I'm Lost In You
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Name ~ Tanisha (Nicknames - Tani, Nisha, Midget)

Favorite Genre(s) ~ ROMANCE!!!! Supernatural, fantasy, and suspense are great too, but i get bored easily without a little romance =P

Favorite People ~ REVIEWERS

Favorite Color ~ BLUEEE, but occasionally red.

Favorite Food ~ Pizza is my friend

Favorite Animal ~ AHHHH i love all animals =) if i could have all the pets I want I would have a Pomeranian, a Golden Retriever, an American Eskimo, a Siberian Husky, a Chocolate Lab, a Newfoundland, a Border Collie, a German Sheperd, a tiger, a snow leopard, a monkey, a lion cub, a bear, an arctic wolf...you get the point. I wish i could have cats too but I'm allergic ='(

Current pet(s) ~ A robo dwarf hamster named Alfie, and a cream Pomeranian named Fizz. He's ADORABLE!!!! Fingers crossed for an American Eskimo Dog soon

Favorite Band ~ At the moment, it's Three Days Grace

Hobbies ~ Reading, Writing, Texting, Artsy stuff, Music, Singing, etc. I'm a bit of a loner =P