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I appreciate reviews (not flames), especially ones that tell me (in a nice or semi-nice way) where I can improve on my stories or whether or not they liked a certain scene. If many people do not like a scene, I will go back and edit if it is not needed for the plot-line and I will make sure that it will not happen in the story later on. If you have ideas for a sub-plot or a scene, please Private Message me and I will think about adding it if it will fit into the main plot.

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A Joining
Isabelle runs into a coven of 5 vampires. All are mated, except for one. When Vladimir tells her that she's his soul-mate. Will she accept? If she accepts, will they be torn apart by a werewolf and his pack? If she runs, will she fall into another's arms?

The 'T' rating of this story may change to an 'M' rating later on.

Warning(s) for anything that might disturb readers will be in an author's note at the beginning of the chapter, and the beginning and end of the part(s) will be marked with a so that you may skip the part. (Warning: Some skipped parts may be essential to the plot-line, so if they are not read, the story might be confusing at times. I will note where the warnings are if the scene is essential to the plot or not.)

The first chapter is up. I introduced a few of the characters--Isabelle, Vladimir, Bridgette, Vincent, Simone, and Thomas--and Isabelle found out that they are vampires. She faints.


Ch. 1 Chapter Links



The second chapter of 'A Joining' is finished but it's, and chapter one, are off to be beta-ed by Kat Francis, my beta that I just got today. Will be working on the third chapter...
Wish me luck!


Chapter two (beta-ed) and chapter one (beta-ed) is up. Fixed a slight thing from Haybell's review.

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