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The image to the left is almost exactly the way I envision Woaly, from Changing Steps. Think Ears a little longer and that's pretty much him.

A little about me...well...

I live in the UK, so there's probably a lot of British words that make me sound like I'm slightly insane in my stories.

I actually am slightly insane.

I'm 20 years old, but still act like a teen a lot.

I have a short attention span, but the first story I posted I am determined to finish!

I manage to incorporate animals into all my stories (in fact, as far as I'm aware, the only one I've written that doesn't have the word 'horse' even once is Changing Steps. I dare you to check).

I finished studying Horse Management in college over a year ago and stayed on to do a Foundation Degree in Equine Science and Performance (I know - what was I thinking?), so roll your eyes and move on if I get technical anywhere (or if you really want, read it as, in some cases, I try to explain 'aids' o.O).

I've ridden English for years, but have also ridden Western, bareback and bridleless.

I have wanted a dalmatian dog since I was six.

I am blonde and subject to the occasional 'blonde moment'.

I have appalling taste in music (according to my cousin) and I own and drive a 4x4.

Arabians are my favourite horse breed.

I hate christmas pudding.

I am phobic of needles, bananas, clowns, hospitals and London. And trains. Don't ask.

I love to draw and write.

I have terrible stage fright and am an awful procrastinator, but only when it suits me.

For those interested: Raja, from my story The Concept of an Ideal World is based off of this image: http:///73717_1/socks_pastern.jpg : (Ignoring that it's a gelding)

For those interested: This is the full-size image that is the book cover of Stories That Shouldn't be Told: http:///fs71/f/2012/173/5/e/5eae22a0e0bab95c88ca585f0a536106-d54h9cj.png :I personally drew it using Photoshop, without any reference material and it is my sole property. Its also really, really bad, so you don't want to pilfer it anyway.

(The top image is supposed to be two people running along the top of a narrow boat; middle left is what Bas (the duck) looks like as he's tucked up on a jetty; middle right is their boat, The Guardian, in the willow tree alcove in the river; then there's a symbolic rope (yes, it's symbolic, for what - you choose); then there's a random scrap of paper with the title. All fairly self explanatory after that :)

Digital semi speed painting of the main characters Odessa and Ben is now available to view here: http:///fs71/f/2012/182/a/9/a93a45881094f06efcf5766f5ea88d8a-d55m04i.png : Again, I drew this personally and without any references. It is copyright to me and not for public use, editing or redistribution. Look but don't touch. (in the image, that would be Annie's little boat being raised up in a pound lock with Odessa on the side edge).

NEW! Some sketches, painted digitally of Bas, the duck now available to view here: http:///fs70/i/2012/185/1/b/a_little_duck_by_tattered_dreams-d56088c.png : Drawn myself using photographs of random ducks on google as references. They are copyright to me and not for public use, editing or redistribution. Look but don't touch.

Due to a couple of recommendations and finally giving in, I now have a deviantart account (Tattered-Dreams) : http:/// :

Think that about sums it up.

Just a warning about flames (because its a recurring subject on )

Feel free to put constructive criticism in reviews, everyone needs it. Please do not waste your time to flame me as attacks will not be read.

I hope you enjoy my stories

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Stories That Shouldn't Be Told reviews
Removed for personal reasons - see inside for more information. Story has not been fully deleted in order to explain to anyone who may have been following it what has happened. It will likely be taken down in the near future.
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All Megan ever wanted to do was dance, more so after the death of her mother. She's happy living out of the spotlight. A young star just wants to return to school for a break. When the two meet, they can't quite believe they may go farther than school...
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