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Hi, My names Caligirl, well technically it's not but no way I'm telling you my real name so let's go with Caligirl. I love writing ( and/or reading ) so that's why I joined this site, problem is, I can never stick with anything long so most stories don't get far. The only story I have ever finished is Rosalie's Daughter, it's a fanfic for The Twilight Saga, and the only reason I finished it was because I had the support of all my friends and fans. So yea, don't get surprised if I don't update frequently, it takes a while for me to get the feel of the story and if I want to complete it. Another thing, I get LOTS of idea so if you see like 15 stories of mine that I never update, well that's normal too! So yea, please read my stories and be nice in the comments, I don't mind people pointing out what I should do to help the story, or have me became I better writer, but don't write, "This story is boring, I hate it. You stick at writing." Because, if I stink at writing, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING IT?! So... yea... that's about it for now! (( By the way, I stink at spelling too! ))

My two stories are:

Through the Fire and Flames: A Wings World Novel- Summer Starr is the best warrior of her time, she's powerful, strong, and fearless. Then, her usually peaceful kingdom gets thrown into turmoil, enemies attack invade and try to weaken the kingdom. Summer is confident that they won't loose, but then she meet Dante, a warrior whom everyone fear and on't even speak of. He stays in the shadows around the castle and most people have no idea he exists, but when Dante rescues Summer from enemies, suddenly he won't disappear. Summer, the fearless warrior starts to get closer to the mysterious Dante and learns about a terrifying secret, that even he can't control. It's up to Summer to discover what it is before his secret kills them all.

Arrows of Destiny- Isabella Mist was a normal girl, she was adopted at never knew her birth parents, then moved away as soon as soon as she was a legal adult, then one night she meets a girl who tells her about her family, about where Isabella is really from, and that Isabella is different. Thrown into a different world completely, Isabella find she is a powerful princess, whose kingdom is under attack and only she can save it. But will she be able to? After all she hasn't yet mastered her powers, throw in a her hott guardian and your in for a lot of trouble. Now Isabella has to choose between two world, the one she was born into, or the world she grew up in. It depends on the arrows of destiny.

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