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The Fantastic Page of Ira Tailor

DragonGirl- Well, yeah. Isn't that, like, a given?


1. About Me (Ira, DG, MS)
2. Stories

Story Name
Status: (in progress, complete, hiatus, unpublished, agent)
Summary/Teaser: (what you might see if it's published)
Pairings: AxB (both ways) or A/B (first likes second but unrequited) Will contain SPOILERS!!Comments: My thoughts on the story :D

3. Random (quotes, copy-paste things, snarky commentary, etc.)
4. Other Sites (where else you can find me and what my various names are)

1. About Me!

Name: Ira Tailor, DragonGirl, Marlynna Saige

Gender: Femme, thanks.

Ira: Somewhere in high school. :P
DG: Does it matter? Not like I age the way you pathetic humans do.
Marlyn: Old enough to be Queen, if that helps.
(technically I'm Ira's age :P)

Interests: Other than writing, of course.
Ira: I like music, video games, and reading. A lot. Oh, and fanfiction, too!
DG: Terrorizing the populace, of course.
Marlyn: Chess, books, and adventure are certainly in the top three.

Genres: Mostly fantasy.
Ira: And sci- fi.
Yes, that too.

Favorite color:
Ira: Blue. :)
DG: Black. Or red. And occasionally-- OCCASIONALLY-- darker shades of pink.
Marlyn: Morning.

Favorite music: Most instrumental stuff, techno- metal, rock.
Bands: Owl City, Coldplay, The Fray, Snow Patrol, Death Cab for Cutie, U2, REM, The Cure, Goo Goo Dolls
Songs: Iris (Goo Goo Dolls), Signal Fire (Snow Patrol), Push (Sarah Maclachlan), I Will Follow You Into The Dark (DCFC), The Scientist (Coldplay), Vanilla Twilight (Owl City).

Favorite authors: JK Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Gail Carson Levine, Diana Wynne Jones, Scott Westerfeld, Piers Anthony, Garth Nix, Erin Hunter, Phillip Pullman, to name a few...
Books: Harry Potter, Circle of Magic, Xanth, Keys to the Kingdom, Leviathan, the Mortal Instruments... I have too many to name them all...
Reading now: Dragon on a Pedastal (Xanth 7) by Piers Anthony

Favorite Foods:
Ira: Macaroniiiiiii. Homemade. And cheesecake.
DG: Fruits, plants, small woodland animals, large woodland animals... occasionally a particularly annoying human if I'm really hungry.

Favorite beverages:
Ira: Milk and cream soda!
MS: Hot cocoa or tea.
DG: Tea isn't a beverage, Princess.
MS: I'm...a...Queen...

Favorite video games:
Ira: Mario (especially Paper Mario (especially the first two)), Zelda. Mostly those. And Super Smash Brothers.
DG: I don't play video games, but if I did, it would be something pretty awesome. Like Metroid Prime maybe.
MS: Assuming I live in the mordern world, a puzzle- solving game like Professor Layton would be my preference.

Favorite Animal:
Ira: KITTEHS. :3 Or a jaguar.
DG: A jaguar is a cat.
Ira: No joke, smart one.
DG: Mine is a dragon. Duh.
Marlyn: Probably some kind of bird of prey. Or maybe a wolf.

Favorite story of mine:
Ira: Alien Android!
DG: The one that's temporarily known as Endless.
MS: Chronicles of Dusk.
To be a little less biased, it would probably be Clockwork Castle or Dusk. Snow Angels and Hannah, Adventuress are also pretty awesome.

DG: NO! Seriously, this is getting ridiculous! What is this, a profile page?

2. Stories

2a: The Chronicles of Dusk
Status: Unpublished
I. Fallen Evening
Summary: When a ruthless usurper takes over Valensia, Cailen, the Captain's son, and Marlyn, the Queen, must join forces with a girl from another world to stop the shadows and free the kingdom.
II. Twilight Spell
Summary: Strange dreams haunt Eve, and she fears someone is plotting against her. She returns to Valensia to ask for help from Cailen and Marlyn to stop a new evil that threatens both worlds.
III. Shattered Dusk
Summary: Lumenatra is in danger. Tawyll is gone for now, but now Eve's nasty cousins Shade and Shadow are conspiring against the throne. All four heroes will need all their wits and resources to save the dusky kingdom this time.
IV. Poison Nightfall
Summary: After a surprise attack by the shadow soldiers they though were gone, Cailen, Marlyn, and Tawyll join forces with Eve and Cray once more to defeat the King of Shadows once and for all.
Pairings: CailenxMarlyn, EvexTawyll, CrayxStar; Eve/Cailen, Tawyll/Marlyn (Lynna), Cray/Eve
Comments: This is my biggest project, I think, and it's sort of my most special. I started this project two years ago (almost exactly) and am writing the fourth draft of Book 1. Cailen is an idiot, Eve is pathetic, Marlyn is bossy...well, that's par for the course. :\\ (this is also probably the longest section.)

