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Crazy Fiction Challenges. (CFC.)

Crazy Fiction Challenges is a place for writers to go to when they need help with story ideas, there is challenges set up for you to do. Requests that are fun, and just enjoyable to try out, different story themes and poems are put up every month, week and day. Try it out and remember to have fun doing it. Write at the bottom of your story/poem once its finished for CFC competion, so people know.

Theme this October, Halloween. Competion ends 1st November.

Challenge Number One.

Write a story or poem on a Halloween topic. At least use the word ghost once. Words must be at least 700 words long for a story and at least 100 words long for a poem. Winners Pen Name will be displayed on here and on the blog and there story/poem will be to. You can do up to 2 stories or 2 poems.


Note: Thankyou to Kelabelle for helping me out, I can't write PM's to anyone for a couple of days as I've only just signed up this thing.