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by Palantean Writer

Well! What can one alien say to another? It's a question whose answer one might give with both excitement and great care. That's where Earth Writer and I started and that's where I'm starting with you now. I think it helps that I'm talking to you via such an unthreatening form. If I offend you (plural) by writing stories, especially ones I call 'fictional', then at worst I will be flamed and that will be that. At best, this story will become widely-known - and who knows? - an message for interplanetary peace!

But I'm getting over-excited about this project now. Time to be more rational.


Just to alleviate any confusion before it arises: there are two Writers, one Palantean, one Earth. We've hidden our identities by both assuming the pseudonyms Palantean/Earth Writer, just in case this project is taken seriously by my planet's military or your own.

I'm not a diplomat, you see - there's me on Palantis, and my correspondent on Earth, and we set up a kind of cultural exchange. This cross- link wasn't set up by the military or government or any other official body, it's just our unofficial little bit of fun. About how we started talking in the first place... I shouldn't say, just to keep our tracks covered. We both supposed at first there was the possibility of diplomatic problems developing, but we haven't stumbled on any particularly troublesome cultural differences so far so we must be doing all right.

There have been a few little differences in culture between us, but I should only describe the ones committed by my Earthling friend, in order to keep the risk of my being detected to a minimum. What do I mean by that? Well, if I said that Earth Writer was a human, that wouldn't give you any clue at all about who they were. But if I told you my species, it would narrow down who on my world is having unmediated contact with an alien planet, so I would be more likely to be discovered.

For example, if I told you I'd fallen out of contact with Earth Writer for three weeks because I'd developed a temporary urge to nest- build, you would be able to tell not only that I was a chout, but that I was a hob (a male chout), too. I'm not going to tell you whether I'm an andro ('man', in your parlance) or gyne ('woman'), or whether I am a chout or any one of the other eight dominant species of Palantis.

Yes - you read correctly. Where you have one dominant species (humans), we have nine. I suppose you could argue that Earth has more than one dominant species: humans, dogs, horses, cows, cats, maybe even rats and cockroaches. But that wouldn't be the same. You're unable to control your rats and cockroaches, or even your wild cats. They do not socialise with you. Your dogs and horses are in your servitude. You farm cows. The nine species of Palantis may have had our wars and the occasional speciesist remark is still made, but we are evolutionary equals.

On second thoughts, I won't mention my Earthling friend's faux-pas because we still both want to be careful of each others' cultural sensitivities. Even I know that snitching is bad manners.

Edit: I note that a few of you are unsure what 'caudal' means. It is simply 'a person with a tail' and refers to any of the nine species, even the sylken who have tail pins rather than the gloriously long and vertebrae-filled effort of, say, a palline. The blites, who have a stump at best, can also legitimately be called caudals.


We each decided to write stories for the others' planet. Because this is the only connection between Earth and Palantis we know of, we thought the best way of doing it was to tell the real stories of great and admirable figures from our worlds. Earth Writer chose to tell the story of a person you've probably heard of called Nelson Mandela, and the story is going down a storm over here! Myself, I chose to cheat a little, and to tell the combined story of a notable group instead. (That, by the way, prompted EW to extend to writing about Martin Luther King Jr, Emily Pankhurst and John Peel.)

The group I chose to chronicle has no collective name (although they sometimes call themselves the quaternity). They are made up of four individuals: a tarm (a winged reptile of sorts, but don't call them dragons - that's about as rude as you can get about them) called Rannock Leathermann, a chout (yes, since you wonder: he's a hob. And yes, that would make him an andro, too. All four of them are andros!) named Mase Papertree, an allis (which are not dissimilar to your Asian sighthounds) called Shye Race and a dake (think of a rodent as tall as you but still characteristically stocky) who goes by the name of Semper Greyback.

The four have achieved some amazing things in our world. You could say they invented a new form of latter education: the tutors not only teach academic subjects, but also act as mentors to the students. The mentorship is every bit as important a responsibility as the academia, and it has made a difference to tens of thousands of young adult Palanteans. You see, their idea to found this new type of education was adopted by local and national governments and has now become a world-wide institution.

I experienced an Academy myself (although whether it was one of Principal Leathermann's, or whether it was another I will not say!) and it was one of the most treasured times of my life. I gained a new family that year.

They truly are heroes of their age.

Final note: to help with context and to provide examples of our Palantean culture, there are miscellaneous stories on this profile page, unrelated to the quaternity but hopefully interesting to you nonetheless!


There is little more I can say without risking revealing the identities of either myself, or my Earth colleague. I hope that you enjoy the stories I bring from my home world and I hope the lives of the individuals I mention warm and encourage you - and make you think - as much as they do me and my contemporaries.

We both share the world with many heroes. Love them; love them greatly.

My sincerest regards,

Palantean Writer


I return reviews (unless stated otherwise in the synopsis) so if you want a good, detailed review of any of your stuff, pick one of mine and give me feedback and I'll get back to you asap.

I am also registered on We Return Reviews ( um/We_Return_Reviews/4440/), an excellent community dedicated to not scamming well-meaning caudals. Try it, it's an excellent place and the reason most of the reviews I get are so big.

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