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Hi there! I'm Wolfgoddess34. Obviously, :D. Well, my interests include mainly wolves. One of my stories will be about my avatar, whose name is Celesa. She's a pure white winter wolf who was chosen by the Winter Spirit as a young wolfling. When Celesa grew to be a wolf, the Winter Spirit was somehow taken and put as a hostage to the mystical monument of Stonehenge, where the Quintana, mother of all wolves and wolflings, is sleeping. She has to team up with Azura, a winged wolf and guardian of the Winter Spirit, to save her. That's coming up soon.

Anyways, I'm pretty new to this website but I love reviews almost as I love writing. Almost. So I hope that you guys review whenever I post a story/chapter and tell me what you think, because feedback's really important to me. So I really hope you all like my stories! I will definitely be writing mostly romance but also adventure, too. But I suck at things like grammar and spelling when there's no automatic spellcheck. -.- Favorite authors include Kelly Armstrong and =D J.K. Rowling (duh!!). Not Stephenie Meyer. Sorry Twilight fans. Her Bella's just too worry-ish and wimpy for my taste.

But my most favorite author on Fiction Press definitely goes to the wonderfully talented Lady Femme Fatal. If you love simply awesome Romance stories, then look no further than her profile and stories. I assure you that you'll love her after a few chapters of whatever story you wish to read.

My musical heart belongs to good ol' country, Evanescence and Linkin Park. Johnny Depp is the best Jack Sparrow ever in the history of Jack Sparrows, but Elizabeth Swann is amazing in the third and first movie. My favorite songs would have to be This One's For The Girls by Martina McBride, Perfect by Sara Evans, Tourniquet and Whisper by Evanescene, What I've Done and Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park, and Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback. Oh, and Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne -- who doesn't like that song? It's so awesome :D.

My Stories:

Treasure Huntress - In Progress. It is the year 1627, nearly two hundred years after Columbus' journey to the New World. Pirate Lizzie West knows a thing or two about men. Her father, Doctor Joseph West, tried to force Lizzie into marriage at just fourteen. Twenty-eight now, Lizzie escaped from the heartless soldier she was bound to marry and got together a pirate crew, a good ship named England's Ashes, and raided the seas filled with Spanish treasure fleets. She was feared across the seas and known as Gunshot Liz, named for her uncanny aim with the pistol. When Lizzie raids the Spanish treasure ship Isabella, she is met in combat by hired Englishman Jacob Rochester, whom she wounds with a gunshot to the knee and arm and leaves to die. Unknown to the captain, a fellow female pirate, Kelly Oscar, smuggles Jacob and tends to his wounds aboard the ship, nursing Jacob back to health. When Lizzie finds out, she is furious but doesn't bother to do anything about it. Jacob is put to work as a pirate aboard ship, which he hates because all the other pirates torment him by adding on their loads. Gradually, though, Jacob and Lizzie get closer. When the English Navy finally track down and take Lizzie to England, will Jacob be able to save her from the hangman's noose?

Behind Gunpoint - In Progress. 16-year-old Anna Caldwell's only wish is to be normal, as her parents are literal scientists. They've brought in more test subjects with major problems than Anna can count, ranging from Mad Hatter's evil twin to an albino screamer who Anna's parents were forced to turn mute. But this time it's different. 19-year-old Jace McConner is the newest test subject, and the leader of the most feared gang in the United States of America, the Joker Puppets. Not only that, but he was mysteriously born with strength competable with Superman . . . well, maybe Anna was exaggerating that part. He also had a natural immunity to AIDS, type 2 diabetes, and lung cancer. No one knows how this is possible, but Anna and Jace somehow manage to get past their differences and get closer, to the point where, on Jace's birthday, Anna accidentaly sets Jace free from her basement prison. When Anna gets caught up in the mix of the Joker Puppets, what will happen to their love when Jace's all-time friend Roger Cartell threatens to murder Anna in cold blood?


Broken Inside - Laura Brown is having an unhappy life. Being abused as a child up to her age of 17 years, Laura has never felt like she could belong anywhere. Countlessly called a "freak" and a "waste of money" by her father, and unwanted, Laura tried to run away at 13 but was soon found and got even worse beatings. Laura once found her only happiness in her first boyfriend at 15, a boy named Mike Lawrence. He dumped her cruelly, though, and Laura has never been the same since. When her father actually goes as far as to stab her with his meat-cutting knife, Laura is sent to the hospital. There, she meets the mysterious Seth Russel, a mysterious teen her age who refuses to tell her why he watches her at the hospital; let alone how he knows her at all. When Laura keeps bumping into Seth at the weirdest times and places, is he up to something or is it just a strange coincidence . . . ? And what is with the new competition over Laura that Seth and Mike share at the high school that Seth had "enrolled" in at the end of the third semester - who is Seth Russel and why is he following her?

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If he tries anything stupid, I'll shoot him in the back, plain and simple." Lizzie looked over to Jacob. "Mr. Rochester, you have five after now, lest you wish for us to leave without you."
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Jace McConnor is the most feared teenage criminal in the entire USA. Anna Caldwell was a smalltown girl with freak scientists for parents. When these two crash-meet by fate, will it end in disaster or a passionate romance Jace and Anna never knew existed?
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