2b: Clockwork Castle
Status: Unpublished
Summary: Kay, feeling outcast and unwanted in her village and even her family, runs away and is taken prisoner by the scheming Tower Lord. She flees to the mountains and meets the King, who is depending on her to break a hundred-year curse.
Pairings: SanderxKay, ChristinexChester
Comments: Another favorite of mine. It has elements of several fairy tales but is most notably based on Beauty and the Beast. Kaylin, the wicked Sorceress, has a far more complicated story than the curse she cast. Sander, the Clockwork King, has been trapped in the castle for a hundred years, unable to age or die, waiting for his clockwork heart to stop working. The Tower Lord rules the whole of the valley, but he is not the benevolent ruler he seems to be. And then there's Kay, the scrawny Northern girl who learns to be so much more than that and finds the power to free herself and the King. I hope.

2c. Hannah, Adventuress
Status: Unpublished
Summary: One stormy night, Hannah meets a young pirate named Cat, whose crew was shipwrecked. They set out with another crew of pirates in search of a legendary treasure. Her lover, Jonathan, believes she's been kidnapped and goes to rescue her, which only causes more trouble.
Pairings: HannahxJonathan; possible Cat/Hannah?
Comments: A lighthearted novel of treasure, action, betrayal, battle, and romance, set against the backdrop of a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. I love Hannah. She's very spunky and energetic and awesome.

2d. Alien Android (A2)
Status: Unpublished
I. The Alien Android
Summary: Ira Tailor is bored of high school until her best friend, Jace Tyson, is replaced by an alien robot. There's only one problem: He just happens to be here to take over the world...
II. The Android Assassin
Summary: Ira thinks life might be a little more normal this year. After all, now Jace isn't taking over Earth. Then Jenny starts acting a little weird...well, okay. A LOT weird.
III. The Android Alone
Summary: It's been three months since Jace and Ira split up, and she's heartbroken. When she's suddenly taken and replaced herself, it's up to Jace to decide her fate, because only one person has a chance to save her from the Syyrixxans...
IV. The Android's Apocalypse
Summary: Jace and Ira are going into their senior year at Pine Valley High School. They've been through a lot together, but now the time has come at last: the final battle for Earth is about to begin...and no one will survive it if they lose.
Pairings: IraxJace; R4/Jace, Nate/Ira
Comments: As you porbably noticed, one of my personae is the main character. She's pretty much based on me, but a better version-- you could say, me with the DragonGirl taken out of me. (As in the snarkiness, bossiness, contempt, Supreme-Empress-of-the-Universeness.) Likewise, Jace is indeed based directly on one of my closest friends, who I dated for a year before he dumped me over the summer. My friend who shall for now be called Ginny insists that Book 4 will come sometime. We'll see, I guess.

2e. The Faerie Cycle (no official name yet)
Status: Unpublished
I. Shadow
Summary: Tenny Faye doesn't want to move, she doesn't want to leave the city, and she doesn't want to live at her grandmum's old, dusty house. Then she meets the Shadowkind, and everything changes.
II. Summer Sun
Summary: Rowan thought she had enough to worry about. Then, she starts seeing faerie. Before she knows it her sister is taken prisoner by the King of the Dark Fey, and her only hope is the unlikely ally she's found in the King of Summer, Solin.
III. Dark Moon
Summary: Hazel is under a lot of stress, being the new Dark Queen. Her subjects don't trust her, and on top of that, Rowan isn't talking to her. It doesn't help that Samhain is approaching--the one night when Faery will become one with the real world.
IV. Midwinter
Summary: Hazel and Rowan are finally relaxing after Samhain when disaster strikes in two places: in Faery, the servants of the evil Cold King are stirring for the first time in centuries, and in the mortal plane, their sister Ash has gone missing. The Cold Ones are looking to set free their King... and if they are to do so, they need the blood of a human sacrifice.
Pairings: RowanxSolin, HazelxRemordeas, TennyxShadow
Comments: Tenny is actually not completely unrelated to Rowan and Hazel. She's their cousin, and she does appear by name or in person in at least two of the books with Rowan and Hazel. I like that SPOILER ALERT!!/SPOILER

2f. Reality Check
Status: Unpublished
Summary: When Elanor DeRose moves, she's quickly accepted by the posse around the crazy genius, Skitz...but there is more going on here than any of them know, because they never guessed that Skitz is anythign but crazy...or that they're anything but ordinary humans.
Pairings: LexyxSimon, JonathanxSkitz; Skitz/Unnamed Hallucination
Comments: I don't really know where I got this idea from, but I wanted to write about a vaguely antisocial schizophrenic high-schooler who somehow has more friends than she necessarily wants. This evolved into her being insane because she's something called a Creator who can, well, create worlds. Her friends--Lexy, Simon, and Ellie, among others as yet undecided--are known as Keepers or Guardians and their job is to protect her so nothing terrible happens to her or her Created world. Not so easy when she doesn't want their help in any way.

