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Does my talent includes writing profiles? NO, it doesn't. It's sad, yes. And.. I wonder what it includes...

(Read for your own risk.)

Fact!: I've started a lot of fictions but!, I left them all in the middle xD

Explanation!: I'm easily bored, so i get fed up with my stories quickly xD

If I'm confusing just yell at me or kindly send a message xD

My native language isn't english! yep.. All this just to say I can mess up words, phrases and a whole story without noticing.. So, If you see something that makes you think.. Isn't this totally wrong? or What the Hell!!, I would appreciate a few depreciative words x)

Now seriously!!

Give me lots and lots and lots of exciting ideas to keep me going :D

I like action, btw... Though I'm better at not writing it x'D

Hmm. I thought of sharing my personality test, it's so detailled XD Even though it took some time to do it xD


1. Slowly read the word on the left. 2. With your index finger, try to make a straight line until you reach a number. (Children should be supervised by adults) 3. That number is in percentage, which means the maximum is 100 4. Make the calculations and think whatever you want. 5. Follow this procedure to every word. 6. Reach the final, digest the information. 7. Say "Big Deal" and shrug it off (Optional). 8. Chose one of the follwing: Curse, Cuss or Swear for the time you lost (Optional, Highly Recommended)

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion 50; Stability 63; Orderliness 10; Accommodation 76; Intellectual 60; Interdependence 80; Mystical 40; Materialism 10; Narcissism 50; Adventurousness 80; Work ethic 30; Conflictseeking 30; Need to dominate 20; Romantic 50; Avoidant 40; Anti-authority 70; Wealth 20; Dependency 40; Change averse 20; Cautiousness 30; Individuality 80; Sexuality 50; Peter pancomplex 70; Histrionic 30; Vanity 40; Artistic 60; Hedonism 10; Physicalfitness 80; Religious 20; Paranoia 30; Hypersensitivity 63; Indie 50

personality test by

I don't own the image. I know... I'm bad. xD

Me, Zath! reviews
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Fiction: General - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,828 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 11/26/2009
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