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Hello, my name is Laura, I am 22 and I live in England.

I have been writing for a while now, although for a long time I did have a case of serious writers block. When I was younger I used to write fanfiction, and got quite good at it, but then I decided to stop. I think I had grown out of writing about other people and I decided that that was lazy characterisation, therefore I just stopped, with an aim of writing original stuff instead.

Let's just say the original stuff took longer than I had originally anticipated! I would start something, write a few chapters and then scrap it, declaring it rubbish!

I now feel more confident about my original material.

I'm currently studying English Literature, Language and History at college and plan to do a degree in Literature and History in September.

I have two stories on the go at the moment, Stockholm Syndrome and Ephemeral Whispers

Brief outline -

Stockholm Syndrome: Set in 1891. Charlotte lives in a small village, on a tiny farm that is loosing more money every week. After visiting her long-term friend, Mary-Jane, Charlotte finds herself intertwined in a world of horror. Francis and Thomas are dark men, with an even darker past, who turn Charlotte's life upside down after abducting her on her way home. They appear evil enough, but is there another layer to them? Perhaps more importantly, why does Charlotte find herself drawn towards the larger, cruel, man who has a face like an angel and a temper like the Devil? Is it just a natural response to her situation, or is there something about him?

Ephemeral Whispers: Mainly set in the 1940's World War II. Aged sixty-three, Estelle visits the grave of her first husband, Edmund, who was K.I.A during his stay in Normandy. After visiting the grave in Normandy, Estelle reminisces about the time that they spent together, both the good, the bad and the terrible. A tale about a young couple during the terrors of WWII.