2g. Snow Angels
Status: Unpublished
Summary: She gave up immortality for someone she thought she loved. Now she regrets that choice, so she jumps on a bus and ends up in her old hometown. The one friend she had is less than happy to see her, but he's long since accepted her decision. She knows she can never go back, but as she learns how to be human again all over again, she also learns how to love...and that giving up, even in the face of the impossible, isn't an option.
Pairings: ShadowgirlxAngel; Tough Girl/Angel.
Comments: This story is quite new. The characters don't have any names, and I don't know if I'll give them any. I sort of like the poetic feel of their anonymity.

2h. The Machine (series) (w/t)
Status: Unpublished
Book 1: The Subject (w/t): Kenna is a shy, quiet, lonely girl. She doesn't want to be involved in anything weird. But the mysterious boy named Rune gives her no choice: she's part of the Machine, and she can't back out now. She doesn't know who she can trust--Tal the telekinetic, Rune the Seer, Melanthius the winged Machine-Born, or the scientists studying the Machine. After all, within the Machine, no one can be trusted.
Books 2-?: I have a general idea of the story arc but no details. In one of these she meets Tal's twin sister; in others she meets the Gatekeepers, the scientists, and enters the Pseudo-Machine and, later, the Machine itself. However, I know the ending of the series and the tital of the last book...
Final Book: The God from the Machine: The battle for control of the Machine comes to a climax, and ends up in the core of the Machine, where its source of power lies. In the thrilling final chapter, everyone must decide where they stand, and prepare for the end to come.
Pairings: Not sure yet...KennaxMelanthius, KennaxTal; Rune/Kenna
Comments: I have the feeling this will be a long series of short books. That's the plan, anyways. How that turns out, well, we'll see. I think it's most likely going to be SPOILER ALERT!! TalxKenna at the end, but I don't know; the difference in their ages (about five years) is a little intimidating. We'll see. /SPOILER

2i. Sword and Empire (w/t) Endless
Status: Unpublished
Summary: The last thing Darryl expected was to become king, but he isn't going to complain when castle officials take him out of school to crown him ruler of his homeland. However, being king isn't as easy as it sounds, and there are those who would rather see him off the throne, alive or dead.
Pairings: SyrrysxChristia
Comments: Set in the world of Endless, along with a slew of other stories I could write at some point. The cast of this one is Darryl, Syrrys, Christia, Kamir, Semir, Darrimar, and that annoying castle official with the sword up his you-know-what.

A lot of these stories have little to nothing written-- will work on them as requested by readers.

3. Continuity!


Most of my more "high fantasy" type novels (in an entirely fantastic setting, which magic being commonplace thing) take place in the same world. Roughly, the big ones go in this order:

Clockwork Castle
Hannah, Adventuress
The Chronicles of Dusk

The first two take place in the Age of the Seas, when much of the world was covered in water. However, due to some unknown causes, the seas drained away, resulting in the Age of Wastelands, in which most of the land is barren. The country in which Dusk takes place, Valensia, among a few other scattered locations, is kept alive by its inherent magical energy. Its water sources are unharmed by the drainage.

Pine Valley:

Most of my urban fantasy (set in a "realistic" world with modern technology) takes place in a single town, known as Pine Valley. They go in roughly this order:

Alien Android series
Tenny, Rowan, and Hazel
Reality Check
Snow Angels
These stories don't have a set place in continuity--they belong sometime after A2 but are otherwise uncertain or undecided.

A lot of the later stories have a cameo appearance of the female lead from A2, Ira Tailor, whose books are later (unknown to the public) records of the strange and fantastic events that happen in Pine Valley. Rowan, for example, directly gives her the idea to write about the adventure in Summer Sun.


I have a third world, in which my other stories take place. IT's actually more of a collection of worlds. As I don't have titles or specifics of most of the stories, I'll just explain Endless.

At the center of Endless lies the Nexus--an in-between place to which most magical worlds are linked. The collective group of all worlds joined by the Nexus is known as endless, and from there any one of those hundreds of worlds can be reached.
Our world isn't connected to the Nexus because it's heart--the source of all its magical energy--is dead, and now the Earth is devoid of all magic, except that which is inherent in a person and doesn't require a source of energy. This makes it difficult to reach the Earth from the Nexus, but not impossible.
The main section of the Endless Chronicles follows Tory and her friend Corwin as they travel throughout the many worlds of Endless doing stuff. There are other parts that work with a single world from Endless. (NorthStar may be one of these?)

Jewelweed by Nonlinear reviews
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The story of a girl named Lexie and how she died.
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Clockwork Castle
When fifteen-year-old Kay runs away from home, she doesn't expect to become part of the old world of legends and magic, but when she flees to the abandoned castle, she finds a curse and a mystery that have been waiting for her for a hundred years.
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