Love Dies Hard
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Poll: Before you answer this question, go listen to these bands: Rhapsody of fire-- the most amazing in the world and Dragonforce. Which one do you like better? Vote Now!
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sigh so many sweet guys, its hard to choose just one xD one of them told me i "smell delicious" :D ~~but like how the hell would you respond to that? i just said "uhh thanks?" .

there's so much to me, but not much i really wanna share with so many people. im so random, but people learn to get used to it xD i love romance/drama, comedy, and mystery stories. my bday is oct. 21, just to let you know :)

my horoscope is always telling me that love will never be the way i want it, or something along those lines. and its weird how accurate it is. usually the guys i like turn out that they dont like me back that way (but they never knew i liked them--i kinda figured out that they liked someone else. so yeah.) and so im always either sad, bored, or being random. im always saying whats on my mind, and i tend to overreact. my friends say im a "drama queen" but im not like those freaks on t.v.

i love the bands "Rhapsody of Fire," "Luca Turilli," and "Dragonforce" --mostly anything metal/rock/punk/ whatever else i find

i used to LOVE twilight, but i got over it. it's ok... just not my type anymore. it's like too predictable. i love the "au pairs" novels (which are kinda old, but still) and the "blue blood" series, which are both by Melissa de la Cruz.

right now, my fave song is "kings of the nordic twilight" by luca turilli. it changes like every week, or day, according to my mood. but im usually totally alternative, like i'd go from metal to pop...

my top 10 songs change like every week, but these are what they are right now (i suggest you listen to these epic songs, or you will never know what REAL music is...) xDDD

1. "Kings of the Nordic Twilight" --Luca Turilli

2. "Want" --Adam Lambert (strange, right? but its actually an epic song. very sweet.)

3. "The Mystic Prophecy of the Demon Knight" --Rhapsody of Fire

4. "Trolls in the Dark" --Rhapsody of Fire

5. "Welcome Home (instrumental)" --Coheed and Cambria

6. "Prophet of the Last Eclipse" --Luca Turilli

7. "Demonheart I" --Luca Turilli

8. "Raise the Hammer" --Hammerfall

9. "Apocalypse Please" --Muse

10. "Emerald Sword" --Rhapsody of Fire

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~here's a link to my playlist :D http:///playlist/18465686283 (oh and dont mind my username xD i made it a REALLY long time ago... so yah. :) enjoy one of my epic playlists-- this one is rock/metal) its mostly rhapsody, dragonforce, and hammerfall, but i have like one pantera song in there . oh and luca turilli, family force 5, and trivium

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