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Welcome to my profile page. I am probably best described as the eccentric guy with too many quirks for his own good when it comes to any sort of entertainment involving a storyline. I do not write very well though I do enjoy it. One of my favorite pastimes is thinking up stories and telling them. As a result, sometimes I embellish the truth ;-) .

I have had a rather sheltered childhood so I have not been exposed to too many storylines. I'll go ahead and apologize if anything I write has been done before. I think in a community such as this it may be unavoidable. I do not plan on posting anything, but that may change. I got this account because I am more interested in reading the works of others. I don't mind leaving reviews. It might take me a while to think of a good review though.

I am very much a black sheep. According to popular opinion, as a computer and electrical engineer I am not supposed to be practical or have an affinity toward literature and the like. I guess I'm just weird like that. Lucky you, huh :-D ? Seriously though, please don't be offended if you don't like my reviews or anything that I may post. I'm just sharing my opinion. I like writing poetry. I seem to get inspiration at the most inconvenient times (such as three hours before a final exam in college or while driving at the beginning of a two-hour long trip...grr...). Now for some random facts:

1) I absolutely hate no conclusions. "Movies" that don't really have an ending are called, "moo's" in my book because they do not deserve the rest of the word. If you've written a story that doesn't end well, I don't want to read it. I'll read works in-progress, but if you don't end it well in my opinion, I'll let you know if I feel up to it.

2) I dislike "classics." The Scarlet Letter is crap. Brave New World is crap. The Great Gatsby is crap. I've read Shakespeare, Sophocles, and Shelley. I guess I just don't know "good literature" when I see it. I prefer Brian Jacques, Hugh Lofting, C.S. Lewis, Susan Cooper, and Laura Ingalls Wilder to name a few. I think they are all very amazing authors. They capture my attention with their writing style 'til the very end.

3) I don't like broken promises. The best way to prevent broken promises is to never make promises. If a character breaks a promise, I can't help but loathe them for the rest of their existence. They should have never made the promise to begin with. They only have themselves to blame for the consequences that follow.

4) I appreciate stories that do a good job of implementing foreshadowing. In order to do that, a story must be well-written with unforeseen plot-twists. New developments and branching story lines sprinkled with comic relief are helpful for character development. Controversy! Simultaneously conflicting emotions! Situations with questionable resolutions! You know, things that I'd imagine most people look for in a good story.

5) I have been known for reading a book with a dictionary handy. I like to look up words to get the full effect of what I'm reading. It does slow me down though. I do like readability. Having to stop to look up words interrupts the flow and my train of thought. Even so, I am most pleased when I can find someone who knows how to employ the nuances of words and use that to their advantage. The English language has so many words that mean nearly the same thing. Using a thesaurus to find the most fitting one is worth all of the effort!

6) I love stories that make me think. Something that I can share with my friends and that can spark some discussion. It doesn't necessarily have to be a hot-button topic. Realizing something that had always been true is neat. I like epiphanies.

That's a little about me and my mannerisms. I look forward to reading your work. Happy writing and God bless!

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