ruined his whole life because he could never find love. He thought they were crazy, trying to bet they he could fix his life, let alone find love. Then he gets help from a women that finds him drunk in an alleyway and almost beaten up by one of the local gang's there, never knowing that by accepting her help, his whole perspective of things would change. Especially love.

The Swan Disguised As The Wolf: I had a twin sister. We were both the total opposite. Looks, personality, even our studies. She was always more playful then me but I never thought she would actually change some of my details in my application form for colledge when I asked her to fill it up for me just because of a lie she told some girls. So now I'm forced to go to my dream school as a guy. I didn't have a problem until I found out the hot gay guy had an interest in me and girls were trying to get into my pants. So what happens when I find out I might be falling for him as well and that he likes me only because I'm a guy?

Where The Lines Overlap:

All she wanted was a normal life. All she wanted was for that one car accident to take her life instead of the ones she loved so that she could stop feeling the pain of her past demons. Evangeline Baker was the most mysterious girl in school, even to her best friend. All everyone knew about her was her name and that something happened to her parents in the past. But even the least understood couldn't help being attracted to the people who were quite similar to her. The Van Doe brothers were definitely the stuff of every girls' wet dream. Lewis, the joker, HER best friend, the one that knew just a bit more about her than everyone else. Even if it wasn't much. Jake, the playboy that went through girls like tissues yet had a caring personality underneath it all, even when if he never showed it to anyone. Gabriel, the bad boy that never let anyone in or even looked like he cared for anything. He was the hardest to break yet the one who actually showed more emotion than any of them. And last but not least, Gabriel. The only matured one among the brothers that only wanted to find the One for him despite the fact that emotions didn't follow any logic to him. Evangeline couldn't have chose a better batch of people to let curiosity get the better of her with but there was something about each of the brothers that pulled her in... And they knew that there was something about her that each of them couldn't help but place what emotion they felt for her...

Coming soon:

These are just some ideas I have that I might publish once my other stories are finish...

The Believer Or The Ignorent?:

After a friendship of 3 years, Ella believes that she has found love in her best friend, Ash, the school's best soccer player and the man all the girls are after. As she was almost going to tell her feelings to him at the annual town ball, an accident happens and before she knows it, she finds out that Ash is actually a fallen angel and that he also has a twin brother! He's rude and ignorent and the total opposite of Ash. He also has stopped believing in God and is working for the devil, unlike his brother. So what happens when both of the brothers start to fall for her hard? Will they surrender to the other or will they fight for her affection?

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