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Hi guys, it's Ruthibobs!!

Things about me. O.K. Where to start?

As you have probably seen, I am English, well, a Lancashire lass. Yup, a Lanky and proud of it!!

Funny (though I have heard differently), a good laugh (again, have heard differently), sometimes stressy (come on, I'm a teenager), good at losing my temper (it is VERY eager to be lost), intelligent (sometimes, when not making stupid mistakes with my friends), oh yes, and I have the best friends anyone could ever wish for - Helen, Hannah, Sarah and Kiran (you're only last because I knew the others first!).

Oh, and maybe Sabba, Mehreen, Sally and Zunaira, when they're not trying to make me more girly or teasing me about who I like.

I have the most annoying parents in the world (as any teenage girl would say about their own), and my Dad takes every opportunity to prove me wrong and embarrass me - normally in front of my friends!

Oh, and I can't spell for toffee, so good luck reading anything I've written.


FanFiction -

LJ - http:///

Fy Straeon (My Website) - https:///site/fystraeon/

Useless Facts About Me

Favourite TV shows - Primeval (can't wait till April!), Voyager, Torchwood, Shaun the Sheep (I don't care if it's for little kids, it's the funniest thing on TV at the minute), Timmy Time (it has the Cute Factor), Rastamouse (fricking hilarious!), Bones, Castle, SRMTHFG, Glee, DS9, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Doctor Who, Top Gear, QI, Simpsons, Firefly, Have I Got News For You, Mock the Week.

Favourite Series Of Books - Vampire Academy, Morganville Vampires, True Blood (or whatever the book series is called), House of Night, The Immortals, all Julia Golding Books, Twilight, Kelly Armstrong, Percy Jackson, Redwall, Harry Potter, all Trudi Canvan Books, The Midnight Library (creepy), Cherub, Primeval, all Jasper Fforde and Mates Dates.

Favourite Films - Die Hard series, LotR, Princess Bride, Con Air, Monty Python (Holy Grail & Life of Brian), Dirty Dancing, Star Treks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 11, the Harry Potter Series, Star Wars, Serenity, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. (These films were very difficult to choose as I love so many films.)

Favourite Musicals - Cats, Les Miserables, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, The Sound Of Music, Hello Dolly, Calamity Jane, and Oklahoma.

Favourite Characters - Becker, Matt, Emily, Jess, Lester and Professer Cutter (Primeval), Rose, Dimitri and Christian (SRMTHFG), Julian Bashir, Jadzia Dax, Miles O'Brian and Benjamin Sisko (DS9), Captain Jack, Ianto, Tosh and Captain John (Torchwood), The Doctor and Amy (obviously Doctor Who), Pippin, Aragorn, Legolas and Sam (LotR), and Rumpleteaser and Bombalurina (Cats).

Favourite Bands - Iron Maiden, Glee, Waking The Witch (why did you have to split up!!), Magenta (ROCK ON), The Reasoning (Go Matt), Meatloaf, JLS, McFly, Crowded House, Guns N' Roses, and, um, of course, um, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Southside Jonny and the Asbury Jukes, The Gaslight Anthem and Jon Bon Jovi! (New Jersey produce amazing bands). Basically, I like more or less anything. I suppose I had best leave it at that before I go overboard!!

Favourite Songs - Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young, Nowhere Fast, Just Take My Heart, Green Tinted Sixties Mind, Alive and Kickin', Radio Nowhere, Paradise City, Have A Nice Day, Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Russian Roulette, Rockstar, Lies, You Give Love A Bad Name, Just Older, These Days, Good Guys Don't Always Wear White, Don't Stop Believin', One More Day, One Day More, all Mealoaf Songs, and all songs chosen by Glee bar a few. OK, best stop before the list becomes endless. Don't quote me on this though, as it changes nearly every day.

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