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Okay, I admit it...

I’m not like everybody else. I wear my smile like make up and I try to make the world feel like the ones in my books. My socks never match and I steal most my words from icons. I know I’m not perfect, but you don’t need to be perfect to know exactly who you are. And I am Katrina, a Junior at Sandy Creek High school born on January 25th 1993. I know that I do have faith in God. When you give up your life to him, then you’ll see why. And I also know that no matter where I’m at in life, there will always be a boy. Not just because I’m a girl, but I fall fast. One thing you’ll figure out is that I can’t let someone sit by themselves, because no one’s meant to be alone. I know that I’m the first to doubt myself and give up to fast, but I don’t have to be over confident or think I’m all that to love the life that I live and live the life that I love, even though I have had my world crash down around me. I know how to survive. That’s who I am, but life’s not about finding yourself it’s about creating yourself. I’m different. You count on one thing: I will Surpirse you. It’ll be the first thing you notice. Message me. Comment me. Because I might rock your world. ;DDD

The Check List:

Name: Katrina

Age: Sixteen

Location: Georgia

Current Passions: AFJROTC, Writing in the Mood, Reading Naruto every friday, Mystery Google, Japanese Club, Photography, Orange Tic-tacs

Current Distastes: Sidekick phones, Vampires, Sublime, intense bordem, Chemistry

The Library.

Inquiring- First Story that I posted, it's an example of how I write. It's short, sweet, and too the point!