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Welcome to my corner of FictionPress.

I like to read, it happens to be my addiction. If you write slash and posted it online I have probably already read something you have written.

I have a lot of projects on the go that demands a lot of my attention so I probably will not always be updating as quickly as I want to. But I will update. It may take years, er decades, to do, but I can assure you that I have not given up on my stories at all so please do not leave reviews where you ask if I have abandoned them. Instead of pushing me to update those mean reviews just irk me and makes me refuse to update the chapter I was seriously considering to post. I can assure you that I am constantly coming up with ideas for my stories and my characters will not allow me to forget about them.

As I said previously, I love reading and since I did not have any internet for large periods of time, I had to spend money on things I could not afford, like actual books and newspapers. Gasp, it is true. During this time I have found that even professionally edited works by paid editors had blaring mistakes throughout the works. Whenever I would see these mistakes I would be reminded of the rants I have read on various forums insisting that there be no grammar or spelling mistakes in stories posted on free sites like this. Now I really need to point out something important: IF A PAID EDITOR, WHO EDITS WORKS DAILY, CAN MISS MISTAKES THEN IT SHOULD BE OK FOR AN AMATEUR AUTHOR TO MISS A FEW MISTAKES! I can understand the frustration of reading a story that has obviously never seen a spell checker, but I, like many other authors on this site have taken great efforts to find mistakes in our own works. Take a deep breath and take it easy for a moment. If you feel it is important to tell an author of their mistakes please be kind in the way you tell them. If you feel that the mistakes are too staggering perhaps you should think about offering to edit the story for them. I do not have a problem with people telling me where I have made mistakes, I do on the other hand have a problem with someone expecting perfection where even a professional can not be perfect. Now I will keep in mind of what you tell me is a mistake, but there is a possibility that I will not agree with you or I have done what ever it is on purpose. Keep in mind that I am Canadian and we do spell some words differently. Plus, I use a mixture of American and Canadian spell checkers. Each has an idea of what is wrong and right. If mistakes were done intentionally or is a slang I commonly use/made up I will probably leave things as it is. Otherwise I will fix things when I get a chance.

I love this site. It is sad to see that a lot of really good authors have disappeared, but I can understand. Life issues can come up quickly and making sure that you paid your bills, ensuring you have a roof over your head and food in your fridge is a big priority. I can also understand the other reasons some people use for leaving too. Posting something for free, where anyone can not only insult your work but attempt to take it for their own, is a huge risk. Then the knowledge that instead of posting your story here for free you can be professionally publishing your works and getting paid for it can be a big downer. Some begin to wonder if they are even good enough writers. They probably are great writers, they just get feed back that makes them think they are not. Some writers want to write more erotic scenes than they think would be allowed on this site or they think they lack control of what they post here. Lastly, this site is not the same any more. I do not know if any of you were here in this site's hay day but there used to be a lot more stories being posted and the community was very tight and supportive. Please be kind to the authors on here. We all have reasons going around in our head of why we should just give up and if you are not careful you may be the final pebble that makes us leave.

Now I have uploaded two stories I have worked on for far too many years and have rewritten too many times to count. The first one is:

The Sea’s Concubine

To Hans protecting the most beautiful lady in the world is imperative. Perhaps it is the only thing he can do correctly. In a world that is very judgmental on looks he is her opposite. She is the beauty and he is the ugly, or that is what he has been told. Suddenly there is a new danger on the horizon and he would do anything to keep her safe. Even if it means he has to be a sea captain’s concubine.

Do not worry it is slash. It just going to be a while before the main characters will meet.

Update Oct 2/2016: I am currently rewriting The Sea’s Concubine and once I find a beta I will start uploading the new stuff. Currently I have 31 chapters planed/written and that is only a third of the story. I also have plans for a sequel. Getting back into this story is a bit hard to do since I have changed writing styles, and I do not really like what I have planned in the past, but I will get this thing done.

Update Jan 23/2020: Well I did find a beta but things went down the drain when I lost my internet for a few years. I still have more chapters written and I would love to have them edited by someone other than myself before I upload them. If you are interested in being a beta send me a pm. I just need someone to look over the next few chapters to see if there are any mistakes that my not always trusty spelling check and I may have missed.

I will admit that there are a few issues I personally have with how I originally wanted this story to go. Maturity and the Me Too movement has changed my view on things and makes me stop and wonder if it is right to have my characters go through the things I have planned or previously written. I am wondering if I should find ways to make the sex more empowering and consensual as my characters are strong and would not do things they would not want to do and can honestly find ways out if poopy situations if it is truly needed. Send me a pm if you are reading this and have an opinion on what I should do.

Never Trust a Fairy Godmother

Fairy godmothers are supposed to help set you up with the prince and you live happily ever after, right? But what if the women in question does not want that to happen and runs away leaving their little brother behind? What is he supposed to tell the tired fairy godmother (wait, is it a fairy godfather?) which shows up looking for his sisters? Fairytale, cross-dressing, and slash.

Update Oct 2/2016: I have more written but currently I am going to concentrate of finishing The Sea’s Concubine before doing a total renovation on NTFG. (It really needs it). I have not given up on this story!

Update Jan 23/2020: I still have not given up on this story. Once I am done with The Sea’s Concubine I will be uploading a newer version of NTFG. I have worked on trying to edit this story but as I said there are other projects that I need to finish first.

I just realized that it has been almost 10 years since I have last updated any of these stories. Oh boy, I need to get this stuff done and out there.

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Fairy godmothers are supposed to help set you up with the prince and you live happily ever after right? But what if the woman does not want that to happen and runs away leaving their little brother behind? Fairytale, cross-dressing, slash, m/m.
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