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12.22.2010- Losing faith is now an everyday routine.

the name is nikkie.

if you want to know about my life, i can sum up all my reasoning into one word, GOD. He is the reason for every second of my life, for every word i speak and every move i make. i plan to get baptized someday and it will be the most important day of my life. And i would like to blame my faith in my Lord for my life being so amazing.

i'm an outgoing person unless i don't know you very well. however, i tend to be more of a loner when it comes to school or serious things. i believe i accomplish more on my own. i don't like being that way, it's just my personality. but when it's time to have fun, believe me i have fun, :D. i am the type of person that bottles things inside. my bestfriend does not even know every detail of my life. i have a small group of close friends and i would like to thank them for always being there. but there is one who has truthfully never let me down and she is like my sister. thank you--> amber, you have no idea how much you mean to me. my other best friends are haley and allison. my family is super important to me. i spend alot of time with them. they have made me who i am today. and yes, i have a hero; my dad. next to God he is my everything. he has done everything in his power to give me the best life i could have, and he has succeeded. i love you, daddy:).

i am a bit strange, but i like it that way. people say i was "born in the wrong time." i mostly listen to indie/folk music. (i know, it's weird) i love the beatles:). i only listen to rap when i party/dance (lmao, you can't really dance to indie). eminem is the rapper. my ipod touch is my love. as far as movies go, i love independent films. and i would really like to go to a sundance movie festival. but i also love action movies (transformers and batman) and horror movies. i hate romantic comedies. i am honestly not very 'fashionable'. i hate dressing up but i do if i have to. if i could i would wears sweats day in and out. i love to workout and i am obsessed with running. i am an extreme health freak. i don't drink carbonated drinks and don't eat any type of candy or fried foods. i am also a vegetarian. i live on subway. but italian food is my favoritee, especially napoli's (yumm). i also love chinese/japanese food. traveling is a passion of mine. i plan to travel to at least one place on each continent before i die. i wish to travel to africa to help the cause of aids, hunger, and malaria. i am also a big community helper. i am a part of the interact club and do participate in my share of community service hours. i am a adrenaline fanatic and will do pretty much anything to get an adrenaline rush. i hope to go cliff diving, hang-gliding, and base jumping. i will go to college. i plan to get into the medical field as a surgical nurse or oncologist. i am in love with the arts. i love photography and plan to do it as a side job. i love to dance; it takes me away. i am in drill team and plan to try out for officer this may.

I am a person of many ambitions, and i plan to accomplish them all. So, I'll see you in the high life; I'll be the reason you wished you made something out of yourself during highschool.

-nikkieeee, :).