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well, nothing much to say, I'm an addicted fan of music, always listening to new musics every other week. I like to draw manga and also read it, meaning I'm also maybe a bit..otaku...? which also leads to saying I like anime, the good addicting ones (yeah, many leads in here...=). I decided to put my stories in here because I "wuv" (this word is so cheesy...) this website, and I wanted to share them to know more opinions or good critics, if you don't like it, I don't care, go complain to your mum! ohh, almost forgot, I'm Portuguese... which means I have a beta reader, Qwertzu (she's from another website...) to make life easier for me :P

I also accept reviews through email (is my mail showing?), messages or even in the other site where I posted it too ;) in case you're interested, it's (username naraka00), (username naraka) or

Wow, it's been so long since I've updated any of my fics! College started and I didn't think it would be so time consuming, but it was... now that summer has started, I've finished writing Silver Tongue and The Mannequin's Curse is also half done. Unfortunately, Incubus Kiss will not be updated because the last chapters don't satisfy me at all, so I've decided to change them and others as well, so that it can have the finale I want to give it But that's not the reason why I'm writing this author's note, it's because I've decided to remove my story from fictionpress and post them on livejournal. It's just to tiring to update here and on the other websites as well, so I've decide it to leave it only in livejournal. My stories will be "friends only", which means you need to have a livejournal account and ask me to add you as a friend or send me a friend's request. I will add any request that comes, so do not be afraid to ask
I will be posting oneshots and drabbles here, since I'm still a fan of fictionpress and the other websites that have my stories

My livejournal is:

I will have an update of Silver Tongue this week.

I also have to thanks Qwertzu for continuing to be my beta reader for so long, she kicks ass

Thank YOU for every review, alert or favorite click you did to my stories, I truly appreciate it and it makes my day reading them! But review please because I do the same, gotta support the authors and specially the good ones

I saw this in someone's profile and I think you too should read it and cry like a baby. Although I didn't cry...but the feelings are enough.

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The Crypt Under Shadow Avenue by Vain Villain reviews
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[Slash, completed, under revision] Two boys. The first, Max Kennedy: Soccer forward and elite college socialite. The second, Eddie Calhoun: Band nerd. It will be a battle of the wills and the pills, and it will change their lives forever. Look out!
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The Roommate Agreement reviews
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