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I write stories. I write stories that I love. If I have a story in mind that feels like a good story then I don't write it down because it isn't good enough. I don't write it down unless it stops me from eating, sleeping and breathing. Not unless I am every character, every place mentioned and every word said. It is crazy how obsessive I become. I fall in love with the main character, hell, there have always been times when I also fall in love with the other characters too. For me, writing is love. Its something I can't live without... breathe without.

I also don't write a story down if I know the ending from the beginning. What is the fun in that? Just as every reader I am also in it for the ride. Do I know the ending for a story I am weaving? No. I can't if I do then I wont write it down. Even if it is in the middle of the excitement, I just wont do it. If you look through my notebooks you'll see many stories that are half-written. I do that a lot. Never get to finish a story because if I finish it then it is finished. The end.

For every story I decide to write I don't just pick up the pen and begin to scribble down everything. Well maybe sometimes I do but usually I research. I research the names, the places, the people, the time, the words, the stuff. I do. So if you ever hear me write about lets say Japan; no, I haven't been there. Thank google for giving me all the info and the maps.

If you think that after all the thought and the research gone into the stories they are still not for your taste then that's just the way it is. I guess I am very selfish for I just write for myself. And I am so sorry that you think I have a crappy taste.

I will try and update every day and if not, 2 days or a week the latest. If I am not then assume that I have some massive coursework due in the next day and am tackling that.

Oh... and my biggest inspiration? Songs. You'll see that all my stories originate from a song. I'll try and post their titles and lyrics so you can see the connection too.

And if my spelling and stuff is down the drain then it's not because I can't be bothered, its purely down to the fact that I absolutely detest typing. Usually I write down in a note pad. I like it better that way, but this typing... really not my thing. But then again maybe I'll like it and become really fast at typing at some point in my life. Maybe...

Please do review, even if you just want to say you hate it. The more reviews I get the more likely I am going to be to update faster. Please do. I will mean a lot.

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Black Roses by x-jam-x reviews
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