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My name is Roxie or Miss Roxie
My friend's are SongbirdAlice, Insinidy

A little list about me:
- I am an Atheist
- I have 3 cats and one dog
- I'm a High school Senior
- My favorite colors are soft blue, ink black, neon green and violet
- I am a quiet person, until you know me

4 "laws"

1. You can’t buy love…but it can sell you

2. Real friends are the ones who watch you break down again and again and not laugh at you for it

3. Having one child makes you a parent; having two makes you a referee, having 8 makes you a tv star and having more makes you a Catholic bunny!

4. The more you complain, the less of a life you have

Now open, S.F.A

Now closed, South Sanford Adolescent's Asylum