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Update 1.21.11-I've been a terrible writer lately. Free time has been nearly non-existent. This coming weekend though, I will have a whole day devoted to my stories and updating them. Look for the final chapters of Wayward very soon. Thank you all!

Oh, someone asked in a review (I can't remember which story) to give examples of who my characters may look like. I'll try to think on that. It's awfully hard to pick people.

Update11.30- I'm working on a Scandalous update at this very moment! I will be posting a new chapter within the next day or so.

I'm very new to writing. I started out writing about personal things and events from my life. One day I just decided to take little bits of my life and use them to create a fictional story...that's where Wayward Home came from. A funny thing about Wayward Home is I actually find myself reading it over and over, as if I haven't read it a hundred times already. I really love this story. There are parts that don't like, but I feel they need to be there. And, while I don't expect everyone to love it as much as I do, it makes me so happy to see that a few of you do! Thank you for the reviews; positive, negative, constructive...I love them all. Every time I get a new review, I quickly pull up the chapter the person has just read and try to put myself in the moment. It's really exciting.

A little bit about me personally... I'm 30 years old and married to the most wonderful man in the world. I am a working professional with a 40 hour a week job. I love music (all genres and decades), reading and corny TV shows. I'm a sucker for romance and cowboys (real ones and the football team). I grew up in a small town and was raised around horses, cattle and most other animals you would see on a farm. I live in a big city now, but hope to get back to my roots one day. Oh, and I am completely addicted to this website and writing!

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Scandalous reviews
I’m not in love with her, I just want to f**k her, he thought to himself as he took in the sight of her. “Delgado, are you staring at my tits?” she asked, snapping him back to reality. Rated M for language and sex. Please review!
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A small town, country story. Eve left home to escape her abusive step father and start a new life. She didn't expect to meet Jake, or his brother Josh. She certainly didn't expect her past to catch up with her so quickly. *Story removed and will be published as free on Kindle. Too many have asked to "copy" my work, which makes me wonder how many aren't asking.*
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