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Now is the hour when frongs and thrushes...

Praise the world from the woods and the rushes.

U p d a t e s

12.1.10 I'm currently more free from schoolwork and I am now working on a oneshot about my characters Ilecke, Sohn, and Nalene.

A b o u t m e

Greetings. I'm Del Vento, but you can call me Ash or Dust, as either one is fine with me. I got my first username from something that my mother said of disintegrating graves when we went to look for the unmarked grave of one of my ancestors, John. As we were walking through the graveyard, we came upon a collapsed headstone that had broken in half, leaving a small pile of rubble behind. As we looked at it, I heard her state, "It's rather sad. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." Thus, the first username of this account was born.

My current username, Del Vento, is Italian for Of The Wind. I think it fits my personality well, and thus I have chosen to use it as a username. You'll notice that my usernames and avatars tend to change a lot, because I love change and anything related to it.

I am very detailed in what I write and tend to post fairly long chapters in my works of fiction and nonfiction, although I seldom write very many nonfiction pieces. As for the genres that I prefer to write, I lean towards historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. You will probably see some of my works in the future, most notably my fantasy chronicle Dust to Dust. I create very deep, three dimensional characters, and a lot of my time is spent just doing that.

I digitally paint but am poor at cartography, which I am trying to change for my fantasy novel. For this reason, a map has not yet been created for my fictional world. Within a short time, however, a map will be published on DeviantART under the same account name, created for things relating to my novel.

I relate most strongly with the element of wind and have a unique view on the world, and am not afraid to be different from other people. I've been 'different' all of my life, and although it cas caused me trouble in my past, I don't wish to change it, because that is what has made me who I am today. If we all lived lives of luxury, with no hard times, what would we be once said hard times struck us?

I love reading any work of literature in general and make a point of giving a detailed review to everything that I read because as an author myself I find people that don't rather irking. I am a participant in a few different writing circles and enjoy critique to my works, as they are what I have built much of my writing career off of.

I consider myself an intellectual, and enjoy leatherbound books, as well as researching the medical sciences. I currently have in my possession a United States surgical manual from the year 1913, one of my favorite items in my library. I always like to look at old photographs, guns, texts, sabres, and just about anything else I come across.

I like gothic and steampunk fantasy, as well as high fantasy. However, you'll most often see me writing steampunk fantasy, taking place in an industrialized, filthy world filled with the grinding of gears and exhausted, broken workers, smokestacks from factories going high into the sky and filling it with ash, stone cities and overcast skies, disease and poverty.

My favorite movie of all time is the 1973 version of Charlotte's Web. I was watching it since I can remember and it is what I consider partof my childhood. Many of the songs have serves as my lullabies when I cannot get to sleep, and I believe that it is one of the best pieces of literature in that it conveys the fear of mankind through a mere pig, showing us life and death in what was supposedly a children's book.

I am currently in a Dungeons and Dragons group, and play a male scout. We haven't really started to roleplay out our adventures yet, but when we do, they will be posted on this account as fictions once they are done.

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