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Hello and welcome to my life. =)

You all may refer to me as Ava. No it's not my real name, I'm not that stupid. Currently, I have seen 17 years of this earth. I'm an agnostic atheist or a negative atheist and lovin' it.

I like strong female characters, always have and always will, but I can tolerate a weak female character if the story is good and it makes it more realistic.

I loved werewolves BEFORE the Twilight craze. In fact, the wolves from Twilight don't even deserve to be called wolves, they are little puppies. Snarling and growling beasts that are possesive are much better. Though...I do like the idea of perfect mates even if it is just based on reproductive qualities. You can pretty much stick a werwolf story in front of my face and I'll have it finished within the day.

So, I welcome anyone who wants someone to give them an honest report on their writing, to send me a link to their story. I'm not very good with beta-ing for grammar and the like, but I'd be happy to help someone with just a little constructive criticism.

Anyways, I have a love-hate relationship with cliches. I love the adorableness that they are, but then sometimes get sick of the cliche-y-ness.

I can't spell very well, never have been able to. I just don't find it too important as long as it's understandable.

My writing style...I don't even know. I prefer 3rd person, unless it's meant to be a humourous story.

ummmm...I also write in fanfiction...but I'm slightly neglecting my story on there right now...I started it about...a year ago and am just disgusted by it, but for some reason people like it...I don't know why. I much prefer this site where I can make up my own characteristics and not be limited by another's creation.

I'm very liberal when it comes to the big issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc. I don't like telling people what they can and cannot do, it annoys me.

If you go on any of these sites: Yahoo! Answers, amirite, and fanfiction; you can find me under a similar or the exact same name. All my names do have the words toast, flying, and owns in them though. =)

I don't add many things to my favorites lists unless I find them to be really good stories or they have a lot of potential to be good. The same goes for my author's list.

I think it's really cool that you can see all the people from around the world looking at your story. I love seeing that someone from a place like Estonia is taking a peek at what I've written. :D

P.S. You will see a lot of emoticons on this page and whenever I am speaking as me. I'm a very smiley person whenever I'm on here. =)


8/29/10- Everyone doing good? Good! Because I'm not. /: Circumstances have made me unable to write this weekend. My family decided that this weekend we'd all re-do the yard and then...I won't even say, just know it has something to do with being a girl. I'm sore, irratated, and irate. I feel like I'm going to snap at someone and frankly, I can't write like this; not even my "Mean Girl..." story. GAH! Ok, rant over. So, I have no idea when I'm going to update. :(

9/30/10- I'M STILL ALIVE! PROMISE! I literally am so sorry. I can't find the time to write. :( I suggest putting my stories on alerts if you want to read them. Sorry. :(

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You will not leave me. Ever. You are my mate. Mine. If I have to force you to be here, chain you down, and break your legs so you can't ever run away; I will, because no matter how much it would hurt me to hurt you, you leaving me would be even worse."
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