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Hi people! Yea i'm kinda new here. But anywayz let me tell you a little about me. My name...well I'm cautious when it comes to that so...well we'll figure something out later!

Gender: I am Female!!

Fave books series: The "Uglies" triology, The "Maximum Ride" series, The "Twilight" series, and The "Luxe" series, The "Percy Jackson and the Olimpians" series, "Hunger Games". The novel "Flowers for Algernon", "The Mortal Instruments" series.

Favorite people: Well, my best friend on here and outside of is TheScarletWolf, my sister, my parents, and Jesus. (yes I'm a christian! And proud of it)

I absolutely LOVE Legion of Superheroes...some say I'm obsessed. hehe my favorite couple is LL/SG! X3

I'm currently working on...a bunch stories...(DARN YOU WRITER'S BLOCK!)

Favorite animal: Ooooh that's a toughy...probably a red panda. They are so cute!

Favorite color: I like Pink, Yellow, and White

Favorite bands: Paramore, Flyleaf, Hawk Nelson, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Owl City and I like Jon Mclaughlin, Eric Hutchinson and Michael Buble.

Do I like comics? Heck yes! My uncle owns a comic shop!

For all those who know me, I can get pretty crazy but I'm a loveable person.

I love reading the stories that are posted on here, and can't wait until they are updated. So to all those who see this good luck on your future stories and keep updating!

Deviantart account:

My :


"The Big Bang Theory is: God said it and BANG! it happened." - I don't know who said it

"Your bruise is saddening me..." -My sister

"The mark of the Terror? Are they talking about your face?" -Cham, Message in a Bottle

"We'd so make terrible ninjas!" -Cham to Lightning Lad, in Dark Victory part 1.

"Hello? This is the German Coast Guard." voice over radio "Help! We are sinking!" "...What are you sinking about?" -Improve your English commercial

"Life sucks! It keeps throwing lemons at me!" -A thing on Facebook that my friend told me about.

"This is not pimp my shirt!" -My choir teacher

"I'm not a bad kid, but I am tempting..!" -crazy boy in my class

"Who said demented was a bad thing? Oh yea, he was crazy..." -me

"Vampire wouldn't tell, Cyborg wouldn't know." -Ned, 17 Again.

"I'm in the short bus because I'm special! Don't laugh because you're in the seat behind me licking the window!" -text I got.

"I'm going on a hunger strike! And I ain't moving til I get food!!" -My friend (TheScarletWolf) in Spanish class. (The teacher asked her to do work...)

"I just lied to a Samurai!" -Hugo/'Hurley', Lost

"He's kinda...dead. He just pops up whenever he wants to like Obi Wan Kenobi.." -Hugo/'Hurley', Lost

"I was running down the hall, and I was pretending I was a dinosaur!" -My older sister

"Don't suffocate him! He'll wake up dead...wait." -My older sister

"I'm not a hooker! I'm a kidnapper!" Fran Fine, The Nanny

"Did you doctor ever tell you that you needed a strait jacket?" "" -Me talking to Cleverbot


"96 of teens have read this something thing. If you're part of the 4 who hasn't Congratulations! You've just been converted."

I hope to make lots of friends on here :)

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