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I am now here to. I am also on fanfiction. but over there I am "It was all a PUZZLE"


lets see what I come up with.


could someone reading this Beta my first story. I'm a bit to shy to actually ask someone. After all, people are scary.
Its a supernatrual story that I think is original and shows promise.

heres a little extract of what might come.

except that may come.

I slid across the frozen ground, smiling as the wind gently caressed my face. this is how life should be lived. no fear, no doubt, I thought. I slid around a corner and pass a church which people were walking out of after their weekly mass and I couldnt help the laugh that escaped my lips. silly silly christians. theres no God and I should know. As I went around the next corner into the alleyway and out of sight of everyone, I slowed down to a standstill. I breathed in deeply and then I left the alleyway behind me as concentrated on where I wanted to go, Home.

If anyones reading this could they tell me if this little bit is okay please. and this is just a little thought stream that keeps getting more and more ideas for. so if this ends up in the end product it will have more in and be better. And thanks to Killer Theremin the story on my laptop is actually better then this little excerpt or extract whichever you prefer and it will be be a good story I think. Even if its trying to be difficult but I am nurturing it and helping it grow before I publish it.

and another story idea has come.

Excerpt that HAS come. To keep the peace.

“WHO LET THAT FAIRY DECIDE WHATS FOR LUNCH?” A voice screamed from the house behind them.
Ivant eyes widened, “the fairy picked the menu? Oh gods no,” he said jumping up and running to the house’s back door. “say it ain’t so”
Peaz laughed as he got up to follow Ivant into the house.

as everyone can probably tell. it has fairies in it. well I hope everyone noticed that.

Another Excerpt that may come.

I winced slightly as the knife opened up my skin. The pain seeming to soothe me from my problems.
Most people can't say exactly when their problems started. But I can.
September twenty-first. The day of the diagnosis. The day the Hatred started.

This story will be my first attempt at a none fantasy/supernatrual story. And one of the little themes in this story is very close to my heart.
But it might become one of those aforementioned genre's anyway.

I know what I should do now. a little Bio thing.

not really. its just mine.

NAME: I am Owen.J.H thats all you'll get.

Age: sixteen.

Gender: guy. a good guy with a wierd wonderfully twisted mind.

status on life: I have no clue what this question means... moving on.

heightness: I am 5 foot 11. which is bad because whenever I look down I suffer from vertigo.

reading preference: not scary or eeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr grown uppy. if you catch my drift.

writing preference: first person. its more personal. :) and fantasy stories. my imagination oppurtunities.

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