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Hey guys! My name is Cece; it’s short for Christine. I’m guessing you clicked on my penname because you want to know all about ME!!

Well…I’m 17 years old and have been telling stories since I could talk (my parents thought I was a horrible liar for a while. I would exaggerate and exaggerate and add stuff to make my day more interesting). I’ve been writing these ‘lies’ down since I was an itty-bitty sixth grader (too bad my height has not changed since then!).

The penname ‘MonkeyFighter’ is derived from the edited TV version of the movie Snakes On A Plane. In this version they remove a naughty word similar to ‘monkey fighter’ and replace it. Making those scenes that were previously inappropriate for small children absolutely hilarious!!

(Warning: this next paragraph has little/no relevance to my stories, and I won’t be offended (or even know, if you want to be honest) if you skip it). I was born in Pittsburg, and moved to Massachusetts when I was 5 (but you don’t care, do you?). The relevance of this tidbit is the meaning behind my sports loyalties: I am a Red Sox fan through and through, I cried when they won the World Series back in ’04, I hate the Yankees (especially now!!), and the names ‘Alex Rodriguez’ and ‘Derek Jeter’ and synonymous to ‘evil’. Also I’m a pretty big Patriots fan, and not a fan of the Manning brothers, every Sunday you can find me on my couch eating pigs-in-blankets watching the game and yelling at the screen. I have no interest in basketball, but I root for the Celtics if they’re playing. But I am a Pittsburg Penguins fan, much to the disappointment of my Bruins fans family :)

I tend to use real-life as an inspiration for my fics. Most of the events/people are based of my real-life experiences (I mean no harm!) with a slight embellishment.

As stuck-up/snotty as this may sound, you all should know that I really do not like my parents. About a year ago certain events transpired in my house that made me loose my respect for first my father, then my mother forever, the only reason I still live at home is because I have two little sisters who need me. As a result of this I am very close to my extended family, especially my cousins. Ergo my characters rarely have parents who are present/likeable characters and usually they have a cousin/sibling who is very important in their life.

I have an account of under the same name that I use for reviewing.

I love reading fanfiction of my favorite stories/TV shows/movies, but I never feel like my own fanfics are very good: I feel that I never manage to stay in character and that bugs me. So I’ve decided to use this account to post fics I wrote that are loosely based off stories/TV shows/movies. I use events/ characters and take them and run, making them my own. If it is important I will mention what it is based off of, but maybe not.

10 Things You May Or May Not Want To Know About Me:
1. I can find the beat to a song in seconds, and proceed to tap my foot, annoying those around me.
2. I draw, though not very well.
3. I can come up with a background story for a picture in seconds (although sometimes I have trouble putting that story into coherent sentences).
4. A few years ago I stayed at my friend's ranch, while making sure my saddle was the correct size I fell of the wooden saw horse, breaking my wrist (don't worry though, I still went horseback riding, i just had a plaster cast on my wrist and was drugged op on painkillers).
5. I am a lefty, and proud of it!
6. I cannot function without tea.
7. I cannot stand when people post fics with obvious typos (not-so-obvious ones I get) but not capitalizing your 'I's? Pathetic! We learned that in second grade!! I also hate text abbreviations like 'u' for 'you' and 'l8r' for 'later'. It drives me insane!!
8. I randomly use really big, old fashioned words or phrases. I have no idea why (I might have picked it up from my 10 year old sister, not really sure though)
9. I easily get distracted
10. I am a Unitarian Universalist

I hope you enjoy reading my fics and I hope you review!! I love getting emails they make me feel loved :) If you have any questions/requests feel free to PM me, as I mentions I love email alerts!!


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