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My name is N. A. Reefer, yes that is in fact my real name, though I prefer to call myself Tegh for all purpose of the pen. I'm 27 and no longer enlisted in the US Navy, prior to that I played Drums in a Heavy Metal band in Pittsburgh, PA, and before that I was an average Joe going to college and what not. I've been all over the world seen all kinds of things, done all kinds of things, and honestly think i only have a few more years of physical adventure left in me before i stick to my books and a pipe in some quiet lounge somewhere...

Please feel free to drop me a line or be as harsh as humanly possible on any of the works I have here. "One good eye deserves another" so any reviews I receive I will attempt to reciprocate. Keep in mind that most of my reviews are pretty detailed. If you want me to return one, then please give me something more then "I really liked it," or "It was awesome," etc. I will return those reviews, but with the same kind. (Meaning that I wont tell you why I liked/disliked it etc.)

I've opened a poll here, for the few individuals that enjoy enough of the stuff I've posted over the years I've been here. Essentially, I would enjoy knowing what story to actually finished, based on common consensus lol. Thanks in advance ;)

This is the real summary for Rem (the ones here are too bloody short lol):


A world divided by faith…

Lessons from the past lost in the fog of time…

History on the verge of repeating itself…

Unknown to the world.

An old man, a tormented assassin of the gods, and a thief, are thrust together by either fate or coincidence, to correct the world after an apocalypse no one knows about. Through their trials the world hears of their deeds and fears them. How do you try to save a world that turns against you?

Follow these would be heroes as they fight against the odds to save the same people that wish for nothing more then their destruction!

Summary for Advent (my new pet project since I've finished all but the edits on Rem.)


The best video game ever made!

Since there is no longer a true distinction between the player and character, two friends Nick and Josh, quickly make their way to the top ranks right after release. But there is more to this game then either one expected to find. Once they discover the secret behind a strange riddle to the first fifty players Advent turns into more then just a game.

With the two friends linked so closely to Advent, can they survive the sudden downturn the game takes? What about all the side effects of a game that links to the human brain for game play? The most pressing question...Can they survive it all?

Tsu, chow, and latter,

Tegh of Foxes

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What to write
Should be self evident...
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