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I never really used to be into books, to be honest, it wasn't until my mother shoved the first Harry Potter book in front of my face and demand i read it that i started to take an intrest to books, now you can't keep me away from them! The books I read most of is Supernatural Romances, like the Vampire Academy, Fallen, wicked lovely, and stories by L.J. Smith. I love to read because it is my own personal escape from the real world and all of the trouble and stress it can bring, when i read i feel like i have entered the book itself and i am living the story. I began to write books because i had so many ideas and still do that i want to share with people who are willing to read. I want to show people my imagination and how you can change the most strangest of dreams into a great story people will enjoy.

Here are the books i'm writing at this moment in time feel free to go ahead and read!

Heir to the Labyrinth

Raksha Angel is the Heir to the throne of her people in the Underworld and is also the Kepper of the crystal, the only thing is that she has no clue who she is. She has grown up with her three uncles, after her parents supposedly died in a car crash when she was only a few months old. She's happy, goes to school, has best friends etc. but she starts to have these dreams that feel way too real to be her imagination. Then out of the blue a new kid comes to her school, a very handsome new kid that's got every girl at his feet, except her. He is looking for the keeper. Raksha has no idea that the guy she is falling for happens to be the one hunting her down. Raksha is thrust into a world of chaos, and her surprising house guest doesn't help take the load off her either, especially when they are suppose to marry. She is to bring peace to the underworld and unite the clans once again, but how can she do that when the guy she likes is hunting her down, her house guest turns out to be her fiancee, her who life turning upside down, and trying to pick a dress for the Halloween dance?

Prophecy of the Fallen

Ophelia has never had an easy life, her mother was kidnapped by the Fae and she was saved by a mysterious voice. Now she is 17 and the voice is back, but not only that, she is being hunted down by both the seelie and unseelie court and the only one that can help her is a stuck up, arrogant signer who also happens to be a Fae. The only other problem is she doesn't know if she can trust him for you can never trust the Fae and he won't tell her which court he's from, but she has to trust him if it means saving not only herself but also her mother and the entire human race from extinction.


I had the perfect life that any child could ask for, i lived in the palace after the Werewolf king saved me, i was happy and i was loved. but that was all cruelly taken away from me. Years later and the girl i used to be was known to be dead, i had a new life, a best friend and a new family and this time i was not going to let it be taken form me, but then my new life is threatened when i must return back to my old home where everyone thinks i'm dead and i plan to keep it that way especially form him...Dimitri. Because if they find out im alive then that monster will come back for me and this time i think he will do much worse than taking me away form my family.

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